What shoes to wear for golf? (Detailed)

I have been on the course since my early teenage, first being my father’s follower and accomplice. Then observed him and became a golfer myself. I used to keep a keen eye on what my father was doing, how he swung, how he placed his stance, and most of all, what contributed to his golfing skills.

I started to go golfing with my father when I was 16, and the sport immediately excited me. Since I was so young to play, I would just sit still and hardly observe my father playing with his golfer mates. While he was not playing, I used to pick up the club and practice on an imaginary golf ball.

While being with my father, I always noticed that golf attire meant a lot to every golfer. And since everything in the attire contributed to flawless golfing skills and an eye-catching appearance, one thing that was very important and contributed more than anything else was what shoes to wear for golf.

And I realized that to enjoy your time on the course, you must have a decent pair of golf shoes.

Golf shoe manufacturers have invested a lot of money in research and development to know what shoes to wear for golf because the majority of golfers still walk about the course, and doing so comfortably will help you play better golf.

Today’s shoes push the boundaries of sole, upper, spike, and water-resistant technology. They should be considered “game-improvement” tools because they are a crucial part of your arsenal.

In this post, you will know all you need about golf shoes, why they are important, what makes a good golf shoe, and the different types of golf shoes.

Why do Golf Shoes matter?

Manufacturers create athletic footwear to meet the needs of athletes in various sports. When someone wears shoes that are not made for the sport, they frequently increase their risk of getting hurt. Before visiting the golf course, many newcomers don whatever shoes they have on hand.

What shoes to wear for golf

The fact that golf shoes make players more comfortable while they play is just one of their many advantages. Golfers may get high-quality golf shoes thanks to modern technologies.

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Factors Golf Shoes contribute to

Players must know what shoes to wear for golf and wear footwear that won’t harm the turf, especially the greens, on golf courses. Athletic shoes are usually allowed, although golf shoes, which are made specifically for the sport, can be advantageous.

Golf Shoes improve your swing

When playing in damp or even moderate weather, the spikes on the bottom of your golf shoes will assist you to keep your feet firmly planted throughout your swing. Without spikes, you run the risk of slipping a foot or both while swinging.

Instead of replaceable spikes, some golf shoes feature bottoms with molded grips. Most golf courses no longer allow metal spikes.

Easy Navigation with better traction

Golf shoes make negotiating a golf course’s uphill and downhill topography simpler.

For instance, going down a grassy slope into a sand hazard with running shoes could be challenging or result in a tumble. For the majority of surfaces, golf shoes offer sufficient traction.


When on the course, golf shoes complete your outfit. It’s simple to match your shoes to your outfit because they come in various shapes and colors, from full leather snakeskin to chic sports. Traditional shoes with a brown or black saddle or a solid black sole are frequently appropriate if you are dressed traditionally with pants and a golf shirt.

Better stability and grip on the ground

Golf shoes have wide-track rubber soles or spikes that boost their sturdiness and have sharp edges to prevent slipping on the grass as one of its advantages.

Golf shoes are made of a sturdy yet lightweight material. Golf shoes offer sturdy, robust arch support, which is something that other types of footwear do not.

Better Support and more comfort

The shoes have additional padding for needed shock absorption and midfoot support. Golfers conclude their stroke on the balls of their feet, thus this midfoot support is crucial when driving the ball. Golf shoes are made of flexible leather that is comfortable to walk on a lengthy golf course.

Golf Shoes are more breathable for your feet

Numerous golf shoes are made of breathable materials. Golf shoes with Gore-Tex lining wick away moisture, keeping feet from perspiring and allowing them to breathe.

Some shoes have a footbed made of polyurethane and charcoal, two additional materials that absorb moisture from the feet. Polyurethane has the ability to both warm and chill the foot.

What makes a good golf shoe, And what to consider?

Golf shoes are available in various hues and designs to accommodate each golfer’s preferences. You should pick the appropriate shoe for the terrain and your level of play and know what shoes to wear for golf in your case; shoes with plastic, hard, or soft spikes will help you grasp the ball more effectively on various surfaces.

Shoes to wear for golf with different aspects

Golf shoes are ideal for this, so be careful not to damage the course by wearing boots, street shoes, or sandals. Wearing lightweight sneakers or running shoes with adequate traction will help keep your feet cool on hot summer days.

Quality leather

For a good reason, golf shoes made of leather are the most popular option on the market. A tight-fitting, waterproof shoe without stretch is produced by processing the leather and adding it to the outer of the shoe.

leather shoes

It typically comes with a saddle to help stabilize the shoe’s surface and is a popular option for summer golf because it breathes better than other materials. The price of the leather and the manufacturing is reflected in the pricing, so be prepared to spend more on quality. Top manufacturers might give a one- or two-year waterproof guarantee.

Waterproof linings

Goretex is the best material for a waterproof shoe; however other producers have their own variants. It is a well-liked option for winter activity because it is quite thick and water-resistant. It may not be the best shoe for hot summer golf or playing golf overseas because the material is entirely waterproof, breathable, and will feel much warmer than leather.


Instead of using a material to cover the shoe, the less expensive leather substitute uses a synthetic top. The exterior shell of the shoe is shielded by a layer of nonporous polyester that is applied all over it. The shoe costs less since this sort of lining is lighter and thinner than leather, but it might not be as breathable.

Synthetic Golf Shoes

Since manufacturers can build cheaper shoes using substitute man-made materials that give more comfort and breathability, these shoes are significantly less frequent.


The golf swing requires good traction; therefore, how your shoe is fastened to the ground is important.


On club golfer’s shoes today, plastic spikes are by far the most common form of golf spikes. The greater size of the spike distributes the player’s weight over a larger area, making them lighter than metal spikes and much less likely to damage a green.

The science of plastic spike design is evolving, making soft spikes ideal for arid summer climates and providing equal or greater quantities of grip than more conventional metal spikes. Additionally, they are more comfortable since the legs or spikes bend as you sit on them. Almost all new golf shoes on the market today have a plastic spike, which is a reliable option and is easily replaceable.

Nonmetal spiked golf shoes


Several tour professionals still utilize the metal spike despite becoming less and less prevalent. Compared to plastic, metal spikes feature longer, sharper spikes that provide more traction on the course. However, metal spikes are notorious for destroying fairways and greens more severely than plastic ones.

Plastic spikes are now the standard option for club players because it is against the rules of golf for players to fix spike marks on greens. On hard ground, metal spikes may also prove uncomfortable and cause considerable discomfort.

When playing on another course or abroad, it could be a good idea to check ahead to see whether switching to plastic spikes is a good idea since many golf courses forbid using metal spikes on their greens.


Although traditional shoelaces are still the most popular way to fasten your golf shoes, you should be aware of other options.

As street and Spikeless shoes have grown in popularity, several models have added a more relaxed fastening method, such as Velcro, to make it easier to put on and take off the shoe.

Certain manufacturers have added exclusive lacing methods to some of their models, securing the shoe in a manner similar to how ski boots do.

These are mechanical lacing systems that work to maintain stability over the course of a round by avoiding loosening. Generally, these solutions cost more than the shoe model with traditional laces.

Types of Golf Shoes

By knowing what shoes to wear for golf, you can pick the right pair for you by using the information below to better understand what golf shoes can do for you.

Spiked or Cleated Golf shoes

The traditional spiked golf shoe provides traction, comfort, breathability, and style. Your particular preferences and the functions you need the shoe to perform will determine which pair is best for you.

Spikeless Golf shoes

The Spikeless or Street Shoe’s debut and subsequent popularity represent the most recent advancement in footwear.

Spikeless Golf shoes

These low-profile shoes are often light, have flat soles, and are primarily created for comfort and style. In place of traditional golf spikes, the majority of people wear shoes with rubber studs or dimpled bottoms, which have the advantage of being ideal for solid surfaces like the driving range and the 19th hole. The Spikeless or Street Shoe’s debut and subsequent popularity represent the most recent advancement in footwear.

Golf Boot

Golf’s defense against Mother Nature is the golf boot, a unique variation of the sport’s footwear. The golf boot is an extremely waterproof alternative to a shoe that is made to resemble a hiking boot or wellington boot.

Although they might be bulkier and restrict movement around the ankles during the swing, they provide excellent traction and warmth for playing golf in the winter.

Golf Sandal

Shoe manufacturers developed this style of golf shoe in response to the demand from golfers who play in hot regions.

golf sandals

They are highly breathable for summer clothing because of their open, toeless shape. They work well for buggy golf but can be uncomfortable on long treks because of the possibility of getting a couple of blisters from the straps.

Recommended Golf Shoes from experience

It took me a long time to understand what shoes to wear for golf. I have been in the golfing game for about years now and I have experienced everything that a golfer needs to experience about golfing attire. From different kinds of dress codes to accessorizing my look with the right items, I changed and tried everything until I reached a certain level of satisfaction.

When it comes to the best types of shoes, I would highly recommend Spikeless golf shoes, because they give you more or less the same stability and ground grip as the spiked golf shoes, without damaging the turf. They are lightweight as compared to golf boats, and safer than sandals.

To be more specific, I really favor the FOOTJOY FUEL GOLF SHOE. The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe tries to blend those contemporary, athletic appearances with the high-level golf-specific performance you’d expect from one of the finest golf shoes of 2022. Its design is bolder than anything else in the line.

The synthetic upper may not have the upscale appearance of high-end leather substitutes like the Premiere Series, but its durability makes up for that. We tested the white, blue, and grey color scheme and found it a very adaptable choice that could be worn year-round with shorts and pants.

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What shoes to wear for golf? Since everyone has unique foot shapes and sizes, there is no clear-cut solution to this topic. However, there are some general recommendations, such as wearing shoes that are comfortable and don’t place undue strain on your feet. Additionally, it’s critical to select the appropriate size shoe and ensure a good fit. Finally, when playing golf, stay away from wearing sandals or flip-flops; instead, choose boots or shoes with sturdy treads.