What to wear golfing when it’s cold – Winter attire guide

It’s that time of year once more! The daily highs begin to fall below 60 degrees as the leaves change color. The golf season is ending, which is unfortunate for us golfers (unless you live further south than I do, in which case, lucky you!). But if you’re anything like me, you’ll soon have to contend with icy delays and chilly conditions on the course, so it’s better to know what to wear golfing when it’s cold and be entirely prepared to maximize your round and dress with the best cold-weather Golf Attire.

Some golfers may hibernate in cooler conditions on the course, but if you play all year long, understanding how to dress in appropriate golf apparel is essential.

The key objective is to be loose and flexible to swing and move while remaining warm. To dress appropriately for the colder weather throughout these winter months, consider the following advice on winter golf attire.

What to wear golfing when it’s cold

Playing golf in the winter shouldn’t be a chore but rather enjoyable. Thinking about how to dress for cold days on the course and planning for your attire will allow you to play generally without jeopardizing your fun is essential.

Check out the best cold-weather golf advice to keep you going and staying warm while playing golf in the winter.

  • Carry your bag; doing so will increase your body’s core temperature.
  • Put on an additional set of socks.
  • Keep hand warmers.
  • Put on long jeans.
  • Purchase a snood.
  • Purchase a waterproof bag.
  • Bring a second towel to keep your clubs dry and clean.

How to look sharp while being warm on a Golf Course in winter?

Both have high standards, even if there are differences in what is appropriate for men’s and women’s golf clothing for winter to wear on the golf course. More styles are available for women, although modesty is encouraged. Although men’s golf clothing is less adaptable, there are many ways to personalize it while still adhering to golf etiquette.

Let’s have a deeper look.

A Base Layer is a must

Under my typical golf shirt and jeans, I frequently wear compression layers. They keep you warm without packing on much weight that would interfere with your swing. Compression layers are typically composed of an incredibly flexible material, making it simple to keep perfect form throughout the swing.

You can wear only a top layer or some long underwear if it’s particularly chilly outside.

Add a Shirt to add Style

When it comes to choosing a top for the golf course, avoid T-shirts. Men should stick with collared shirts, while women are permitted to wear collared, non-collared, or even sleeveless tops. Either way, shirts are expected to be tucked in at all times.

I recommend Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo

What If it gets chilly?

Jackets, sweaters, and jumpers are only worn when cold outside. For a refined, layered look, many golfers like to wear vests, sweaters, or windbreakers. Hoodies and denim jackets are not recommended.

Jackets can also be used in moderately cold weather, adding or leaving a vest or base layer according to your liking.

Pullover sweaters or Jackets are a must-have when adding compression layers isn’t enough to keep you warm. They are available in various styles, from very casual to business simple. All of the well-known golf apparel manufacturers offer different pullover styles.

P.S. You should try PUMA Mens Cloudspun T7 1/4 Zip if you prefer sweaters over jackets.

Pullover sweaters or Jackets, the upper layers, keep you warm by retaining your body heat for longer. The best part is that these upper layers are made to move, so your golf swing won’t feel constrained.

If the weather turns chilly after you put on your base layer and a fitting polo shirt, you might change into a sweater.

Keep those legs warm

Choosing the proper type of golf pants can be difficult, but by keeping in mind that comfort comes first, you can pick one that gives you comfort and freedom of movement. Make sure you can stretch and swing freely if you wear a base layer or conventional golf pants below your pants.

The finest part about wearing more layers is the option to take off your golf attire when the day heats up or your body temperature rises. Keep your layers close to stay comfortable on a chilly day after the sun sets during your 18-hole round.

Both men and women should adhere to the rule of wearing shorts or skirts that at least reach your fingertips. The most popular bottoms for golf are slacks, dress shorts, and golf skirts. While every course has a slightly different dress code, yoga pants, jeans, and sweatpants are generally not allowed.

Don’t let the cold get to your head—Use Headwear

Keeping your head and ears warm is one of the best ways to stay warm when playing golf. Beanies work best when the temperature is low enough to cause a slight numbness in your nose or ears.

Beanies are especially helpful for morning rounds on mountain golf courses where the air is highly crisp and dense.

Sun protection is essential because golf is played almost exclusively in the sun. Baseball caps and visors are popular for both sexes, although straw hats, bucket hats, and beanies are also suitable (weather permitting). Leave your fedoras and cowboy hats at home, and take off your cap before entering a structure. Additionally, caps must always face forward.

Keep your hands warm for a good grip

Winter golf gloves have a brushed fleece top for warmth and are built to be comfortable all day in chilly weather. These gloves often include a microfiber suede palm that provides a comfortable fit, feel and grip.

The knit cuff on winter gloves also aids in retaining heat inside the gloves. The best thing about winter golf gloves is that they are a set, with two gloves per pack, as opposed to regular gloves.

They can occasionally seem heavy, especially if your swing is having trouble. If this is the case, I advise sticking with a conventional golf glove and only wearing some thick golf mittens while you are between strokes rather than an entire day.

What about that neck of yours?

I advise spending money on a good scarf or neck warmer as a last layer of warmth. Since they are made of cashmere, ours are beautifully warm without being overly bulky, eliminating any possibility that they may impede your mobility.

Neck warmers are the most underrated clothing for golfing in the cold. They come in convenient when the wind increases. Nothing is worse than being well-covered but feeling chilly all over because cold air is blowing strongly down all the layers.

What if it rains in the cold?

You must be a passionate Golfer if you came here to figure out what to wear while golfing in cold weather. If the cold didn’t stop you, why should rainfall in the cold bother you? Read further about how to dress in cold rains while golfing, and in case you wanna know the tips for playing your game in the rain, make sure to check out this separate guide here.

A Rain Jacket is obvious

Rain jackets are similar to rain pants in that they are windproof, waterproof, and conveniently storable in your golf bag when you become too warm. However, these jackets are less flexible and constructed of thicker material. If you intend to wear it for the whole round, purchase a size larger than you generally wear. As a result, you won’t have to give up as much distance off the tee because it will be simpler to make a full swing.

Wear Waterproof pants

Golf trousers should be worn underneath rain pants since they are thicker than conventional ones. They are wind and waterproof, which helps keep your legs toasty. Even in temperatures that drop close to freezing, you can stay warm when worn with a base layer (long underwear).

Additionally, rain pants are simple to wear or take off if you get too hot or chilly during the activity. After that, you may store them in your golf bag with ease.

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Grab some waterproof shoes

Your feet will get wet if you play golf in the chilly weather. This is due to the heavy dew on the grass after the frost has lifted off, which might take many hours to evaporate in the sunlight. The dew might persist all day long in the shadow. Therefore, ensuring that your footwear is appropriate for these circumstances is best. The first green will soak your feet if your shoes have mesh.

Your entire body will experience the effects of cold, damp feet. You should invest in waterproof golf shoes to avoid such issues. There are many options, so selecting a pair depends on personal preference. If you’re curious to learn about the best waterproof shoes, you should check out this review on 7 best spikeless waterproof golf shoes.


Golfers would likely respond summer if you asked them what their preferred season is to play. However, it doesn’t prevent players from going outside throughout the winter, so as long as you are well equipped for the chilly, changeable weather with proper cold-weather golf attire.

Even if you have the most admirable set of club money you can buy, you might leave them in the garage for the upcoming months if your winter gear could be better.

You have the answer to what to wear golfing when it’s cold because winter golf might be challenging, but with the correct equipment, you can play the game we all love all year.