What to wear for golf men – A perfect golf attire guide

Golf does not have the most fashionable reputation, it is true. At the local British Legion, argyle sweaters and formless trousers may make a handsome silhouette, but they do little to reflect contemporary menswear. Ambassadors of fashion like John Daly and Francis Begbie from Trainspotting haven’t done anything to further the style cause. However, in the case of the important question of what to wear for golf men, it hasn’t always been like this.

Brands like Lyle & Scott and Pringle of Scotland made their reputations at the tee, while timeless classics like the Harrington jacket were designed as golf apparel.

golf men attire guide

Even further back, knickerbockers and plus-four were the epitomai of Victorian sporting sophistication, using colorful socks to inject personality into an otherwise plain ensemble predated City Boys by a long time.

A new generation of brands is now modernizing men’s golf outfits and styles. Galvin Green, J.Lindeberg, and Loro Piana are turning the fairway into a runway by utilizing a variety of weather-resistant fabrics and styles that permit a full range of motion while still looking fashionable.

Adidas and Nike make golf shoes that could easily satisfy a sneakerhead for 18 holes, while heritage fashion businesses like Dunhill Links create truly high-end lines employing luxurious fabrics. Let me introduce you to a golfing outfit that keeps you competitive both on and off the field.

Golf Attire for men | History

Men have appreciated golf as a sport since the middle Ages. It arrived in America in the late 1800s and experienced an explosion in popularity during the Roaring Twenties as a way for the wealthy to combine sport with socializing. As Ivy Style, Trad, and Prepdom arose, it became one of the most fashionable sports for the modern gentleman.

Golf feels more regal and historic than any other sport. The attire is stylish, the movements are beautiful, and the lush, well-kept lawns are all very green. It is unquestionably the gentleman’s game with a five-century-long heritage of fashion and tradition.

Where did it all start, then? Let’s travel back in time. The game of golf was invented in the 15th century on the soggy moors of Scotland. Early men’s golf apparel was dictated by the frigid Scottish climate. The majority of golf attire was made of heavy tweed to keep out the cold.

previous century golf attire for men

The original golf fashion includes starched collars, knickerbockers, hats, jackets, and shoes. It’s safe to assume that golf attire has advanced significantly since the very first strokes in Scotland.

Since golf’s origins were in chilly, rainy Scotland, the initial gear was appropriate for the region’s weather. Tweed suits with plus four were worn with thick-soled leather shoes, high, exposed woolen socks, and its environment.

Tweed suits with plus four were worn with thick-soled leather shoes, high, exposed woolen socks, and a look that was frequently adapted for other outdoor activities like hunting. The outfit was frequently completed with a tie, thick sweaters, and knit vests. Golf became an exclusively affluent activity because of the particular attire and time commitment. Golf clothing changed in the 20th century as it migrated to various locations and climates; while it is still pricey, it is more widely available than before.

Present era Golf Attire for men

What to wear for golf men in present times?

Golf outfits for men have evolved a long way from their origins. Today, most golf clothing is designed first to be functional, the style elements being secondary. Original golf materials such as wool and tweed are almost never seen anymore and the once classic, earthy palette of colors and patterns has been replaced with high-tech blends and an anything-goes approach to color. Some golfers take it a step further and wear loud argyles and highlighter-bright tones, a sad caricature of the original elegant attire golfers once wore.

golfer with a pose

In addition, golf is one of the few games where most males will have to adhere to a dress code. Golf is a sport where formal attire is typically required; therefore, it’s necessary to combine fashion and functionality. Men must typically wear golf shoes and collared shirts with short sleeves that are tucked into knee-length shorts or pants. This article will cover how to improve your fashion sense in a game where ease of movement, comfort, and good manners are just as significant as appearance.

Understanding what to wear for golf men?

You should adhere to the preferred men’s golf clothing at almost every golf course. You shouldn’t be deterred from the sport by the phrase “dress code.”

It never hurts to do your homework if you’re new to the scene or are going to a new club. It’s usually a good idea to be aware of the different locations’ differing dress codes. Call the clubhouse and find out what they recommend for the dress. If in doubt, err on the side of being more formal than informal.

Golfing outfit essentials include a polo shirt tucked in and a pair of well-fitting chinos. You’ll look the part at almost any course if you tie the suit together and match your belt and shoes.

As a general rule, avoid wearing jeans, loose garments, and collarless shirts.

Casual Golf attire for men

The good news for those learning golf? Many modern golf courses and driving ranges allow men to wear golf casual attire. For you to perform at your best, comfort is essential. Short shorts are a good bet if they aren’t too short or lengthy.

What to wear for golf men

The ideal location for comfort and mobility while swinging those clubs is just above the knee. Try a mock neck or blade collar shirt in a breathable knit material for a laid-back golf situation. Remember to keep your shirt tucked in at all times, even if you choose a more casual option.

Golf Shirts for men

A traditional polo shirt says more than anything else, “I’m ready for a round of golf.” These stylish yet sporty shirts have established themselves as men’s golf gear standards. Have you ever questioned the purpose of golfers’ Polos? They combine style and usefulness.

casual shirts

Polo shirts are cozy and give you the movement you need to drive the ball off the tee while yet remaining lightweight and breathable. It’s wise to rotate a few if you play golf frequently. Ralph Lauren creates very stylish and functional golf shirts. A spacious fit and stretch jersey material provides UPF and sweat-wicking properties.

Golf Pants for men

When it comes to men’s golf clothing, hybrid pants are the way to go. Look for pants constructed of performance fabrics with features that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

hybrid golfer pants

Stick with neutral hues when choosing what to wear golfing; consider khaki, grey, and black. Remember that they must have belt loops and not elastic or drawstring waistbands. Choose pants with elasticity and big pockets to keep a scorecard and tees to stay on top of your game.

Casual Golf Shorts

For warm days on the course, dress shorts are an excellent choice. Since shorts are more flexible than pants, they are frequently chosen by beginners. To make sure they don’t hinder your golf swing, it’s critical to pick a pair that is well-fitting and comfortable.


Your shorts should be neutral in color and have belt loops, just like golf pants. Leave your drawstring and cargo designs at home and choose a pair of fitted khaki shorts instead. Also, keep in mind that they should never extend above three inches above the knee.

Golf Layers (Upper/Inner)

It’s not always a day of sunshine and golf. Before arriving at the course, check the weather to make sure you have everything you need. You don’t need to change your plans because it’s going to be cold or rainy. The key is layering.

golf layers

On a chilly day of golfing, vests, sweaters, or quarter-zip pullovers are suitable attire. Make sure your sweater is well-fitted to your body, and keep the collar tucked in. Any extra material will obstruct your swing. A packable waterproof jacket is essential for your golf outing if there is a danger of rain.

Casual Golf Shoes

We’ve reached the last green on our list of necessities for men’s golf apparel. Last but not least, we need to talk about the proper golfing socks and shoes to wear. Golf shoes are a wise investment if you’re serious about improving your game. Most metal-spiked footwear is now prohibited on golf courses because it damages the playing surface.


Spikeless or soft spikes are your two possibilities. Short rubber dimples on soft spikes yet provide excellent traction while turning on grass. Small rubber studs on Spikeless golf shoes make them more comfortable because they put less strain on the foot. Also, you can get away with wearing sneakers with good treads to give balance on a more laid-back golf course.

I have a separate guide about different shoes that you can have for golfing, read this and you will be all right.

Accessories and Gloves

Although they are not necessary, gloves might help new players with their grip. There isn’t a golf glove that suits everyone exactly. Each pair is unique, so you should try on several before choosing one. To your golf clothing, you can add a few accessories. If you’re playing on a course that gets a lot of suns, sunglasses are crucial.


Do not wear the glasses you normally wear to the course. It may be challenging to see distant objects or out of the corners of your eyes while wearing these glasses. Find a pair made specifically for golfers.

You can wear a watch, but it shouldn’t limit your wrist’s range of motion. A battery-operated or electric one is okay. Jewelry is optional.

Golf Socks, Hats, and Glasses

We’ve reached the last green on our list of necessities for men’s golf apparel. Last but not least, I need to discuss the proper golf socks.

Golfing demands the wearing of socks. After a long day, choose a pair of shoes that will drain away perspiration to keep your feet comfortable and dry. When wearing shorts, ankle-length sports socks in pale colors are great. Choose socks that match your pants’ color if you decide to wear golf pants or trousers. It’s time to step up your game and dominate your upcoming round of golf.

socks and hats for golfer men

You’ll most likely spend a long day in the sun if you play a game of golf. Coming home with a nasty sunburn destroys the excitement of a terrific day on the greens. Prepare yourself. Good sunscreen is a need in your golf bag, but sunglasses offer additional protection. Your best option is to use polarized glasses to shield your eyes from direct light glare. This will assist you in keeping track of the ball after your swing if you are gazing toward the sun.

golf play glasses for sun protection

Men’s golf clothing does not mandate hats, but it is a good idea to do so for additional sun protection. Pro golfers now choose baseball caps more than any other type. Never wear it backward, and make sure it fits properly and is clean.


There are also fashionable bucket styles, straw hats, and visors. You deserve praise for getting the golf attire just right.

Points to remember about what to wear for golf men’s classic attire

Your style, the weather, your financial situation, and your golfing objectives will all influence what you wear. Is it to land a new customer, meet people in the sport you love, or give your all to your play? Be aware of your goals and make an effort to dress in a way that will help you reach them. Loud golf attire can appear to be a pathetic appeal for attention.

what to wear

Here are some suggestions on how to create a classic golf wardrobe that will look as good as it performs before you start shopping.

  • Wear only one brightly colored or boldly printed item per outfit.
  • Avoid unconventional or flamboyant patterns that give the impression that you are making fun of the game or don’t take it seriously.
  • Always use a belt that complements your shoes with golf shorts and slacks.
  • Avoid monotonous combos like khaki-on-khaki and opt for contrasting ones.
  • Avoid black, which is too formal for athletic wear, and choose instead leather golf shoes with a great last in shades of white and brown with bragging for the most traditional appearance.
  • Use classic layers like sweaters and sweater vests on chilly days for a timeless appearance.
  • Look for characteristics in your clothing that can improve performance, such as a rubberized waistband that will keep your shirt tucked in the swing after the swing.

What to wear for Golf Men if you don’t have proper attire

simple attire if you don't have

In many respects, golf is an odd game. The idea of following a dress code while participating in sports can be unsettling. What to wear for golf men’s attire? You’ll be pleasantly delighted to learn that getting dressed for a day on the green isn’t at all difficult. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive golf attire, I’m delighted to report that style is not that expensive. Read this detailed guide if you’re wondering what to dress to play golf when don’t have any equipment.

But most likely, your closet already has acceptable men’s golf apparel. All you need are tailored bottoms, a polo shirt tucked in, and a belt. Instead of wearing golf shoes, put on a pair of sports sneakers with good traction. There you have it, then. There is no reason to be afraid of golf attire.

Consider it a set of guidelines that ensure everyone is appropriately attired and at their ease.

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