Guide: Beginner casual golf attire for ladies

You have nothing to do today; the sun is shining brightly, and the sky is clear. So what better way to pass some free time than playing a relaxing round of golf in some suitable golf attire?

PGA Tour player Adam Scott says that you must become a master green-reader to enhance your putting, so it can take some time. Stroll around the fairway, work on your backswing, and perfect your putt.

Golf is not the easiest of sports to master; therefore, patience is definitely a virtue. Despite this, a lot of individuals continue to grab their clubs and head out to the course whenever an opportunity arises.

A wide range of people now appreciates golfing; it was once thought to be the pastime of middle-aged business people.

According to a study commissioned by the R&A, golf has the potential to increase in terms of both participation rates and revenue creation if more women, girls, and families are encouraged to take up the game.

Knowing what to know about your golf attire is crucial if this is your first time playing golf. You want to focus solely on looking nice and comfortable while playing your game.

What my cousin got told…

The small-town course where my cousin played was a member and didn’t have a strict dress code. Shorts without belts were acceptable, and most people wore jeans and T-shirts. It was permissible to wear a soccer jersey. She was from a modest town and did not know anything about beginner casual golf attire for ladies.

As a beginner golfer, she ventured up to a big city where she discovered all the renowned championship courses she had read about and intended to play them one by one. She chose the first one, where our relative worked, and made sure to dress appropriately for golf, complete with a collared shirt.

But to her surprise, our relative warned her, “You can’t play here wearing that, the members would go nuts.”

She told me that she felt an earth tremor-like shock rush through her. She had no idea what to wear when she played golf for the first time, so how could she be turned away in her expensive new golf attire?

She was sporting a Manchester United soccer jersey, Nike shorts with a large Swoosh on the ass, and hand-me-down Nike Air sneakers.

She did receive golf attire instructions from my cousin, and after observing some of the more seasoned golfers in the area, she understood my mistake.

The next day, she played golf on the exact same course after running out and purchasing what she needed right away.

So I’ve put together this short guide so you never get turned away from a golf course dressed like a fool in order to spare you the embarrassment of that, too.

What to wear golfing for women

Classic Women golf attire

There will probably be an even greater selection of beginner casual golf attire for ladies available on the market as more ladies and girls are encouraged to take up the sport. Ladies’ golf skirts, ladies’ golf shirts, and ladies’ golf pants are just a few of the golf attire options you can find if you search online.

With so many options, choosing what to wear might be challenging (especially if you’re new to golf). You’ll need to master the skill of choosing women’s golf gear in addition to mastering this difficult game.

You will find a brief outline of what casual women should wear while playing golf in this blog, so they can play to the best of their abilities and look fashionable at the same time!

When playing golf, should women wear formal golf attire such as turtlenecks, polo shirts, or blouses, or is there an opportunity for more informal golf gear?

Let’s start with some helpful advice on appropriate casual golf attire and whether or not you can wear it at the golf club.

Trendy beginner casual golf attire for ladies

Golfers don a collared shirt, white socks, golf shoes, and either pants or golf shorts. The choice of headgear depends on personal preference; however, a cap or bucket hat is typically worn for sun protection. The most trendy golf attire is described below.

Collared polo shirt

You may wear a polo shirt with long or short sleeves, but it must have a collar.

The course content you utilize will impact how you feel depending on whether you reside in a warm or cool climate.

Collared polo shirt

Cotton is always ideal in cooler climates, but synthetic golf attire will allow perspiration to drain and keep you dry and cool in warmer and more humid climates.

Avoid making the same mistake my cousin made by wearing a heavy cotton shirt at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and ending up eating dried mango and drinking shower water while resting on the shower floor!

Playing in hot regions taught me my first lesson: never wear chinos and a cotton polo or your head feels like it’s going to explode.

Shorts or slacks

You can wear shorts or slacks, depending on your desire. Remember that they require belt loops—no soccer shorts or drawstrings.

Like the shirts mentioned above, you can also find shorts and slacks designed expressly for hot or cold conditions.

I adore Adidas shorts and Under Armor slacks for hot, muggy weather.

I prefer flat-front chinos and chino shorts for when I travel to cooler, more temperate locations.

golf shorts

The most secure hues for your golfing shorts and pants are khaki, gray, cream, and tan. As you advance in the golf hierarchy and develop a reputation as a flamboyant, snappy dresser, you graduate into wearing white, pink, and very bright colors.

People will make fun of you if you’re wearing white pants and your handicap is higher than 3. Just have faith in me on this one, I swear! Be the wise guy and keep your shorts in safe hues for the time being.

You are welcome to play golf in shorts. Pants might be long or short on amateurs. Avoid wearing sweatpants, running shorts, or most drawstring exercise shorts since they should have belt loops. There is no requirement that amateur golfers wear pants.

While amateurs are permitted to wear shorts during national championships, professionals on the Tour are required to wear long pants.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes now come in three different varieties.

Avoid using steel spikes, which are only permitted on the PGA Tour, and a small number of standard courses for amateurs. These are prohibited practically everywhere else.

The most common form of the shoe has soft spikes, which are made of plastic and rubber instead of steel to prevent damaging greens.

Spike less – The shoe’s sole includes numerous little rubber studs, making it ideal for those who experience stud pressure when wearing spiked golf shoes.

White Beginner Golf shoes for Women

Since I experienced severe stud pressure while playing any sport, I gave up my soft spike golf shoes after 14 years of use and switched to spike-less golf shoes as soon as they were fashionable. My feet with soft spikes died after just 18 holes because the soles are frequently very harsh and only get softer as you spend more money on them.

Some of the coziest spike-less golf shoes are made by Adidas, Sketchers, and Footjoy. I often finish 18 holes in extreme heat by relaxing with a beverage in the clubhouse. Like wearing trainers, the soles are softer and have lots of padding in the heel and quarter areas.

Despite being more comfortable, spike-less golf shoes have a more casual, sneaker-like appearance, so you won’t look like your favorite pro (unless Freddie Couples or Ernie Els are your favorites). Get some soft spike golf shoes like Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth if you want to appear. But before that, don’t forget to read the detailed shoe selection guide by clicking here.

Belts and socks

Use the belt loops! Put on a belt. However, I prefer something elastic and less formal than the belts you wear to work. It can be anything that looks beautiful. I prefer them to match the color of my shoes or my shorts.

You should purchase white socks, such as some Nike socks, when it comes to footwear.

Extra accessories

Hats or caps

There are several options for headwear if, like me, you’re starting to get a little thin on top or simply don’t want to get burned. You can wear the following hats:

The most popular hat on the Tour and on most golf courses are baseball caps.

  • Visors – Although less common, they are excellent for preventing “hat hair.”
  • Cowboy hats – Less common, but you can tell she’s a rebel with one.


hat and caps

A famous hat for all-around sun protection is a bucket hat. This is my top pick for a hat to shield my skin from the sun because it looks good and has a small brim.

Wide-brimmed hats are a sign of inexperience. While these hats are excellent at keeping the heat off your face, avoid wearing them if you don’t want to seem like a noob.

Golf Gloves

Although they are optional, if you play for long enough, you’ll utilize one. The secret is choosing the proper size and keeping in mind something crucial!

Golf Gloves

Golfers who are left-handed wear gloves on their right hand, whereas those who are right-handed wear them on their left. You should only ever wear one, but if you want to appear completely inexperienced, you can wear two—one on each side. But refrain, please!

There are a lot of things to learn about golf gloves, but that will have to wait. The greatest glove for you right now will be affordable and sturdy. There’s no immediate need to spend a fortune on gloves.

The DON’TS for beginner casual golf attire for ladies

  1. No sports jerseys or T-shirts, There are no large banner advertisements on the front or rear. No profanity in capital letters.
  2. Pretentious, poor handicappers only wear white pants, so avoid playing with them by spotting them.
  3. Wearing three-quarter length shorts will make you look amateurish and is frequently prohibited.
  4. Avoid donning drawstring shorts because they can be prohibited; nevertheless, shorts with belt loops and a belt are usually acceptable.
  5. No running shoes, No thongs, flip-flops, or sandals. Don’t ever purchase steel spikes.
  6. No backward headwear, as 90% of golfers dislike them. It’s customary to refrain from wearing caps in the clubhouse or bar; it’s best to uphold this rule to avoid having to pay for clubhouse beverages.

What to wear if you don’t have beginner golf attire?

You could occasionally need to play golf for work purposes or for a surprise round with brand-new coworkers. These golf outings or meetings will frequently take place at exclusive country clubs or members-only golf courses where there are golf attire codes for golfers. Do not be alarmed; there is an easy answer for you guiding you through beginner casual golf attire for ladies.

You may wear any pair of chinos or work pants on the course and in the clubhouse.

Any collared polo shirt without prominently displayed logos or any work shirt with buttons is acceptable.

donts for beginner attire

A sweater or jumper with a zip-up front can be worn over a T-shirt. I have really played golf without a collared shirt, but I had to wear a turtleneck sweater with the top zipped up. You won’t be asked to peer inside your sweatshirt.

You can typically find everything you need to play on the course in pro shops or golf course shops. Although the costs will be exorbitant, if you suddenly find yourself playing a course, the pro store should have everything you need, including shoes, shorts, shirts, and socks.

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Consider Golf Attire that Fits and is Comfortable

You will need to invest in comfortable women’s golf attire because you will be outside, moving around a lot, and swinging your arms around.

Choose golf attire that fits well but lets you move freely, certain golf attires are manufactured with elastic material to provide a better fit. Simply said, wearing golf attire that is too baggy or loose is inappropriate on a golf course.

Consider Golf Attire’s Function and Pricing

Ladies’ golf attire should ideally be constructed of breathable, durable fabric that is lightweight and resists sweat. Nobody wants to experience heat and congestion while taking a shot (or show off unsightly sweat patches for everyone on the course to see).

Golf attire is known for being pricey; in fact, some items cost twice as much as tennis apparel and everyday clothing. But you don’t have to pay top dollar for high-quality golf attire; if you’re looking for a decent deal, it’s always a good idea to compare shops and compare prices.

Golf Attire rules for beginners and everyone else

Although rigorous golf attire requirements are typically associated with golf clubs and courses (especially the more upscale clubs), there has recently been some dissension among the membership.

In an effort to attract members, some clubs and golf courses have loosened the limitations on women’s golf attire in their dress codes. Shorter hemlines, baring thighs, sleeveless tops replacing polos, and a scattering of vibrant hues and patterns are all present.

Cathy Garbin, head of the Golf 20/20 program, is one golf enthusiast who is in favor of a more laid-back attitude toward women’s golf attire. Cathy views restrictive golf attire regulations as a barrier to the game and thinks loosening them will encourage inclusivity.

While many clubs and golfers (and golfers) prefer to continue with tradition and adhere to a conventional golf attire code, not everyone favors this casual approach to golf attire. It’s a good idea to check the dress code in advance because disobeying it could get you, and the people you’re with turned away, which would be embarrassing.

comfortable beginner casual golf attire for womens

Choose comfortable, high-quality, and reasonably priced ladies’ golf attire regardless of the dress code. Additionally, you should choose golf attire that enhances your appearance and mood.

Infographics – Golf attire rules

infographics - donts and dos of lady golf attire


Ending Note

You’ve had a pretty solid beginning to your golfing career.

When playing golf for the first time, it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself and not give other people’s opinions too much consideration.

Know the beginner casual golf attire for ladies, rules, proper etiquette, and dress in a way that makes you feel good to be safe. You might wish to quickly become familiar with the language of golf in order to sound like a pro.

Once you’ve completed everything, you’re prepared to start the course and meet some new people. From a distance, golfers may appear to be arrogant and snobby, but once you’re a member of our tiny “club,” you’ll quickly realize that you’re just another golfer.

And don’t pay attention to anyone who makes you feel unwelcome. You will discover your own people.

Have fun!