Best golf joggers to wear on the course (8 trendy picks)

Want to look amazing on the golf course while being at ease? Joggers are currently one of the most in-demand fashion accessories in the game. They feel comfortable to wear and in milder climates, they are preferable over golf shorts.

The best golf joggers to wear on the course are designed to be comfortable and functional at the same time. These two characteristics can both improve your golf game.

That’s why they’re becoming increasingly popular among golfers, but surprisingly many well-known apparel companies have been sluggish to include them in their product lines. Joggers are a touch more relaxed than your typical golf pants, with an ankle cinch similar to sweatpants.

I am a golfer and have been in the game for more than a decade now, and believe me when I say what happens when the sun is shining above your head, and the humidity in the air notch up your body moisture to a great level. At times like this, you need something extra comfortable, that allows you to move openly and is breathable. I am a sweaty guy and faced these problems for a long time until I found out how joggers can make me feel better in the game while I swing my club.

What Golf Joggers can you wear on the course?

Golf joggers are acceptable to wear on the course as long as they don’t include drawstrings, which most golf clubs consider prohibited clothing. You won’t have any trouble wearing joggers on the golf course if you find a pair that can fit a belt.

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The best jogger pant you can have
Without a doubt, the Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger is my preferred option if you want to know what it is without scrolling any further. You can’t go wrong with these pants because these pants are crafted from a soft cotton blend with moisture-wicking climalite fabric, which keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the game. The tapered legs give a sports-inspired look that is perfect for every other game you play. (Click to see details)

Golf joggers were once thought to be unprofessional to wear on the course. They have evolved into acceptable golf apparel throughout time and with the increase of youthful players hitting the links.

It only makes sense because adding a pair of golf joggers to your collection is a no-brainer, given their polished appearance and outstanding performance.

Best golf joggers to wear on the course

Surprisingly, it took a lot of digging to find 8 top-notch golf joggers that are appropriate for the casual, everyday golfer.

I’m assuming that the best golf joggers are what you’re searching for; therefore, I’ve put together a list of the top 8 golf joggers available right now that will make you stand out among your fellow players.

1) Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger (Champion’s choice)

Adidas Men's Pant Jogger

Want to wear the same clothing as 2020 Masters champion and No. 1 golfer Dustin Johnson?

If so, choose the Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger. While Johnson does use the Adidas jogger version during practice sessions at the range, “D” often wears traditional golf pants during tournament play, frequently without cuffed ankles.

This type of jogger is made from a special blend of nylon and polyester that generates a cooling effect against the skin, making it ideal for those summer runs and reducing friction.

Additionally, elastane is included in the pattern, providing the material with excellent four-way stretch for comfort and movement. The elastic cuffs around the ankles complete this jogger’s signature relaxed, fitting appearance. Adidas Men’s Pant Jogger is ideal if you want to dress and move like a DJ.

  • Frictionless against the skin
  • Cooling Fabric
  • Four-way stretch
  • Not suitable for winters

2) Adidas Men’s Primeblue Jogger Pants (A fashion statement)

Adidas Men's Primeblue Jogger Pants

Adidas Men’s Primeblue Jogger is my second bet for the best golf joggers to wear on the course, this year. These joggers are specifically designed with the fashionable and practical golfer in mind. Adidas specifically targets the golfer who is conscientious of country club clothing but wants a little more comfort than the average golfer. These pants have integrated belt loops and a polyester/spandex blend.

These joggers are reasonably priced compared to other golf pants and are offered in black and navy blue. The golfer can move freely while making their golf swing thanks to the elastic at the waist.

The Adidas Men’s Golf Joggers also include a waterproof coating that lets water slide off in rainy or dewy mornings.

  • Waterproof coating
  • Traps heat
  • Fashionable
  • Not suitable for hot weather

3) Rhone Men’s Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pant (Cuffed comfort)

Rhone Men's Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pant

You can’t go wrong with the Rhone Men’s Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pants if comfort, flexibility, and style are what you’re after (and let’s face it, we’re all after that).

These ultra-soft joggers are a great choice for golfers who prefer an elastic fabric that feels well and looks nice, even though they lack the well-known brand names of Puma or Adidas.

The superior flexknit material used to make the Rhone joggers offers them a polished appearance without sacrificing comfort—you can move about freely with no restrictions.

The fact that they contain two pockets and, more crucially, a belt loop ensures that you can adhere to even the strictest golf club dress requirements.

The zippered, cuffed ankles of the Rhone design are one of its interesting features; you may adjust them to your preference for a tighter or looser fit.

Given that they are available in four colors—Iron, Black, Navy, and Khaki—you can match them with your golf shirts, sweaters, or hoodies. The Rhone Men’s Commuter Flexknit Jogger Pants are stylish and competitive with other recognized brands on this list.

  • Variety of colors
  • Elasticity
  • Comes with belt loops and pockets
  • Golfers who like non-cuffed joggers won’t love these

4) Puma Men’s Jackpot Jogger (Stretchy waistline)

Puma Men's Jackpot Jogger

For global fashion, Puma has had its finger on the pulse for a while.

For this reason, Rickie Fowler, one of the most fashionable golfers in the world, is the face of the business and has recently been spotted on the course sporting joggers.

The Puma Jackpot Jogger has a stretchy waistline with belt loops and is made with moisture-wicking technology, which keeps it dry and breathable no matter how much you sweat.

Customers who have purchased these pants have gushed over how comfortable and unrestrictive they are and how the bio-based wicking finish contributes to a chic appearance.

The elastic cuffs around the ankles give these trousers their distinctive jogger style and completely fitting appearance.

The Puma Jackpot Jogger comes in two colors, navy and black – and is one of the most stylish golf joggers on the market.

  • Stylish
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Breathable
  • Less color choice

5) PUMA Men’s Egw 9-Hole Jogger (Power Stretch)

Egw 9-Hole Jogger

Another well-known brand in golf apparel, PUMA, has also introduced its interpretation of what a golf jogger should be. Contrary to the Adidas Primblue joggers mentioned above, PUMA has chosen the less fashionable but no less cozy drawstring for the waistline.

The 9-hole joggers are just as comfy to wear on the course; however, they might not be suited for a major golf competition.

These joggers from PUMA feature their power stretch technology, which makes it possible for you to feel secure when swinging your golf club.

Gray and black versions of the PUMA EGW 9-Hole Joggers are available. They go well with practically any golf shirt you own, thanks to their neutral coloring.

Overall, if you want to add joggers to your golf wardrobe, this is a great choice.

  • Drawstring Design
  • Secure Swing
  • Available in two colors
  • Not good in fashion
  • Not good for competition

6) BALEAF Golf Jogger Pants (Spandex Comfort)

BALEAF Men's Golf Joggers Pants

The BALEAF is one of the best golf joggers to wear on the course that is most comfortable on the list and available in a traditional tan color. The Baleaf Golf Joggers are more comfortable than the other two since they contain more spandex.

These joggers stand out from the typical sweatpants thanks to a drawstring that is highlighted inside the waistband.

I wouldn’t advise wearing these BALEAF Golf Joggers to a private country club or a more prestigious golf course, though, as they can more accurately be described as sweatpants than other items on the list.

They also have a distinctive pocket style. Since the side pockets are entirely made of one piece, BALEAF refers to this as a “one pocket.”

I adore this because it prevents pants without a belt from sagging on one side when one pocket contains a phone, and the other has nothing. We like that these joggers keep everything level, especially while playing Golf.

  • Comes in tan color
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Side Pockets
  • Do not adhere to the principal golf code

7) Italy Morn Men’s Chino Jogger Pant (Quality Fabric)

Italy Morn Men's Chino Jogger

The Italy Morn Men’s Chino Jogger Pant resembles Puma’s Jackpot Jogger in appearance but lacks the latter’s well-known brand. These are the ideal joggers if you want a stylish pair that won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

The Italy Morn Men’s Chino Jogger Pant is made of 98 percent cotton and has a little dropped crotch. The remaining 2 percent is made of elastic, soft stretch twill for further comfort and flexibility, which are critical for golfers.

The belt loops, front zip, and thick, elastic cuffs on these joggers ensure that you can easily comply with any stringent golf course dress requirements.

You can mix and match your on-course attire easily because nine hues are available: black, navy blue, cream khaki, khaki, dark khaki, light grey, army green, brown, and grey-green.

It’s crucial to remember that sizes run small; if you like a looser fit, it is advised to purchase a size larger than usual.

The Italy Morn Men’s Chino Jogger Pant is a terrific choice if you want to dress like Rickie Fowler without going broke.

  • Comes in a color variety
  • Goes with anything
  • Sizes are smaller than usual

8) PUMA Men’s Golf Tarmac Jogger (Viscose durable)

PUMA Men's Golf Tarmac Jogger

This golf jogger is the first item on the list to have a material blend that includes viscose thus far. Even though you might need to become more familiar with the specifics of viscose, it is important while determining the optimum use case for these joggers. A fabric that works well in warmer climates is viscose.

Compared to the Adidas Primeblue golf joggers mentioned above, which are designed for cold and wet conditions, these joggers from PUMA are the complete opposite.

During summer golf outings, viscose’s breathability prevents the fabric from clinging to your skin. Additionally, viscose retains dye well, making it durable after numerous items of washing.

These PUMA joggers are available in three colors: black, gray, and olive; thus, they must retain dye effectively. All of these are very neutral and complement a selection of golf shirts.


  • Best for summer sessions
  • Long lasting dye
  • Color Variety


  • Not suitable for winters

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Golfer and looking for good options of Joggers to choose between, you may have gotten some ideas, but some questions still might be there. Here are some common queries among golfers looking for Joggers.

What brand has the best joggers?

With two of their joggers created exclusively for Golf, Adidas, a top contender in the world of golf apparel, ranks in the top 3.

Adidas has produced joggers worn by some of the best golfers on the PGA Tour because the corporation arguably understands sports apparel trends better than any other manufacturer.

What kind of pants can you wear to a golf course?

Whatever the weather, linen, khaki, cotton, or wool pants will always look great. Only wear jeans if you’re sure they’re appropriate (but they aren’t mostly). For women, capri pants, a skirt, a skort, or culottes also look great.

Who wears joggers on PGA Tour?

On the majority of golf courses, wearing joggers is considered appropriate clothing. Private courses and upscale country clubs are the only places that forbid joggers.

On the PGA Tour, players like Rickie Fowler and Erik van Rooyen have worn joggers. Last year, various players started wearing hoodies, including Rory McIlroy, Tyrrell Hatton, and Collin Morikawa.

What do I wear if I don’t have golf pants?

If nothing in your closet is made expressly for the golf course, go for well-fitting (but not too tight), neutral-colored polo shirts and moisture-wicking, sport-specific slacks.

Knee-length or slightly above the knee is the ideal length for women. You are not confined to these if skirts aren’t your thing. Skorts, a cross between a skirt and shorts, culottes, classy long pants (like khakis or chinos), or knee-length shorts are all acceptable.

Avoid donning jeans, cargo shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants, or other activewear. Avoid wearing your shorts or pants too long; it looks unprofessional.

The newest fashion controversy in Golf is golf joggers, a development in the modernization of the sport’s dress code.

Golf joggers are currently gaining popularity. This is a worrying development since it represents a very informal transition into a new area of dress code.

On the majority of golf courses, there are many best golf joggers to wear on the course. Private courses and upscale country clubs are the only places that forbid joggers.