7 Best Spikeless Waterproof golf shoes

Before recently, serious golfers would have laughed at spikeless golf shoes, but now both amateurs and tour pros favor them. Because they are so comfortable and light, the newest spikeless golf shoes have a grip that can rival or surpass that of spiked golf shoes.

The spikeless shoe market has expanded quickly due to significant advancements in golf shoe technology, to the point where the best spikeless golf shoes can more than compete with some of the best-spiked designs available. One of the most functional items of clothing to be released in recent years is these sneakers. They provide flair and usefulness, can be worn on and off the course, and—most importantly—are incredibly comfortable.

The new generation of spikeless designs offers impressive levels of grip and stability, contrary to earlier generations that the serious golfer would have laughed at for providing much less traction and grip than the best-spiked golf shoes. This is due to innovative designs by the major golf manufacturers.

Best Spikeless waterproof golf shoes

You can choose from the top-rated best spikeless waterproof golf shoes to keep your feet clean, cozy, and dry. A trustworthy pair of golf shoes that increase traction and keep your feet stable is essential, regardless of whether there is rain or dew on the grass in the early morning.

My top preferred recommendation for Waterproof Golf Shoes

I have been golfing for most of my life, and with my 10+ years of coaching experience, I have played and taught golf on private plains, club courses, and grassy and wet courses. And believe me, there were times when I didn’t use Waterproof Spikeless shoes and used to get annoyed because of the watery or cold plains. But everything changed for me ever since I shifted to waterproof gear, including the best waterproof spikeless shoes for golf.

In my golfing career, I found the FOOTJOY FUEL GOLF SHOE to be the most stylish, comfortable, and durable. It is one of the most cool-looking shoes in the same price range, with extraordinary waterproof performance. Check Latest Details

I have used several brands for the best spikeless waterproof golf shoes but found these underneath seven pieces to be the most astounding. Underneath is a quick snap, keep reading for the detailed review and my tested insights on each waterproof spikeless shoe.


👉 Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoe – Athletic comfort

👉 Footjoy Superlites XP – Sober narrow fit

👉 Footjoy Tour Pro|SL Sport Golf Shoes – Soft-comfortable upper

👉 Ecco Biom C4 Shoe – Fashion with performance

👉 Air Jordan 1 Low G – Classic versatility

👉 Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend – Spikeless grip

👉 Footjoy Pro SL Carbon Shoes – Carbon-fiber comfort

Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoe – Athletic comfort

Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe tries to blend those contemporary, athletic appearances with the high-level golf-specific performance you’d expect from one of the best spikeless waterproof golf shoes of the year. Its design is more daring than anything else in the line. 

The synthetic upper may not have the upscale appearance of high-end leather substitutes like the Premiere Series, but its durability makes up for that. When I used to wear the white, blue, and grey color scheme, I found that it was a versatile choice that could be worn all year round with shorts and pants.

What do I like?

The best thing about these shoes is that they provide a cool-stylish look to make your personality look admirable, with durable quality to survive several kinds of weather.

What do I dislike?

But you need more padding to satisfy you if you get annoyed by too much stuff.

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Footjoy Superlites XP – Sober narrow fit

Footjoy Superlites XP

The next on my list is the shoes that suit golfers who desire a low profile and narrow fit. The Footjoy Superlites XP golf shoe offers the utmost lightness without spikes. The best feature of this shoe is its permeable outer cloth, which offers good waterproof protection. Due to the minimum spikeless design, traction may be an issue, but golfers will like their athletic fit and comfort.

With extremely lightweight comfort and breathable design and heel support, these golf shoes come as very affordable.

What do I like?

I love how these shoes provide superior protection and breathability with such a lightweight structure

What do I dislike?

Traction is a tradeoff that puts me off.

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Footjoy Tour Pro|SL Sport Golf Shoes – Soft-comfortable upper

Footjoy Tour Pro

FootJoy has created a Sport version of the hugely famous spikeless golf shoe by adding a brand-new athletic upper to the iconic Pro|SL line.

A new material upper using mesh and an ultrathin TPU hotmelt top layer, inspired by street trends, is introduced by the sport model to expand the functionality of the original shoe.

To give an athletic appearance without sacrificing functionality, this novel mesh and textile mix, finished with a membrane layer, ensures breathability and waterproof protection.

Below the upper, the shoe stays faithful to the Pro|SL franchise’s commitment to performance advancements that have continuously wowed some of the finest tour players in the world. These innovations include the infinity outsole, stratofoam underfoot cushioning, and the proprietary FTF outsole unit.

What do I like?

They put on a good show without sacrificing performance.

What do I dislike?

What I feel is a con in these shoes is that they could have been much better with the BOA option.

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Ecco Biom C4 Shoe – Fashion with performance

Ecco Biom C4 Shoe

The Ecco Biom C4 wowed me as one of the most technologically advanced best spikeless waterproof golf shoes I’ve tested this year with its all-around comfort, grip, design, and breathability. However, the new sneaker style has captured my heart from a fashion standpoint, and the performance is on par.

Ecco’s Exhaust Grid technology, used by the Biom C4, draws cool air toward the foot’s sole to keep it comfortable. These, along with the breathable Ortholite insole and Gore-Tex surround, make this the most breathable shoe I tried in 2022. The detachable insole that allows for greater breadth in the shoe is another fantastic feature offered by Ecco. 

What do I like?

With the initial insole removed, there was still the same level of comfort and cushioning, making the Biom C4 acceptable for people with broader feet.

What do I dislike?

The soft leather feel of these shoes attracts me the most, but with that said, the drawback here is the toe area, which is prone to staining.

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Air Jordan 1 Low G – Classic versatility

Air Jordan 1 Low G

The Air Jordan 1 Low G has been created specifically for the golf course, emulating the appearance of the most recognizable lifestyle shoes. In addition to having a classic appearance, these Nike golf shoes will make your game comfortable. Golfers can confidently play all 18 holes because of its grip and weatherproof design.

I love the grip and stability these shoes provide, with an aesthetic colorway, but I feel bad about the cushioning, which doesn’t feel enough.

What do I like?

The Grip and Traction always made me feel confident.

What do I dislike?

These shoes could have used a little more cushioning for better comfort.

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Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend – Spikeless grip

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5

Skechers has a stylish model nearly synonymous with the modern golf shoe. Traditionalists shouldn’t be put off by the Elite 5TM Legend’s absence of spikes because it features Skechers Griplflex (an advanced outsole technology).

This ground-breaking grip system combines lugs and multi-directional cleats to offer greater stability and traction in a turf-friendly package.

Additionally, Skechers includes its Arch Fit insole, which offers podiatrist-approved arch support. The business also offers a two-year waterproof guarantee due to the all-encompassing leather upper.

What do I like?

I really like the way these shoes rival spiked shoes in terms of ground and grip.

What do I dislike?

Although the Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend is one of the best comfortable Waterproof spikeless golf shoes, there could have been improvements in the style and design.

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Footjoy Pro SL Carbon Shoes – Carbon-fiber comfort

Footjoy Pro SL Carbon Shoes

FootJoy’s Pro/SL, although the carbon shoe may have a similar aesthetic to the fashionable Pro/SL, it includes a carbon fiber inlay that runs the entire length of the midsole. Regarding the best FootJoy golf shoes, it is one of the best and at the top of the list since it is a very sturdy and comfortable spikeless shoe.

It is great for golfers with overactive lower halves who want even more stability throughout their swing because it is somewhat more rigid in all dimensions than the Pro/SL. 

Despite this, the increased cushioning around the ankle and the new Stratofoam in the midsole make it feel unbelievably comfortable and give you a bit more spring in your step.

But what made me recommend these shoes to you is their ability to provide the best stability and confidence.

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I hope you get the best for you after reviewing the recommendation list.

Why should you only get waterproof spikeless shoes?

why waterproof

There are many reasons why you should wear waterproof Spikeless shoes for golf. They have many benefits, such as:

Warm and dry feet

Let’s start with the most obvious: there are numerous water hazards on golf courses. There is a strong likelihood that the walking paths and greens are damp from the sprinklers, even if you are working the back nine on a dry, sunny morning. 

High-quality waterproof golf shoes are designed to keep your feet dry even as you stroll over dew-covered grass and small puddles. Even on a hot summer day, you will start to feel the chill after a mile of walking with soggy socks.

Injury and Tee-off prevention

Most of the time, we view a small sprinkling as an inconvenience rather than a danger to our health. Without a solid pair of waterproof golf shoes, you are more likely to stumble on wet surfaces like walking paths or turf, which can lead to injuries like twisted ankles, wrenched backs, and trips to the hospital. 

While adequate arch support lessens tiredness, which can adversely affect your swing and your game, those shoes with the increased traction might save you from taking a serious spill.

With a sprained ankle, it is obvious that you cannot remain competitive. Purchasing a good pair of waterproof golf shoes is an investment in your game that will ultimately benefit you.

Improved focus

You may find that you are no longer worried about your wet feet now that you have a terrific pair of shoes made for the ideal round of golf. Your ability to concentrate solely on your swing, the ball’s lay, and the green’s slope will suddenly increase when you have shoes that cradle and support your feet pleasantly across long distances. 

You can focus on enhancing your overall performance with quality equipment since it allows you to disregard minor distractions. A good waterproof shoe will always offer the ideal level of support when you change your weight during your swing. Your entire body can remain aligned and prepared to push through because the arch will withstand the increased strain without deforming.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs


After a lot of surveying, I found these questions being asked most by looking for Waterproof golf shoes.

Do golf shoes need to be waterproof?

Although waterproof golf shoes aren’t required, it isn’t easy to focus on the ball when stumbling and sliding around on wet golf shoes. Your feet will stay dry no matter the weather in waterproof shoes, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the game.

Do spikeless golf shoes work in the wet?

Golf shoes without spikes are beneficial, especially when worn properly. Though they still have good grip capabilities that keep you steady in slick conditions, they are remarkably comfortable and frequently have a running shoe-like feel.

What to wear to golf when it’s raining?

When playing in the rain, you must have a waterproof coat, hat, pair of waterproof shoes, and wet weather gloves. Bring an extra scorecard and some extra golf balls if you anticipate rain. You can check out some helpful tips for playing golf in wet conditions.

Do any PGA pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Adam Scott, Daniel Berger, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen, Tyrell Hatton, and other well-known PGA Tour players wear spikeless golf shoes.