Your One Stop Solution to All Your Golf Needs Learn How To Play Golf The Right Way


Your One Stop Solution to All Your Golf Needs Learn How To Play Golf The Right Way


About Us

Golf is a popular sport, and there is a growing number of young golf enthusiasts to learn how to play golf and perform at a professional level. Golf can be easy to learn but involves a professional approach, sheer dedication, hard work, and commitment.

Golf enthusiasts ask where to learn golf.

Welcome to ‘I Am Learning How To Golf’ where you get the best golf courses in Ontario Canada, which makes you learn important tricks and details of playing golf. We also help young golfers to get affordable golf equipment deals in Canada, which can help them efficiently play the sport and enhance their skills.

On our website, we provide access to a wide assortment of golf equipment and accessories. We are one of best golf stores in Ontario Canada and allow you to order our newsletter which is a comprehensive catalogue on the list of golf products and also several tips and tricks to help you become a pro in golf. We are here to help young kids aspiring to play golf in how to learn golf. We offer precise and structured learning to play golf with our affiliate programs, premium affiliate programs, newsletter sign-up, and premium content. Our programs are made in accordance and approved by the golf Canada Centre.

What we Offer


I want to learn how to play golf is a question asked by many young kids with passion of golf

Once you have decided to play golf then there are certain steps which you need to follow. The first thing is to buy golf equipment, which includes golf clubs and golf balls. We offer the most affordable and convenient golf equipment deals in Canada, where you can get all the necessary golf equipment and accessories. The second step is to use the equipment and learn the different postures, and body movement needed to swing the golf club and hit the golf ball. We have designed and developed the best golf courses in Ontario Canada, which provides a detailed methodology and numerous tips that you need to become a pro golfer. The third and most important step is to learn and remember the golf rules, which are quite a few. We have affiliate programs where you can easily learn the rules and terms which are needed to note the scores a person makes while playing golf.

Golf may seem an easy sport to play with just swinging a golf club, but even professional golfers have a bad day. We at ‘I Am Learning How To Golf’ will easily make you learn how to golf by providing superior quality golf products with our best golf stores in Ontario Canada. The golf equipment is given through our newsletters and with the help of our affiliates.  The products and programs we offer are certified with the golf Canada Centre and made to enhance the skills of young golf enthusiasts and enable them to sync their mind and body as playing golf is all about calculation and body movements.

You can easily register for our Golf Training and Learning Programs through memberships and online forms and know all about how to golf

All the young golfers and our clientele can sign-up for Newsletter available on our website and learn the authentic way to play golf and become a professional golf player.

Follow and register our affiliate programs and buy our golf products to become a pro-golfer.


Every sport requires proper physical training and practice sessions. Golf is not an easy game, and a person needs all the help and training he can get to swing the golf club and put the golf ball in several holes spread on a golf course. Through our ‘I am learning’ program we provide purposeful training programs with valuable tips and tricks which can help you develop and fine tune your game. We also arrange many practice sessions where you and our fellow golf patrons and clients could exercise and play several shots to improve your game.


Browse through our various articles and programs which will not only provide you with tips and tricks but guide you through buying specific golf equipment and accessories. All the products and programs are made to help beginners and professional golfers to improve their game and proudly say I am golf.