What to wear at a country club (A-z Guide)

Country clubs are a great place to meet new people, make new friends, and get acquainted with what’s happening around you.  If you have been invited by a friend or considering getting a membership yourself, you should know that they can be taxing. Knowing what to do, what to wear at a country club, and most importantly, what not to wear is important when you are going to be part of it.

From playing cards to golf, swimming, and working out, you will make the most of it if you crack the code of country club attire.

What is a country club?

Country club

A country club is a private facility mainly for golf, communal events, and recreation. You need a membership to access them; hence, they were considered social clubs for the upper class for the longest time.

Unlike golf clubs, a country club offers a lot more than golf. They can be a great weekend spot for your family, with top-notch golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers, and dining options. That’s why many people prefer a country club membership over a golf course membership.

Along with leisure activities and meeting new people with similar interests, it can also open doors for you to newer business opportunities. Another reason to look your best in such a setting.

You probably have seen country clubs in movies. Male characters, dressed in neutrals, enjoy their time golfing and having drinks. Having this image of a club is enough when you are at home watching a movie. However, when you decide to be a club member and step into one, you should get acquainted with the complete country club fashion equation.

What is country club attire?

Country clubs usually have a dress code to maintain a formal environment. Back then, having a country club membership was measured as esteemed. This formal wear would distinguish a prestigious country club from a regular public golf course.

Country club dress code

Even today, most clubs maintain business attire. However, some do encourage a rather casual outlook.

A collared shirt and khaki pants, formal wear is one way to go. On the other hand, in today’s age, people love to go casual. A sports shirt and Bermuda-length shorts might be ideal for some.

In my opinion, striking a balance between formal and casual is important. Make sure that your attire is casual yet classy. A polo shirt, golf slacks, or an elegant tailored dress with minimal accessories look great. Plum Hollow favors its members dressing up rather than dressing down when staying at the club.

Looking your best not only helps you feel good but also gains the attention and respect of the company around you. To look your best, I am going to confer on appropriate clothing for golfing and drop some essential tips based on my experience on what to wear at a country club. Stay tuned!

Country club attire for Men

what to wear at a country club for men

Most clubs mention their dress codes in the guides you are provided while getting a membership.

For men, the golf attire includes solid-colored shirts with collars, neutral (black, white, khaki) golf shirts, sports shirts, polos, and button-downs. These can be short or long-sleeved, according to your preference. Keep them tucked in neatly at all times for a formal look. Men can wear golf slacks, chinos, golf shorts, dress shorts, and Bermuda-length shorts for bottoms. If it is cold outside, wear a jumper or a sweater vest. On special occasions, you can wear sports coats and even ties.

Your chic outfit will be incomplete without accessorizing with belts, shoes, and sunglasses. Wearing a hat or a visor is as important as wearing a helmet while playing cricket. Golf is all about focus. You don’t want to risk it by letting the sun’s rays disrupt your clarity. Keep the bill of your hat in the front.

Sunglasses are also a good option. Sport-style sunglasses help you see the ball better. If you are wearing shorts, it’s better to wear socks with them. Golf shoes for men, sneakers, or any type of sports shoes you feel comfortable in can work. Make sure to match your shoes and socks. At last, don’t forget your gloves. Either a sole, or a pair, depending upon your set-up.

The good thing is most clubs approve the golf attire by RLX and Adidas. If you are not sure what to wear, hit these stores and get the golf fit.

Country club attire for Women

Country club women attire

Women generally have more options in golfing apparel.

Women can wear conservative-style dresses and small, not-too-baggy sundresses. Turtlenecks, Crew Neck sweaters, polos, and button-down shirts are suitable. The shirts do not necessarily have to be collared but make sure that the neckline is not too deep. If you are wearing a collarless shirt, ensure that it has sleeves. Shirts with no collars or sleeves are frowned upon in a country club. The length of the sleeves may vary. Shirts should be tucked in to avoid a sloppy look. You can also go for a shirt with a waistband.

For bottoms, women can wear slacks, skirts, or shorts. Dresses, shorts, and skirts should not be more than 6 inches above the knee. Some clubs even allow capri pants and leggings for female golfers; however, these are not widely accepted.

Layer a sweater or a vest over your shirt if it is cold outside. Wearing leggings under pants is also a smart idea. Zip-up pullovers can be worn too, nothing too shaggy that will interfere with the game. Wear neutral colors and solids rather than printed is advisable to maintain a sartorial style.

Golf caps with the bill at the front, visors, designer caps, bucket hats, brimmed sun hats, and sock hats can be worn. Sunglasses or polarized glasses are advised to keep the rays out. Footwear includes golf shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers, spiked golf shoes, or spikeless shoes with socks.  

Ralph Lauren, Peter Millar, and J. Lindeberg make the most elegant clothing for women to wear in country clubs.

Country club etiquette

club etiquette

Country clubs are rather strict about their rules and regulations. You cannot just barge in with whatever attire and behave in any manner. You need to adhere to certain etiquette while being on the club premises.

Dressing appropriately is the basic protocol to follow. Do not wear clothes that are too casual. Tank tops, jeans, too-short shorts, leggings, etc., are not acceptable in a club setting. Dress modestly and elegantly. Make sure that your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Pair bright colors with neutrals and patterns with plains. Do not wear your hat backward. When you’re inside, take it off. Wearing a hat inside may come across as rude.

Some people tend to act a certain way and be fake for others to like them. Unauthenticity can be easily smelled, so just be yourself and be kind and courteous toward everyone. Don’t use phones in restricted areas. Be polite and civil with fellow golfers, maintain cleanliness, and lastly, if allowed, tip generously.

Country club fashion tips

While visiting a country club, dressing the part is crucial. Here are some tips to ace smart casual attire.

  • Avoid oversized and baggy clothes – Not only do they look sloppy, but they also hinder your swing.
  • Khakis are the staple – They are comfortable, look professional, and go with everything.
  • Keep your hat as simple as possible – A baseball cap is enough to keep the sun out of your face. Anything bigger than that can compromise your view of the game.
  • No short shorts – Not only do they look informal and sloppy, but they also would be super uncomfortable on a hot day.
  •  Prioritize polo – Polo shirts are super comfortable, breathable, and look decent. Better than a full-sleeved dress shirt.
  • Do not reveal too much – In a country club, dressing modestly is appreciated. Do not wear anything too revealing that can affect the environment around you. The management does not shy away from pointing you out and asking you to abide by the rules.
  • Ankle socks are the answer – Long socks can keep slipping from your legs and be a distraction. Wear ankle socks in summer. When it’s cold, make sure your socks don’t slip.
  • Do not over-layer – Do not wear too many layers. Even when it’s cold, stick with a single good-quality vest. Over-layering can be uncomfortable and compromise the mobility needed for the game.
  • Stick with classic colors – Pair a white collared shirt with blue or navy slacks. Or a grey polo with black pants. Classic solids look elegant and chic.
  • No smoking – Do not smoke inside the country club, and strictly follow the rules and regulations.

Do’s and Don’ts

What to wear

What not to wear


Collared shirts Sleeveless shirts without a collar
Golf shirts T-shirts
Sports shirts Jogging clothes
Polos Tank tops
Button-down shirts Sweatshirts & Sweatpants
Long-sleeved shirts Hoodies
Golf slacks Cargo style shorts
Chinos Jeans
Bermuda-length shorts Cuff pants
Sunglasses Cowboy hats
Hats and visors forward Hats and visors backward
Hats and visors on the course only Hats and visors inside
Golf shoes Boots
Athletic shoes Sandals
Sneakers Flip flops


Knee-length dresses Mini dresses
Sleeveless collared shirts Low-cut sleeveless shirts
Blouses Baggy sundresses
Turtle necks Tube tops
Sweaters Sweatshirts & sweatpants
Knee-length skirts Short skirts
Slacks Jeans
Capri pants on the course Capri pants inside
Pull-overs Yoga pants
Spiked & Spikeless golf shoes Boots
Sneakers High heels
Bucket hats Sandals
Sunglasses & Polarized glasses Dangly Jewelry

What to wear at a country club for

– Dinner

If you have to attend a country club dinner or a gala, dress to impress. Opt for an elegant yet formal look. A collared button-down shirt and pants would do the job. This is the time to bring out those dress shoes.

country club diner

An evening gown or a long dress would look great for a lady. For a night event, choose dark colors and, yes, high heels. Some minimal jewelry and a small clutch would complete the look.

– Business arrangement

If you have a business arrangement to tend to at a country club, go for a sophisticated look. For me, a collared shirt with khakis or slacks will look great. Women can opt for a blazer, blouse, and tailored pants.

– Fitness Center

Do not wear tight or see-through clothing. Choose something in which you can move freely. An appropriate clothing for a country club fitness center is tank tops or crew neck shirts with shorts or leggings. Clean athletic shoes or sneakers are allowed.

– Swimming pool

If you are going for a pool day, pack your trunks and shorts. Women should wear a one-piece bathing suit/bodysuit or a tankini. A modest bathing suit with enough coverage is country club appropriate. Bring swim diapers for children.

– Racquets


Men should wear tennis shirts and tennis shorts. Tennis attire for women includes tennis dresses, shirts, skirts, and shorts. Cotton T-shirts are not allowed. All clothing should be free from graphics and prints. Wear tennis court-specific shoes only.

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Hopefully, you will feel more confident about what to wear at a country club. Before visiting a country club, follow its rules and regulations and adhere to the dress code. If a friend is inviting you, ask for any specific instructions you should know beforehand.

Country clubs can be intimidating at first, but once you know what to do and what not to do, you can make the most of your time there. If you are still confused, you can buy club attire online. Dress sophisticatedly, play great golf, make new friends, and have fun.