What to wear at a golf course – The essential guide

You have the clubs, balls, gloves, and bag you need for a good round of golf at your nearby course. However, dressing appropriately can be just as crucial.

The ideal golf attire goes beyond simply looking the part. A crucial component of your game is your golf attire. An ideal fit may give you excellent levels of comfort without impeding your movement while protecting you from the elements. To retain golf traditions, most courses have a formal dress code. While some of these customs continue to be practiced, others have been more recently modernized. Golf clothing needs to be practical without compromising flair, so you should be well aware of what to wear at a golf course.

As if choosing the proper golfing equipment wasn’t difficult enough, what you wear is also crucial.

Even though many clubs have loosened their restrictions in recent years, etiquette and tradition still govern what is and is not proper. Your choice of golf attire might affect your performance and be significant for the golf club.

The concept of dressing for golf intimidates a lot of beginning golfers. You can avoid this if you adhere to a few rules of thumb.

Many more conventional clubs continue to enforce tight dress regulations on the golf course. While some people might be a little more understanding, one should adhere to the rules and avoid dressing too casually for golf.

Are you going to the golf course but unsure what to wear at a golf course? Not to worry! Everything you need to know about proper golf attire will be covered.

Golf Attire Guide for Men (at a glance)

What to wear at a golf course

It is customary for men golfers to wear collared shirts. Golf polos with short sleeves can be among them. Modern golf shirts with a blade or mock neck collar are also permitted at some clubs and courses.

When it comes to choosing pants for a round of golf, there are a few options to consider. While jeans are typically not allowed on the course, denim pants may be permitted at some clubs. A popular choice among golfers is to wear slacks, which are typically made from a cotton or polyester blend. On warm days, wearing knee-length shorts is also an acceptable option. It’s important to check with the specific club or course for their dress code guidelines before heading out to play.

Whatever your inclination, go for a belt-looped style. Wearing a belt that matches your clothing is strongly advised on the links.

Golf Attire Guide for Women (at a glance)

Women golfers have a selection of shirts to choose from. Athletic non-collared tops, mock neck tops, and collared tops with collars can all be worn. You could also wear a golf dress. Avoid wearing tube tops or t-shirts.

There are numerous bottoms available for female golfers as well:

  • For a round of 18, golf skorts can be a terrific alternative. They come in various lengths, most falling between mid-thigh to a few inches above the knee.
  • For warm days on the course, shorts are a suitable clothing option. They are between mid-thigh and Bermuda in length.
  • Women may also put on golf pants or capris. Both might be excellent choices during cooler weather. Although some golf courses also permit athletic pants, jeans are normally not permitted on the course.

What to wear at a golf course – Detailed Attire guide

Regarding golf attire, both men and women are expected to maintain high standards of dress, even if there are variations in what is considered appropriate for each gender. While women may have more options, it is important to remember that modesty is encouraged on the golf course.

For men, golf clothing may be less flexible in terms of style, but there are still many ways to personalize your look while adhering to golf etiquette. Whether through color choices or accessories, there are plenty of opportunities to express your style while maintaining the proper golf attire.


Avoid T-shirts while selecting a top on the golf course. While women can wear collared, non-collared, or even sleeveless tops, males should stay with collared shirts. In either case, shirts should always be tucked in.

The fact that it is cozy and has a collar is crucial. While some professionals play golf in trendy turtlenecks and the like, most normal club golfers generally shouldn’t wear these kinds of outfits.

Rather be safe and purchase a collared golf shirt. It can have short or long sleeves depending on your desire and the season.

The fabric must be taken into account. While synthetic shirts allow sweat to drain and may be cooler in some circumstances, high-quality cotton keeps you cool and comfortable.

Invest in high-quality golf shirts if you want to stay cozy without getting too overheated.

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Curious about what to wear at a golf course in terms of Bottoms?

Both men and women should adhere to the rule of wearing shorts or skirts that at least reach your fingertips. The most popular bottoms for golf are slacks, dress shorts, and golf skirts. While every course has a slightly different dress code, yoga pants, jeans, and sweatpants are generally not allowed.

Most clubs—but not all—allow decent shorts. This refers to belt-looped shorts, not elastic or drawstring-style shorts. Also, stay away from cargo shorts.

Golf pants or slacks are usually a better option if you want. Make your choice based on the fabric and pattern best suits the climate.

While patterns and bright colors are currently somewhat in trend, more neutral hues and designs are more adaptable and practical. Shorts should fall just above the knee, and pants should reach the top of your shoes.

For women, there are a variety of options when it comes to golf attire. Skirts (shorts with a front and back panel to resemble a skirt) are popular choices, as are culottes and capri pants.

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Cold Weather Gears – Jackets/Sweaters

For chilly weather, save the jackets and sweaters. Many golfers like to wear vests, sweaters, or windbreakers for a refined, layered look as hoodies and denim jackets are not permitted.

You may want to add a couple of layers for warmth and comfort if you are playing in chilly weather, early in the morning, or late at night. You want something neutral that won’t restrict your movement or swing.

The same holds true with raincoats. Numerous thin, water-resistant coats are available that keep you dry without restricting your movement.

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Golf shoes are an essential piece of equipment for any golfer, not just for their functionality but also for their role in completing the overall golf attire. Golf shoes are specifically designed to provide stability, traction and support while playing, which can directly impact the golfer’s performance.

Although running shoes are frequently allowed on golf courses, wearing traditional golf shoes will help you have a more stable swing and more comfortable all-day wear.

Many golf courses forbid using metal spikes and demand that your golf shoes have strong rubber or plastic spikes. Men’s footwear is frequently restricted to white, black, or brown; however, wearing fashionable socks is advised to go with the rest of your clothing.

Golf shoes for women typically come in a wider range of colors.

What footwear should you totally avoid? Boots, high heels, and, you guessed it, sandals.

You can swing quickly and with a firm grip if you wear high-quality golf shoes. When you are on a bank or an uneven lie, they are also helpful.

The golf shoes also have to adhere to dress code of the club or course, certain clubs have specific requirement for shoes to be worn on the course. Therefore, it is important to choose a pair of golf shoes that not only meet your performance needs but also complement your golf attire and adhere to dress code guidelines.

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Golf Accessories

Let’s move on to the next step now that you know what to dress for the golf course. I’m here to inform you what gear you need to blend in because there are some unwritten laws of golf etiquette.


sun protection

Sun protection is essential because golf is played almost exclusively in the sun. Baseball caps and visors are popular for both sexes, although straw hats, bucket hats, and beanies are also suitable (weather permitting). Leave your fedoras and cowboy hats at home, and take off your cap before entering a structure. Additionally, caps must always face forward.


While not everyone requires or desires sunglasses, many people cannot live without them. Make sure to get high-quality eyewear that will give you a clear and precise image, lessen eye strain, and preserve your eyes.

Avoid wearing glasses that tend to distort angles or distance. The performance of those made especially for golf will be superior.


While some golfers choose not to use a glove, most find them extremely useful. You must purchase the proper size for your hands because they are not universally applicable. A right-handed golfer will use a glove on the left hand and vice versa.

A nice glove will come in handy if your hands start to perspire or if it starts to shower, especially if you’re driving. They also provide some defense. When putting and occasionally chipping, most golfers take their gloves off.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the basics of what to wear at a golf course, and; I hope now you have a better idea of the perfect attire. In case you need to read a separate detailed guide on specific topics, do check the links below.

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To sum up, the most crucial factor is to feel at ease.

You are not required to create a fashion statement, but you should avoid fashion faux pas. Keep it straightforward, practical, and fundamental.

Be cautious if you wish to be more adventurous. It is best to learn the club rules in advance if you are unsure. Clothing should be the last thing on your mind if you want to enjoy the game. You can make mistakes if the fundamentals are wrong.