What does GIR mean in golf

What does GIR mean in golf (Term Explained)

If you’re a seasoned golf player or even a “watcher” you must have seen professional players rating their rounds by counting “Green In Regulations”. GIR, which stands for “Greens in Regulation,” is a fundamental term in the golf dictionary. In simple …

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Icon Golf Cart Problems

8 Icon Golf Cart Problems and How to Fix Them

Imagine touring in your cart, enjoying a relaxing day on the course, and it suddenly stops. Maybe its battery died, or its engine started making noises. Not only it spoils your mood but it also affects the quality of your …

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Can I wear leggings to golf And when it is allowed?

It seems like everyone wears leggings to everything and anywhere these days. There are certainly fewer situations when you wouldn’t wear them now since they are widely accepted and used frequently. But despite their general acceptance, there may still be …

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is it appropriate to golf in jeans

Can you play golf in jeans And When It Is Allowed?

Like any other sport, golf has its own specific intricacies and regulations. There are many off-course behaviors that are improper according to golf etiquette. The appropriate attire on the golf course is one of these grey areas. For instance, many …

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