Cart bag Vs Stand bag – Elevate game with the right choice

Are you a golfer struggling to carry and transport your golf clubs and other equipment to the golf course?

The strive is real, as one has to carry a golf club with them, including a driver, iron, wedges, and a putter, to a good number of golf balls to have a backup in case they lose it and some small pegs, the tees, to prop up the golf ball when teeing off. You cannot miss putting in a water bottle and some snacks to enjoy your break and refresh.

You may also carry extra accessories, including sunscreen, a rangefinder scorecard, towels, and gloves. And these items and equipment cannot be organized, protected, and transported easily without your hands on a good golf cart bag.

Here is what is a golf cart bag.

A golf cart bag is a bag that comes in different types, designs, shapes, and sizes, allowing golfers to transport their goods easily to the courses. However, all serve the same purpose but offer unique features and benefits. Cart and stand bags are the most loved and preferred among golfers for their unique features.

Cart bag for golfers

By allowing the equipment to be readily accessible and transporting them to reduce physical stress and exhaustion, the correct form of the bag can improve your golfing experience, prevent frustration, and save time.

In this guide, you will explore the features of a cart bag Vs stand bag to make an informed decision. Let’s explore both one-by-one.

Cart Bag: A Trusty Companion on Four Wheels

Are you a golfer who always carries loads of golf accessories with you and prefers to use a cart to transport them to the golf course?

Yes? The cart bag is a perfect choice for you!

The cart bag is specially designed to be easily attached to the back of your cart. The bag uses a high-quality material, making it heavier than other golf cart bags, so you can easily travel long distances on the course, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Regarding storage capacity, the cart bag offers a larger storage area, making it feasible to carry all your golf equipment and other belongings with you. The best feature about the cart bag is that it is provided with a maximum of 14 dividers.

Best cart bag for golfers

These many dividers are not found in the standing card. 14 dividers mean that you can put each club in your bag separately without worrying that they will get stuck with each other. According to your feasibility, you can pick the cart bag with the drivers at full length or half and easily take the club out when needed.

Additionally, it has front-facing multiple pockets where you can put the stuff you need now and then and make it quickly accessible.

The flat base of the cart back is another advantage. If you love to drive the golf cart at high speeds or travel at sloppy or uphill surfaces, the flat base ensures it sits securely on the back of the golf cart and protects the clubs, other golfing equipment, and your belongings from any damage.

So overall, it is a good choice to get your hands on a cart bag if you frequently use the golf cart to move on the course. Also, the bag has one strap so that you can walk with it on your back, but it is not recommendable as this action will put high pressure on one side of your shoulder and can lead to muscle pain or other complexities.

       Pros      Cons 
Intended for use with a cart Heavy 
Padded dividers for protection Less portable 
Ample storage capacity Potential for clutter and overloading 
Organized and weather resistant  

Stand Bag: The Agile Companion for the On-the-Go Golfer

Stand bag

The difference between a cart bag and a stand bag is that the cart bag is intended to be attached to the back of the cart. Still, when it comes to a stand bag, it is specially designed for golfers who prefer to carry their golf equipment and other accessories with them while walking on the golf course.

Unlike a cart bag, the stand bag is provided with two straps, making it easy for the golfer to balance the weight on their back.

The best feature of the stand bag is that it is provided with retractable legs. The retractable legs provide support for the bag to stand upright, making it feasible for the golfer to get their hands on the golf club without bending or taking off their bags, and allow them to get back quickly to the next shot.

Another considerable difference between the cart bag and the stand bag is their weight. While the cart bag weighs around 6 pounds when empty, the stand bags are much lighter and weigh anywhere from 2.5 to 5 pounds, depending on the model type.

What about using your stand bag for purposes other than carrying it to your golf course?

You can use and make your stand bag multi-purposing by using it as a carry-on luggage bag while travelling and as a backpack to go hiking after performing your best on the course.

The stand bags are comparatively cheap, as it does not require as much detailing while manufacturing as the cart bags do. Because of this, considering stand bags are a good option for golfers who are new to the game or on a tight budget.

Where they are less expensive, the stand bag cuts down some features you can enjoy with a cart bag. Like when it comes to the divider, the stand bag typically has around 4 to 5 padded sections. This makes it important for the golfer to keep a check on the golf clubs and be careful while taking them out to avoid getting stuck at the bottom.

Pros Cons 
Lightweight and portable Limited storage space
Convenient access to clubs It may cause fatigue if overloaded
Affordable and versatile Retractable legs may malfunction

Cart bag Vs stand bag – My Journey of Dual Exploration

golf bags

Are you confused about deciding what to pick from the cart bag Vs stand bag?

I know this decision can make or turn down your game, so in this portion, you will delve deeper into the world of golf bags and take a closer look to decide which bag will be a perfect choice.

Purpose and intended use

Before getting your hands on a golf bag, it is important to be clear about the purpose and intended use of carts and stand bags.

Where cart bags are designed to be hung with the cart to help you organise the golf accessories, the stand bags are for the golfers who prefer to walk on the course.

So if you are a golfer travelling long distances on the course with your loaded bag on the cart, a cart bag will be a perfect choice, while the stand bag can help you with its two straps and retractable legs if you prefer to walk on the course.

Storage space

Storage space of golf bags

Next comes considering the storage space, which entirely depends on your preferences.

If you are a golfer carrying each piece of equipment, multiple clubs and golf balls, extra pair of shoes, clothing and accessories, and have your bag fully loaded, the cart bag is for you!

The cart bag offers separate padded sections to carry your clubs and multiple pockets on the front to keep your accessories organized.

In contrast, if you love to play on the course being light weighted, get your hands on the stand bag, which offers portability, has fewer pockets and a streamlined design.

Consider the number of dividers!

How many clubs do you carry on the course? This will help you to make the right choice.

If you are a beginner golfer or carry a maximum of 5 clubs with them, the stand bag will be the right choice.

While the cart bag offers the flexibility to carry up to 14 clubs, and that too in separate compartments, making them safe from getting stuck at the bottom and leading to frustration.

Weight and Portability

How easy is it to carry?

Moving on the course with heavy bags is very difficult for a golfer. This can strain their back, cause fatigue and turn down their game.

golf cart bags weight

When choosing from a cart bag Vs stand bag, consider the weight and how much portable they are.

An empty cart bag weighs around 6 pounds, so it is not a good choice to walk with it with loaded stuff. This bag will be the right choice if you own a golf cart.

Stand bag’s weight mostly varies with the model available in the market but typically ranges from 2.5 to 5 pounds. The weight varies according to the size of the bag, so again, check how much storage capacity you need to carry your golf equipment and make an informed decision.


Next, you need to keep a check on the available budget.

Considering all the benefits and features, the cart bag’s price is typically higher than that of the stand bag.

Pro tip: If you are tight on budget, consider buying a second-hand, perfectly good quality golf bag, which will reduce the cost to a great level.

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My personal experience with both!

So here is my experience with a stand and a cart bag at the course. I used a stand bag for a long time when I started playing golf. Being an amateur, I just needed to keep my focus on practicing, and I usually preferred to carry very little stuff with me.

The bag was super portable, and I enjoyed my great time with it on the course.

From my beginner to a pro player journey, I shifted to carrying extra clubs and, overall, more stuff. This was when I shifted to the cart bag and got myself a four-wheeler cart. Using a cart bag while playing 18 holes was a relief, as moving on a sloppy or hilly surface is tiring and drains all your passion and energy.

Ultimately, the decision

Getting your hands on the right golf bag according to your needs is necessary to enjoy your game. To make an informed decision, you must know your requirements and know the intended purpose, storage capacity, and weight of the sand and cart bag, so your pick can elevate your game to the next level.

It’s now the time to consider your options and choose the bag that meets your needs!


Is a cart or stand bag better?

Both cart bags and stand bags perform best when used for particular reasons. If you play the entire 18-hole course, a cart bag is preferable. If you prefer to stroll the course and carry fewer items, a stand bag will benefit from its two straps and retractable legs.

Can I use a stand bag on a cart?

You can hang the stand bag on the cart; however, since its base is not flat, the speeded cart can potentially cause damage to the club or your other accessories.

Are cart bags bigger than stand bags? 

Cart bags are bigger than stand bags as they are intended to carry a heavy load. They have separate compartments to organize the accessories and up to 14 dividers to carry each club separately.