How much does one golf ball cost (with tabular data)

Golf is popular among players of all ages due to its simple rules, low equipment requirements, and reputation as a relaxing hobby that will help you unwind after a long day at work and keep your body in shape. You only need a golf club, a golf ball, a tee, and a pair of gloves and shoes to kick on the game, and it usually does not cost much compared to other outdoor sports.

However, if you are a novice or an amateur, you may get stuck picking the golf ball as their prices vary greatly. A trip to a golf store without a proper plan can result in you coming back empty-handed or with a poor-quality or expensive golf ball that will get scratched or scuffed within a few days.

With my 20 years of experience in the golf club, I am here to help you with what factors to look into before buying a golf ball and how much does one golf ball costs, so always get your hands on the right pick and play a perfect shot.

How much do golf balls cost?

cost of golf balls

If you have been playing golf for quite some time, you must have experienced that a low quality golf ball hardly makes it to the corresponding hole. Such balls are good for nothing and start to wear and tear after a few strokes.

The composition of the ball significantly impacts the cost per ball and the performance at the club. Also, it depends on the ball type you are looking for. For a novice player, golf balls come quite in an economical range. Beginners usually play with distance and mid-range golf balls for a maximum distance and to take control of the club.

But, for the pro golf players, control and tour golf balls are used, which are specially crafted to meet the needs of a professional player on the course and thus are comparatively expensive.

When it comes to the golf ball cost, the price is widely ranging according to the brand, the type of golf ball, the golf ball layer, the outer covering material, and the sophisticated, high-quality material used to manufacture the golf ball. Considering all the mentioned factors, the cost per ball, on average, ranges from around $4 to $10.

Top brands golf ball price

Looking for some high quality golf balls with economical prices?

I have got your back and sharing below a list of top brand golf balls that do not compromise on quality and offer the best performance on the club. Let’s explore!

Golf Ball Model  Best Feature Price At The Time Of Publishing 
1) VERO Tour Performance Balls
  • 4-Piece design
  • Tighter dispersion for straighter shots
2) Legato Golf Balls LTX 3085 
  • Premium 3-piece golf ball
  • Best for novice players
3) TaylorMade Distance Golf Balls
  • 342 Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern
  • 2 Layer Construction
4) Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls 
  • Offer higher green side spin and forgiveness
  • Straight flight
5) Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Prior Generation
  • Spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple
  • Increased short game control
6) Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 
  • Manufactured with Triple Track Technology to offer alignment
  • Works with high-speed mantle
7) Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball


  • 338 speed dimple pattern
  • Best for a low handicapper
8) Uther PRO Icon Golf Balls


  • 3 piece construction
  • Offer high trajectory and spin
9) Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12
  • Provided with contact force dimple
  • Improved softer core
10) Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls
  • 4 piece construction
  • Optimized for lower ball flight trajectory
  • 336 dimple design

Tips to save money before buying a golf ball

Golf ball cost

Being a novice golf ball player comes with some issues at the beginning since you lack the basic idea about what to look for in buying a golf ball. Hence, the golf ball cost does not matter until you get your hands on the game. Below is a quick buying guide to what to consider before buying a golf ball to save money.

Buy colored golf balls

color golf balls

Another failed shot, and now you cannot find your ball in the green surroundings?

Beginner golf players have to deal with losing their balls and have a hard time finding them back, especially when you have your hands on that ball; it hurts.

For this, it is recommended to buy colored balls so you can easily spot them from a distance and save money on buying another.

Keep an eye on sale packages

Golf balls are usually provided in a pack of dozen, and buying golf balls from “Sale” and “Get three dozen for the price of 2” will significantly reduce the pressure on your pocket and will help you save money.

Check multiple retailers while buying online

If you buy online, doing proper research and checking multiple retailers’ prices is better. Always read reviews before placing your order to avoid getting scammed with a poor-quality golf ball.

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Summing It Up

Like every game, you need to spend some money while playing golf, but the amount of money golfers have to take out for the golf ball is quite a little more since some brands cost more, and a high quality made balls are expensive but offer the best performance.

After reading to this end, you must have got an idea about how much does one golf ball costs and how you can make it easy on your pocket by following the above-mentioned simple picks.


What is an expensive golf ball?

An expensive golf ball is one that is particularly designed for pro golf players to meet their needs on the golf club. A three or 4 layer golf ball, with an enhanced dimple and covering, is usually expensive but offers better trajectory, spin, and a soft feel.

Do cheap golf balls go further?

The traveling distance of the golf ball depends on its soft low compression. If you have cheap but low quality golf balls, they will probably restrict you from offering the best spin performance around the green.

How many balls can a golfer carry?

There is no limit to how many golf balls to carry along. Just make sure you have immediate enough balls to replace if one gets damaged to avoid a two-stroke penalty.

How long should a golf ball last you?

With a high quality manufactured golf ball, a golfer can make up to seven rounds with the same ball. But if the ball gets scratched or scuffed during the play, replace it immediately.

How many golf balls are too many?

There is no limit to how many golf ball is too many. You can carry with you a dozen balls to replace your ball while playing if it gets damaged. If you are a pro golf player, better to follow the one ball rule, i.e, carrying the ball of the same model and manufacturer you had been practicing on.

How many golf balls does the average golfer lose?

If you are a novice player, you will probably be losing three to four balls a round. Some of them will get scratched, and some will be lost in the lush green surroundings to be never spotted again.