36v Vs 48v golf cart: The Ultimate Showdown

Are you a golfer who is very picky about every accessory you carry to your golf course? Well, it is important because selecting the perfect club for a particular shot to the right voltage golf cart brings a remarkable change in performance at the golf course and helps the golfer optimize their golfing experience.

When it comes to a golfer choosing between a 36v Vs 48v Golf Cart for their golf course, they are usually confused in making their decision; however, since this is a crucial element that can make or break your game and experience on the course, a right decision matters.

36v vs 48v golf cart

A right-voltage golf cart determines the speed of your cart, its performance on terrains, and the battery’s lifetime. It also decides how much amperes the golf cart draws, giving a range for horsepower, payload weight, and more.

Let’s discover the difference and the best option in the ultimate shutdown between the 36v Vs. 48v golf cart. This article will help you make an informed decision about the voltage options of the cart according to your needs and enhance your golfing experience.

36v Vs 48v Golf Cart

When buying a golf cart for the golf course, 36v and 48v golf carts are the top options to consider. However, choosing without knowing the specifications of a 36v Vs a 48v golf cart can turn down your experience because these batteries are designed differently according to your specific needs and depend on the conditions and terrains to offer maximum output.

A 36v golf cart battery is an excellent choice if you drive the cart on flat terrains. Driving your cart with up to 4 passengers and a balanced load, a 36v golf cart can offer around 10-12 mph. However, given a lesser voltage, it has a lower-end torque and shorter battery life; thus, it requires frequent charging.

In comparison, a 48v golf cart should be considered if your course terrain is hilly or you carry a heavy load with you on the cart. The engine requires more power for the hilly terrains to move the car up. Covering the journey on hilly terrain with a 36v will not be a good option because it will strain the motor and affect the battery life.

A 48v golf cart will not only offer excessive power but also provide more torque to move the cart smoothly over inclined surfaces.

Head-to-head comparison of 36v Vs 48v golf cart

What else can a golfer wish for than a good-speed golf cart addressing all their needs and providing the maximum comfort while driving it on the golf course? Well, this is impossible without knowing in which case of yours owning a 36v is a good choice or a 48v golf cart will boost your experience.

Below is a head-to-head comparison of 36v Vs 48v golf carts, which also covers your specific needs and requirements.

Power and performance

golf cart performance

The power factor of a golf cart cannot be compromised as it directly impacts the speed of your golf cart, its load-carrying capacity, and safety measures. A 36v golf cart is a good option if your golf course is smooth enough not to strain the engine. With the proper maintenance, a 36v golf cart can offer a maximum of 12 mph, considering the factor that it is not heavily loaded and carries only 4 passengers.

A 48v golf cart battery offers better performance on hilly terrains due to its increased torque and power. In addition, consider having a 48 v golf cart on the course if you cover long distances or carry heavy loads. A 48-volt golf cart also allows for modification and customization with additional features with greater flexibility.

Also, if you are a person who loves to speed up his golf cart, a 48v is the perfect choice for you. It offers up to 12-14 mph and can be increased to 16 mph will little modifications in the cart system. So, a 48v offers a win with its greater power and performance on the course than that of a 36v golf cart.

Battery life

Another factor to consider when choosing between a 36v vs. a 48v golf cart is the range per charge, i.e., the battery life. The battery requirement varies depending on the maximum distance you cover on the terrain.

If you are a person who only has to drive the cart short distances, you should opt for a 36v golf cart battery which can cover around 15-20 miles per charge. However, its lifespan can be disturbed by numerous factors, including driving a 36v on hilly terrains or due to improper maintenance.

With your need to cover long distances or drive the golf cart on hilly terrains, a 48v golf cart comes to the rescue. It can cover an average of 20-35 miles per charge. Again, a degraded older battery, putting extra load than the capacity and the model of the cart, can influence the battery’s longevity

Note: Do not push your golf cart to its maximum range on a single charge, as it can disturb the battery’s lifespan and longevity.

Load capacity

golf cart load capacity

The load capacity of the cart is another factor to consider to make the right choice before buying a golf cart. The load capacity of the cart influences the battery life and the maximum distance covered by the cart per charge.

If you are a golfer who only carries a little load with you and the load always weighs below 1000 lbs, a 36v golf cart can do. Suppose your cart model is a two-seater, including the driver. In that case, it will estimate 200 lbs per passenger, leaving behind a capacity of 600 lbs to move your heavy golfing equipment and other accessories on the course with a 36v golf cart.

But if it is the opposite case and you usually carry more than 1000 lbs on your golf cart, a 48v golf cart will offer a better service in carrying heavy loads without straining the engine, affecting the battery life, and offering an enhanced performance altogether.

Terrain adaptability

It is important to consider the terrain you would be driving the cart on before choosing between a 36v vs. a 48v golf cart.

You can consider any between the 36v or a 48v golf cart for smooth terrain. Since the terrain is smooth, the engine will not require excessive power to accelerate the cart, and you can go with both.

golf carts Terrain adaptability

The hilly terrains have a special case where a golf cart requires extra power, battery life, torque, and acceleration to push the cart up the hill without straining the engine. If you are going to drive the cart on hilly terrains, the 48v golf cart will offer all these features to enhance your experience and provide maximum comfort.

Handling and maneuverability

Considering their specifications and limitations, both 36-volt and 48v golf carts are easy to handle and offer a comfortable ride if used.

A 36v volt cart is easy to handle with a light load, high-quality battery, and driving on smooth surfaces, and a 48v golf cart offers enhanced speed and torque, making the cart easy to handle on sloppy surfaces or rough terrains.

However, the overall experience and comfort of a 48v vs 36v golf cart also depend on other factors, including a high quality, upgraded suspension system, comfortable seats, and smooth riding tires. Thus you either own a 36v golf cart or a 48, ensuring its timely maintenance and upgradation of the batteries to enhance the driving experience.

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What is the difference between a 36v and a 48v golf cart?

The power output is the main difference between a 36v and a 48v golf cart. A 36v golf cart is designed to drive on smooth terrains, carry loads up to 1000 lbs, and cover shorter distances, while a 48v is a good choice to drive the cart on rough terrains requiring more acceleration power.

Is a 48-volt golf cart good?

A 48-volt golf cart is a good option for golfers who drive the cart on hilly or rough terrains, travel long distances, and carry a load of more than 1000 lbs with them. The higher cart voltage offers better acceleration and torque in such cases.

Are 48v golf carts more expensive?

A 48v golf cart is expensive compared to a 36v due to its enhanced power output, upgraded components, additional battery configuration, and advanced features, including a lightning system and entertainment options.

What is the maximum range per charge of 36v and 48v golf cart?

On average, a well-maintained golf cart of 36v can travel anywhere between 15-30 miles, depending on several factors, including battery capacity, cart load capacity, and terrain. While a 48v golf cart can cover around 40 miles with a single charge.


By making it here, you are now well-equipped with all the key factors potential buyers should consider before choosing between a 36v Vs a 48v golf cart. In terms of handling and user experience, both voltages carts offer a smooth ride if used according to their specifications.

However, the 48v golf cart gets the upper hand due to the increased power and torque and the larger number of batteries, making it easy to drive on rough terrains and cover long distances with a single charge.

Whichever voltage cart you choose, according to your specific requirements, ensure its timely maintenance and system upgradation when required to achieve optimal performance and longevity.