How to remove the speed limiter on an electric golf cart?

As a golfer, I understand the exhilarating feeling of cruising down the fairway with the wind in your hair and the thrill of the game driving you forward. But what happens when your electric golf cart’s speed limiter keeps you from reaching your full potential on the course?

It’s time to break free from the limits of slow-paced golf carts and set free the true power of your electric cart.

Although I’m a learning golfer who always strives to improve at golf, my technical expertise allowed me to greatly assist my fairway companions when troubleshooting issues with golf carts. It’s simpler than you might think – no need to be an expert overnight. Think of it like building your skills one step at a time.

Take the question: “How to remove the speed limiter on an electric golf cart?”

Well, taking off the limiter is about first getting familiar with your cart design so that you better know where the limiter is. Begin by uncovering it – take off panels and covers. Now, for the trick: If dealing with a physical limiter, follow the cable from the gas pedal to find the governor – a metal rod hugging a spring, pals with the carburetor. See those two nuts? Twist them – you’re controlling your cart’s speed. For extra oomph, you can even bid farewell to the limiter by gently pulling that cable or unscrewing it from the carburetor.

Let me share what I have learned about removing the limiter so that you can safely put it off.

Why remove the speed limiter?

In case some of you are curious about the why!

How to remove the speed limiter on an electric golf cart

A speed limiter is a built-in appliance in electric golf carts, made to restrict their maximum speed. It promotes safety by preventing the cart from exceeding a certain speed limit. However, some golfers’ enthusiasm exceeds the maximum speed limit set by the speed limiter. So, they remove it.

Typically, electric golf carts can achieve a speed of 15 miles per hour (24 km per hour) with a speed limiter on. Without it, they can go at much higher speeds, ranging from 19 to 25 miles per hour (30 to 40 km per hour), depending upon the cart model. This increased speed capability looks good to golfers who prefer a quicker pace and need to cover more ground in a shorter time.

If you feel like your cart’s speed doesn’t match your playing style, you can consider removing the speed limiter to optimize your performance. Tuning your cart to your style offers a sense of freedom and empowerment and gives you newfound confidence in your game.

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Precautions – Safety Comes First

As a golfer considering removing the speed limiter, you should always prioritize safety and responsibility, keeping the fact in mind that it’s one of the UNSAFE ways to speed up the cart if done incorrectly; because when you remove the speed limiter there is no limit how high your engine can rev.

From the rules of your country club to accessing your skills and taking test drives multiple times in a controlled environment, all of the actions are essential if you don’t want yourself to be the next cautionary tale for other golfers (lol, just a gentle reminder – hope so).


  • Know the Rules: Make sure you are not making any violations. Research the rules and regulations about the golf cart speeding limits in your golf course or country club. If they have any strict guidelines, adhere to them.
  • Seek professional advice: Seeking advice from experienced technicians who specialize in such modifications is a good first step to take. They know the proper methods and potential risks to the process. Hence, provide valuable insights.
  • Assess your skills: if you are adamant about removing the speed limiter, ensure you can control the cart without it. Consider your driving abilities and see if you are capable of handling a faster-moving golf cart without jeopardizing safety.
  • Take a test drive: before taking your modified vehicle to the course, take a test drive in a controlled environment under expert supervision. Increase the speed gradually and see if you require any fine-tuning.

Step-by-step Guide: How to remove the speed limiter on an electric golf cart

The process of removing the speed limiter from your cart is an easy one. With a little guidance, you can carry it out yourself. However, I advise you to proceed with caution and be mindful of the risks this modification can expose you to.

Step 1: Study your cart

Begin by researching and understanding the specific model of your electric golf cart. Take the time to study its system, components, and wiring. Check the book that comes with the Cart and surely there you’ll find the placements of every component of your Cart or Contact the manufacturer to provide you with all the necessary information you need to know of about your model.

Once you know all the ins and outs and potential risks, move on with the modifying procedure.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools


You probably have almost all, but in case if not, collect all the tools you will need for the task. You will require,

  • A set of different-sized wrenches.
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • Wire cutters
  • Electrical tape
  • Resealable plastic bags
  • Safety gear (gloves, safety glasses, etc.)

Step 3: Disconnect the power

Before getting your hands on the cart, it’s crucial to ensure the power is completely disconnected from your cart to avoid any unexpected electrical hazards. Switch off the main power source and then lift the seat to locate the tow-run switch.

wiring conditions

Move it to the tow mode position to prevent any accidental power flow. Now, using a wrench, carefully remove the positive battery cable to disconnect the power supply.

Step 4: Remove access panels or covers

Now, you have to uncover the motor hidden beneath access panels or covers. 

Take a moment to locate these panels or covers on your cart. Their location depends upon the model of your cart. They might be fastened with screws or clips. Grab your screwdriver and start removing the screws one by one, ensuring you keep them safely in a resealable bag. With the screws removed, gently lift off the cover to reveal the motor. Remember to take a quick picture before proceeding so you have a visual reference for reassembly.

Step 5: Locate the speed Limiter Component

After taking the plastic cover off, it’s now time to locate the speed limiter.

The location of your speed limiter depends upon the model of your cart.  It can either be a physical device, such as a governor or throttle control associated with the engine. Or, in modern electric golf carts, it may be a software setting, programmed into the controller.

In some carts, the engines or the controllers are located in the front under a black plastic cover, or under the seat cushions. The speed controller is managed by a minor metal rod following the clutch.

Step 6 – Modify or Disable the Limiter

After visualizing the speed limiter component, it’s time to make the necessary modifications. 

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If you have a physical limiter, follow the cable from the gas pedal until you reach the governor. The governor is the metal rod wrapped around a spring, usually connected to the carburettor. You’ll notice two nuts on the spring apparatus. By adjusting these nuts, you can modify the speed at which your golf cart operates. If you prefer to remove the limiter completely, you can unscrew or gently tug the cable from the carburettor. If needed, use wire cutters to cut the cables, ensuring you wear gloves for safety. 

Alternatively, if your speed limiter is controlled by software in the controller, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for modifying the software settings accordingly.

Step 7 – Reassemble the Components

After making the necessary modifications or removing the limiter, now it’s time to put everything back together. Open up the picture you took earlier as your visual reference, making sure you reassemble all the components in the correct order and alignment. 

Securely tighten all the screws, ensuring everything is in place. Take a moment to double-check that no wires or connections are left loose or exposed. Finally, put back the seat cushions or plastic cover and secure them with screws to give your cart a tidy finish.

Step 8: Test it

Now that you’ve successfully reassembled your cart, it’s time to turn it on. Reconnect the battery cables, switch the cart from tow to run mode, and flip the main power switch back on. As you turn it on, listen attentively for any unusual sounds coming from the engine. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s best to turn off the cart immediately.

testing cart

Take a moment to recheck all the connections and make sure everything is properly secured. If all sounds good, it’s time to do a trial run. Find a secure area, preferably under the supervision of an expert, and gradually increase the speed to observe your cart’s performance.

Step 9: Monitoring And Adjustments

It is advisable to keep a close eye on your cart’s performance during your golf rounds or practice sessions for the next few days. Pay attention to any unexpected behaviors or issues that may arise. This will allow you to evaluate whether any other adjustments are needed.

If you notice any concerns, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance or guidance. Fine-tuning may be necessary to optimize your cart’s performance and ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The Consequences of Exceeding the Speed Limit in an Electric Golf Cart

Removing the speed limiter from the cart can have several consequences in terms of safety and cart health.

Electric golf carts are designed very course-friendly with specific speed limits. Going beyond these limits can increase the risk of accidents, especially in crowded areas or on uneven paths.

It can also compromise your ability to control the golf cart. Sudden turns or sharp curves can become extremely hazardous when travelling at a higher speed. You can lose control of the cart and put yourself and others at risk.


Higher velocity also affects the health of your cart. When the wheels are running two times faster, they wear down faster too. Also, braking distance will also be increased. It will take longer for you to bring the cart to a complete stop.

I suggest you drive your cart in a closed secure vicinity at first to get the hang of new variations coming along the higher speed. Once you are acquainted with them, hit the course confidently.

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Summing it up

In conclusion, as a golfer, I understand the desire to enhance the speed of your electric golf cart. Yet, it is essential to be responsible about it. Removing the speed limiter or upgrading it should be done within the boundaries of your course’s regulations and safety guidelines. The intention is to enhance the speed of your golf cart, providing a potentially faster and more exciting experience. By following the outlined steps and exercising caution, you can successfully remove the limiter and potentially enjoy increased speed on the course.

fast golf cart

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the associated consequences. Increasing the speed of your golf cart can affect its stability and maneuverability. It may lead to unsafe driving conditions, potential accidents, or damage to the cart. Therefore, it is recommended to make any modifications under expert supervision and always prioritize safety.


How do you remove a speed limiter from a golf cart?

In order to remove the speed limiter from the cart, turn your cart off, locate the speed limiter, gain access to the control system, and analyze it thoroughly. Now disable or modify the governor while adhering to the safety precautions. Lastly, put everything back together and give it a go.

Why remove the speed limiter from a golf cart?

Some golf cart owners may want to remove the speed limiter from their carts in order to increase the maximum speed of their carts for various reasons, such as using them for personal transportation or just aligning them with their golfing style.

How to make an electric golf cart faster?

In order to make your golf cart faster, here are a few options to consider. You can either remove or modify the speed limiter, limiting your cart’s maximum speed. Or you can upgrade the motor, batteries, or controller to the ones which have higher power and give better performance.

Is it safe to remove the speed limiter from an electric golf cart?

No, removing the speed limiter is not safe. If done incorrectly, you will put your engine, your fellow golfers, and even yourself at risk of accidents and mishaps. Moreover, you can also face legal ramifications for it.