How to make a gas golf cart faster (turbocharge your ride)

Are you a golfer owning a gas golf cart but feeling frustrated with its slow speed? Or if your gas golf cart inches its way to the next hole and your peers are now suggesting you get rid of it. If this is the situation, it’s time to give it a last chance!

In my early era of golfing, I owned a gas golf cart, which served as my course companion for years. With my habit of experimenting with almost everything, I tried and errored with my favorite gas golf cart to boost its speed. And to my surprise, some of my tricks worked!  

So, stop immediately if you were about to put your course partner at OLX! You can discover with me how to make a gas golf cart faster and what works and what does not. 

How to make a gas golf cart faster

To get the maximum speed out of your gas golf cart, ensure installing a battery offering high performance. Upgrading the golf cart motor, installing larger golf cart tires, and upgrading the performance exhaust system can increase the power and speed. Detailed cleaning and tunning of the cart also work to make it run smoothly. 

If you have been neglecting these factors, they need your attention. The same goes with the electric golf cart, where upgrading the cart’s controller, batteries, and suspension system can help you with increasing the speed of the electric golf cart. 

There are multiple more factors to consider to make gas golf carts faster. In this guide, you will explore effective methods to do so and enhance your overall golfing experience. 

What’s a Good Speed for a Gas Golf Cart?

To boost speed on a gas golf cart, it is better to know the average normal speed; the gas cart moves on. This will help you determine how much your gas cart is offering less than average and give you a rough idea of what speed you can attain, considering all the safety concerns. 

Unlike the electric car, which offers a speed of 15-2 miles per hour, a gas golf cart offers an average of 12-14 miles per hour without any system upgradation. 

With the modification of both, you can attain around 30 miles per hour for your electric and up to 20 mph for the gas golf cart.

Want to know about simple but effective tweaks for how to make a gas golf car faster? Stay with me till the end so you don’t miss out on the valuable insights to help you get the most out of your gas golf cart.

How to make a gas golf cart faster?

When it comes to increasing the speed of your gas golf cart from an average to a maximum of about 30 miles per hour, you need to consider little modifications or some minor system degradation.

Below I am sharing my self-tested tips, which will help your gas golf cart to achieve unparallel velocity on the course. Let’s dive in to boost the speed of your gas golf cart. 

Upgrade to a high-quality engine for increased torque

Gas golf cart engine

The foremost factor to check and consider in increasing golf cart speed is to check the engine performance of your cart. If your cart’s engine is worn and torn or offers decreased performance than average, it’s time to upgrade it.

Upgrading the engine works by replacing the old one with a new one, offering compatible horsepower, torque, and enhanced acceleration to your gas golf cart. The better air-fuel mixing ratio, higher compression ratio, and other factors collectively offer the gas golf cart an enhanced speed due to the increased torque and power. 

Upgrading the engine will not only make the gas golf cart faster, but the strong engine can take the cart up and down the hill without extra fuel consumption. 

Tip: Before upgrading the golf cart engine, check the new engine’s compatibility with your gas golf cart model. Also, go through the legal and safety compliance for the engine to avoid any legal issues or potential health/safety hazards. 

Modify the throttle pedal functionality

If you drive a gas golf cart, you must know that the pressure on the throttle pedal enhances or decreases the cart’s acceleration. The main function of the throttle pedal is to control fuel flow to the engine.

If you are looking at how to make a gas golf cart faster, adjusting the throttle pedal position or modifying its functionality is a considerable option. 

Where adjusting the throttle position can help with increased depression on it, the modification works by adjusting the pedal linkages. Also, consider installing a modified throttle to achieve a wide range of functionality, including enhanced and efficient movements, boosting the speed of your gas golf cart. 

Install a high-performance clutch

Installing a high-performance clutch is another way to increase golf cart speed. Since the clutch is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the engine’s power to the transmission and ensuring the proper supply of the efficient transfer of power to the wheels, a high-performance clutch can increase the overall efficiency of the transmission system. 

More to it, a high-performance clutch offers the motor’s engagement at a higher revolution per minute than the average, resulting in producing more torque and subsequently promoting high speed and better performance of the gas golf cart. 

Upgrade the exhaust system

Exhaust system upgradation

Neglecting the performance of the gas golf cart exhaust system is a big no if you are serious about how to make a gas golf cart faster. The low-performance exhaust system of the gas golf cart results in increased backpressure rather than exiting the gases from the system. The greater the backpressure, the more rapidly the engine heats up, leading to the low life of the engine and the reduced power output. This can also cause increased fuel consumption. 

If you find your cart’s engine heating up more frequently, check your exhaust system and upgrade or do modifications if required to achieve boost speed on a gas golf cart. 

Consider an air intake upgrade

My other tested trick for making a gas golf cart faster is to upgrade the air intake. The better the air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber, the more enhanced power is achieved at the output. 

The air intake in the gas golf cart engines not only allows more fuel to burn efficiently but is very advantageous as it gives increased power, allowing to take the cart up and down the terrain and achieving a maximum speed out of the gas golf cart even if it is heavily loaded. 

Upgrade the cart’s tires

Upgrading the cart’s tire according to your specific needs is another easiest and simplest way to boost the speed. Here is what to consider while upgrading the cart’s tire.

upgrade golf carts tires
  • Tread patterns – Multiple tread patterns are available for the tires; however, while picking the perfect suit, it is essential to consider whether you will run the golf cart on sloppy or smoother ground. Upgrading to tires with high-quality tread patterns will offer better traction, and you can enjoy the ride on uneven, sloppy surfaces.
  • Tire material – The tire material also needs attention to increase performance and durability.
  • Tire size and pressure – Next comes the tire size and the pressure. Choose the tire size according to your needs, and ensure it has adequate air pressure to increase the turning radius and overall performance.

Daily practices for maximizing your gas golf cart performance

Other than considering upgradation or modifying the system in your gas golf cart, it is also very important to follow some daily practices to make it last longer, giving it high efficiency. Here is how you can achieve this! 

Do not overweight the gas golf cart

One of the important things to always check before driving your gas golf cart is to ensure that you have not loaded it with unnecessary, heavy accessories. A heavily loaded golf cart strains the engine, which can reduce the engine’s performance and cause overheating and decreased speed at the output. 

Proper maintenance 

Maintenance of golf cart

To maximize your gas golf cart performance, ensure weekly or monthly maintenance as required. Regularly changing the oil, filter cleaning, engine performance inspection, and detailed cleaning should be ensured to maximize the gas golf cart performance. 

Fuel Quality

Another factor to never compromise on is fuel quality. Poor quality fuel drastically affects the engine’s performance and also results in the clogging of fuel lines, which puts the burden on the driver’s pocket. 

Ensure that your fuel tank is always refilled with high-quality fuel, as these little steps matter the most. 

Tire pressure

Before driving the gas golf cart, check the tire’s pressure and ensure that they are properly inflated, neither above nor below the recommended level for the size of your cart’s tire. 

A well-inflated tire will minimize the rolling resistance and increase the efficiency of your gas golf cart.

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A slow-speed gas golf cart on the course drastically affects the player’s performance. More to it, it leads to more fuel consumption than the average, burdening the pocket. 

By making it here, you must have gone through all the above-shared strategies to boost speed on a gas golf cart.

It’s now your turn to maximize speed on your gas golf cart with these tips.