Yamaha Vs Club Car Vs Ez Go (Brands Compared)

Are you a golfer planning to get your hands on a new golf cart or going to replace the old one?

Well, it is good to consider because golf cart manufacturers have brought great advancement to the carts in terms of speed, motor life, and user experience. This means now, when you are entering the market, you will have a lot of options to pick from. 

However, the issue arises when you are not informed about the specifications of the golf cart brands because one brand excels in terms of specific features more than the others. 

I have experience with a Yamaha golf cart for the longest duration; however, recently, I got the chance to get my hands on Club Car and EZ-GO, the top carts brand in the market. 

Yamaha vs. Club Car vs. EZ-GO - Top 3 Cart Brands Compared

Reading this guide till the end will help you decide to pick the right cart from Yamaha vs club car vs Ez Go. I will review each brand’s performance, features, layout and the important factors to consider to get your hands on the right cart according to your course requirements. So, let’s get started! 

Yamaha Vs Club Car Vs Ez Go: A Comparative Overview

  • YamahaDelivering Quality and Performance: If you are looking for a golf cart made of high quality, robust material to run efficiently up and down on the hilly terrains, considering Yamaha brand’s golf cart will be a perfect choice. The brand manufactures the cart in a sporty, ergonomic design giving aesthetic appeal and outstanding performance with its strong engines
  • Club CarTop Notch Quality and Unmatched Versatility: Club Car is renowned for its high-quality steering, ensuring precise control and maneuverability. With their powerful motors, they easily tackle slopes and provide a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. So if you tend to drive on bumpy terrains, a club car is a great option.
  • E-Z-GoModernity within a budget: When it comes to EZGO golf carts, they are equipped with impressive Series Motors and PPS (Precision Performance Systems) Setups, offering a combination of power and efficiency. EZGO takes pride in its well-designed golf carts, with a durable steel frame that ensures durability. The best part is that EZGO is much more affordable and has cheaper parts, making maintenance and repairs budget-friendly.
YamahaAlumniCor exteriorSpeed slightly less than others
Sturdy bumpers357cc engine in place of 404cc engine
QuieTech technology 
Independent Rear Suspension
Club CarGood for uneven pathsExpensive parts
High-quality steeringLess battery life
Smooth suspension
E-Z-GoSeries Motors & PPS SetupsLesser engine power
Traditional designNot good on hilly terrains
IntelliTach technology 
Less expensive

What else can a golfer wish for than a good-speed golf cart addressing all their needs and providing the maximum comfort while driving it on the golf course? Well, this is impossible without the specifications of the brand’s golf cart you own. 

Below is a head-to-head comparison of Yamaha, Club Car and EZ Go, which also covers your specific needs and requirements.

Yamaha Vs Club Car

yamaha vs club car

When it comes to Yamaha Vs Club Car, both these brands have certainly made a name for themselves.

Yamaha and Club Car know how to deliver when it comes to performance. Yamaha carts are known for their superior engines, which allow them to go over hilly and rough terrains with ease. On the other hand, Club Car, with its Precedent model, features AlumiCor which provides strength and lighter weight, resulting in more power. So, if you’re looking for power and durability, both brands have got you covered.

Yamaha is all about innovation. Their cart consoles are designed with user experience in mind, offering features like rear slits for smartphones and a strategically positioned GPS screen. With adjustable seating, ergonomic steering, LED headlights, USB ports, air conditioning, and a range of customizable options, Yamaha carts provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Club Car, on the other hand, features a Monsoon Top canopy that keeps you dry and surround bumpers that provide 360˚ protection in their Precedent model. They also offer a range of accessories for personalization, allowing you to give your cart a personal touch.

Yamaha carts exhibit an exterior with sturdy bumpers for added protection and a sleek, modern design. Their LED headlights and range of color options allow you to customize your cart to reflect your style. Club Car’s models’ refinement can be reflected by bumpers that surround the cart for all-around protection and the Monsoon Top canopy design.

When it comes to the interior, Yamaha carts offer adjustable seating, ergonomic steering, and consoles that provide ample space for cups and accessories. Club Car offers options like a comfortable soft drip steering wheel, a choice of colors for accent stripes, and even a choice between a carbon fiber or burlwood dashboard. However, some users feel that the overall design could use an upgrade compared to the modern concepts from Yamaha and EZ-GO.

Yamaha Vs E-Z-Go

yamaha vs ezgo carts

When it comes to performance, both Yamaha and E-Z-GO golf carts deliver. Yamaha carts are known for their powerful engines. They can tackle steep inclines and rough terrain easily, ensuring a comfortable experience on the course. E-Z-GO carts, on the other hand, offer their advanced IntelliTach technology. This innovative feature makes them one of the most fuel-efficient options and also adds to the efficiency and power.

Yamaha offers QuieTech technology and an Independent Rear Suspension. They have gas models that emit fewer emissions than other brands. They also offer features like LED headlights, USB ports, and even air conditioning, allowing you to customize your cart to suit your needs. E-Z-Go on the other hand offers the IntelliTach technology which maximizes fuel economy. They have features like Bluetooth connectivity, a digital display, and USB ports, keeping you connected and entertained.

Yamaha carts feature larger front and rear bumpers for added protection. Some of their models come with a rain gutter system on the roof, ensuring water drains away from the top and down to the bottom of the cart. E-Z-GO carts, on the other hand, have a more traditional look with front and rear ends set back behind the tires. However, without the rain gutter system, heavier rains might be more noticeable on E-Z-GO carts.

As mentioned earlier, Yamaha has a setup with cupholders and additional storage areas for your golf essentials. Although the increased console size in Yamaha carts means slightly less interior space, the seating remains spacious and comfortable. On the other hand, E-Z-GO carts offer a more traditional console setup, which may be smaller but provides additional interior space for you to move around. Seating comfort is comparable for both brands, but Yamaha carts offer a bit more seating space, making them ideal if you often have a passenger with you.

Club Car Vs E-Z-Go

Ezgo vs club car

Regarding performance, Club Car has upped its game by introducing AlumiCor. If you frequently drive on uneven landscapes during your golf rounds, you should go for a Club Car. On the other hand, E-Z-GO carts also offer impressive power and maneuverability, making them an excellent choice. While they may not have the same prowess on hilly terrains as Club Car, E-Z-GO carts are still highly capable and will serve you well in most golfing situations.

Club Car’s Precedent model has a wide range of features that compete with those found in luxury carts. From the Monsoon Top canopy that keeps you and your gear dry to the surround bumpers that provide 360˚ protection, this cart offers both functionality and style. E-Z-GO carts, on the other hand, come packed with a range of convenient features. From onboard diagnostics to headlights, Bluetooth connectivity to USB ports, and electronic braking systems, E-Z-GO ensures your safety and convenience.

Club Car’s Precedent model showcases a sleek, stylish, non-rusting aluminum exterior design. These carts have a wide range of color options, so you can choose a cart that matches your personal style. Meanwhile, E-Z-GO carts have a classic design that appeals to those who prefer a timeless look. With sleek lines and a sturdy build, E-Z-GO carts offer a sense of reliability and elegance.

With Club Car’s interior design, you have the choice of various passenger seat configurations, and the dashboard comes in options like carbon fiber or burlwood. Features like electronic scorecards, GPS messaging, and even a 3D flyover option for viewing the golf course make these carts stand out. On certain E-Z-GO models, they opt for a classic console design. Unlike other carts, E-Z-GO doesn’t have an expanded console which means you have a bit more interior space. It’s a more traditional setup compared to other options out there.

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What is the difference between EZGo and Club Car?

In terms of quality, Club Car offers a greater deal of power and efficiency as compared to E-ZGo. However, they also come at a price higher than the majority of E-ZGo golf carts. The difference is evident while traversing on hilly terrains and carrying heavier loads.

Is Club Car made by Yamaha?

The market of golf carts is dominated by 3 big companies, namely, Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-Go. All of them are hue not standalone companies but are divisions within larger corporations that have a wider range of products. Yamaha is part of Yamaha Motor Company. Club Car runs under Platinum Equity and is not in any way owned by Yamaha. Meanwhile, EZ-GO is owned by Textron.

Does Yamaha own Club Car?

Club Car is an American establishment producing electric and gas-powered golf carts and other vehicles since 1958. Formerly it was owned by a business unit, Ingersoll Rand but in 2021 Platinum Equity acquired it.

Does Yamaha make EZGO golf carts?

No. Today, E-Z-GO vehicles are made by Textron Specialized Vehicles, which is part of Textron Inc. They produce not only golf carts but also other types of utility vehicles for commercial and industrial purposes.

How fast is an EZGO golf cart?

If you do not make any changes, both gas and battery types of carts will reach a similar top speed, typically ranging between 12 and 14 miles per hour. The only difference between the two is that electric golf carts may start to slow down a bit as the battery charge gets lower.

Are Ezgo and Club Car wheels the same?

Yes, wheels that come in golf carts by E-Z-Go and Club Car are by the same manufacturer.