9 Most comfortable golf shoes for men I tested so far

One of the most frustratingly inconsistent, enjoyably difficult ways to exercise and connect with nature is to play golf. However, choosing the incorrect golf shoes might hurt your lower back and golf swing. Fortunately, golf shoes had come a long way technologically from when they were little more than dress shoes with metal spikes poking out the bottom.

Today’s producers use various synthetic materials to make shoes that provide exceptional stability, superb traction, and a comfortable fit for everyone, from professional golfers on the PGA tour to amateur golfers on inexpensive neighborhood courses. In this piece, I’ve included more than a dozen of my best selections for the most comfortable golf shoes for men currently on the market to help you improve your stability and, perhaps, just perhaps, shoot a lower score.

Golf shoes must be comfy, which should go without saying. Since you walk a lot during an 18-hole round of golf, you want your shoes to provide comfortably cushioned wear. Thankfully, the golf industry places a strong emphasis on comfort. The nicest golf shoes available will sometimes feel like you could wear them for the entire day.

On the other hand, improper or ill-fitting footwear can ruin an athlete’s body and performance. For instance, runners who wear footwear that is somewhat off-balance in the sole, too high or low on some portions of the bottom surface, or too heavy must make adjustments with each step. But which men’s golf shoe would be best for you? The answer to this question, which I will help you with today, begins with a list of the most adaptable, high-quality, and energetic shoes available in this fair year after countless hours of research.

Trust me when I say I understand how crucial it is to locate the best comfortable golf shoes for walking the course. I’ve been a devoted golfer for over 10 years and ran an online local golf store for some time. So, every word I say or write about how golf shoes matter is from my experience.

most comfortable golf shoes for men

I’ve chosen the most comfortable golf shoes available and looked at several variables you should consider when buying the most comfortable golf shoes for men to help you find your ideal pair.

Underneath is the comparison table of my top 3 picks for the best comfortable golf shoes for men. But I would recommend going through each section as there are many other factors to consider, so I have produced this guide to meet every other person’s requirements.

1⃣ Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Golf Shoes

~ Footbed comfort

  • Guaranteed Comfort

  • Guaranteed Comfort

  • Heel Support

2⃣ Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Glf Shoes

~ Waterproof class and comfort

  • Comfortable shoebox

  • Stylish and sporty

  • Waterproof

3⃣ Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

~ lightweight Strength

  • Brand level comfort

  • Lightweight

  • Strong and Sturdy material

Why do I prefer Comfortable Golf Shoes?

Comfort is one of the most important attributes when it comes to your feet, even outside the course. When it comes to the golf course, it becomes a crucial element of a good game. In my golfing experience, I have never found a golf shoe pleasing if it is uncomfortable for my feet, no matter how many other qualities and perks it provides.

why comfortable golf shoes

When I started to learn golf, I used to wear my everyday sneakers to practice until someone told me they were not the respected attire, so I bought my first golf shoes, and believe me, I couldn’t be happier. They made me feel as if I was walking on clouds. However, after using them for years, I moved on to a new pair, which was a complete disappointment. They looked fancy and had different features, but what put me off was they didn’t comfort me enough.

Nothing can trade for comfort. I started golfing when I was 15 and never stopped, trying hundreds of different golf shoes in my golfing life. No other golf shoes left a mark on my heart except the ones that provided me with the best comfort.

9 Most comfortable golf shoes for men I tested

The best comfortable golf shoes for men are listed here. Many different golf shoes offer all three qualities (there must be a balance between comfort and performance, as well as traction and waterproofness, which we shall discuss in more detail later in this article, to find comfort.), but not all perform equally well or provide everything every golfer needs.

Based on their comfort level and overall value, I’ve reviewed and prepared this list of some of the market’s top men’s golf shoes.

1: Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Golf Shoes (Footbed comfort)

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Golf Shoes

Wolf & Shepherd’s Crossovers may not be the most well-known golf brand. Still, they are exactly what today’s golf shoes ought to be: A premium, lightweight shoe that combines style, waterproof protection, and, most importantly, optimal comfort.

Golf shoes that are fashionable and durable on rainy days feature an upper made of breathable recycled mesh, water-resistant Italian leather, and a mudguard. However, the shoe’s sole has soft rubber spikes with a specific pattern that gives it plenty of traction even when it’s wet but won’t come off or need to be replaced.

The bespoke memory foam footbed from Wolf & Shepherd, which conforms to the contour of your foot and offers the ideal amount of cushioning for lengthy walks on the course, is what matters most.

Cooling air perforations on hot, bright days prevent your feet from overheating, while a TPU heel counter adds stability and control. The Crossovers are easily the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn (for golf or otherwise), which places them at the top of our list.

What I like
  • Optimal comfort
  • Rain suitable
  • Best leather
What I dislike
  • Not really for fashion seekers

2: Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Shoe (Champion’s choice)

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Shoe

The fact that Rory McIlroy wears these shoes is a testament to how well-balanced they are as stylish and sporty golf shoes. They are a terrific spiked offering from Nike. These high-performance shoes were created with Rory McIlroy’s swing in mind, using data from the three-time FedEx Cup champion’s swing to inform their design.

They are 100% waterproof, allowing them to be worn all year round, and they provide excellent traction on the turf, assisting golfers in powering through their shots from all types of lies.

However, the comfort these shoes provide is their best feature. They work well with a React foam heel and the Air Zoom insert on their sole to provide a secure and comfortable ride on the course. During our testing rounds, walking on uneven ground, we were quite appreciative of this.

When we lost our ball in the extensive rough, the shoe’s added ankle support along the top line came in again. These golf shoes are extremely fashionable, performance-improving, and provide superb comfort and stability on the golf field.

What I like
  • Champions Choice
  • Spiked but comfortable
  • Stance assisting
What I dislike
  • Spikes are not easy to get along to

3: Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes (lightweight Strength)

Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

I begin with Adidas, a name that is well-known on the links. The Men’s Tech Response shoes have six staggered cleats that are easy to detach after your round and provide good stability when setting up a swing.

Although the mesh upper doesn’t fare well in rainy situations, it does offer improved breathability. These sneakers offer excellent value and would be ideal for anyone who wants to look well without spending much money.

What I like
  • Adidas Style
  • Lightweight comfort
  • Strong material
What I dislike
  • The waterproof attribute isn’t much effective

4: Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-Tex (stylish + comfy)

ecco Men's Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-Tex

The Ecco golf shoes Biom Hybrid 4s take the top rank because, in addition to being waterproof shoes, they also offer a few other characteristics that make them a terrific option for comfort and stability.

One is the ortholite inlay sole, which offers improved cushioning and stability and helps keep the H4s comfy even if you’re on your feet for a long time.

These golf shoes are undoubtedly the most comfortable to wear in rainy weather because of their upper leather construction and 100% Gore-tex water resistance.

What I like
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable Insole
  • Leather construction
What I dislike
  • To plain in style and design

5: Ecco Biom C4 Shoe (Advanced Spikeless Pair)

Ecco Biom C4 Shoe

The Ecco Biom C4 wowed me as one of the most technologically advanced Spikeless golf shoes we’ve tested this year with its all-around comfort, grip, design, and breathability. The great Biom H4 serves as a solid base for this model, which is carried over into 2022, the new sneaker style has captured our hearts in terms of fashion, and the performance is on par.

Ecco’s Exhaust Grid technology, used by the Biom C4, draws cool air toward the foot’s sole to keep it comfortable. This, along with the breathable Ortholite insole and Gore-Tex surround, make this the most breathable shoe I tested in 2022. The detachable insole that allows for greater breadth in the shoe is another fantastic feature offered by Ecco. With the initial insole removed, there was still the same level of comfort and cushioning, making the Biom C4 ideal for people with broader feet.

This is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for an Ecco shoes toward being more athletic, and I believe this aesthetic change will draw golfers of all ages to Ecco footwear. In our opinion, these are among the best-looking golf shoes this year.

What I like
  • Soft leather upper
  • Breathable
  • Supreme Comfort
What I dislike
  • The toe area may stain

6: Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe (Ecstatic Price point)

callaway Men's Balboa TRX

The Callaway Balboa TRX may be an excellent option if you want soft spiked footwear. Although they claim their leather upper is waterproof, I found it somewhat an exaggeration in harsh conditions.

However, they provide exceptional traction on wet grass, and the 5mm sock lining is pleasant to wear.

These shoes appear to have a naturally narrow fit, so they might not be the best choice for golfers with wide feet.

What I like
  • Removable Spikes
  • Reasonable price
  • Cushioned Liner
What I dislike
  • Durability is not its best factor

7: Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 (Wide comfort)

Skechers Go Golf Elite 4

Skechers is widely renowned for producing supportive, comfy footwear that makes walking on rough surfaces easy, so it is no surprise that their golf shoes are among the most comfortable on the market.

The Go Golf Elite 4s come in conventional sizes and wide and extra-wide widths.

This makes them a fantastic option for anyone with large feet who occasionally struggle to find a suitable pair of golf shoes that fits them comfortably.

What I like
  • Efficient for rough course
  • Wide Width
What I dislike
  • It might be too lose sometimes

8: Footjoy Contour Jogger Shoe (Style & Comfort)

Contour Jogger Shoe

These Footjoy Contour Jogger Shoes are undoubtedly among the most comfortable golf shoes for men. The padded tongue across the top of your foot, the soft yet responsive Stratolite foam underfoot, and the silky feel of the suede upper all contribute to the comfort. This indicates that you won’t get tired of wearing these shoes all day.

The greatest spikeless golf shoes currently available are ideal for bridging the gap between the office and the golf field. This shoe’s water-resistant soft suede uppers and white midsole give it an elegant, high-end appearance.

What I like
  • Best Style
  • Added comfort
  • Traction and Support
What I dislike
  • Waterproof

9: New Balance Men’s NBG 2004 Golf Shoe (On & Off course comfort)

New Balance Men's NBG 2004 Golf Shoe

Because they haven’t forgotten their guiding principle for creating running shoes—make them comfortable and make them last—New Balance has had remarkable success expanding from only producing running shoes to producing golf shoes.

They carried it out with the NBG 2004. The low-profile sole of this incredibly comfortable golf shoe helps the player feel more grounded and in control during swings.

Seven retractable spikes keep you planted in muddy circumstances, while micro-fiber leather keeps your feet completely dry.

What I like
  • Can wear on & off the course
  • Durable
  • The extended toe piece offers a balance
What I dislike
  • Got smelly when I wore them for hours (because of the moisture)
  • Uncomfortable heel unlike other shoes

How to Identify the best Golf Shoes for men?

comfy mens golf shoes buying guide

When choosing your new pair of golf shoes, there are several things to remember. To assist you in focusing your search and helping you make an informed decision, I have compiled some important considerations below.


Naturally, comfort should be the top priority. Since everyone’s feet are different in size and form, some models will be more comfortable than others. As a result, trying on various models before buying is highly recommended.

When trying on shoes, keep an ear out for a “whoosh” sound that should signal air leaving the shoe and typically indicates a good fit. To determine whether your feet are moving inside the shoes and to feel any pinching, walk about in them. Both of these should not occur when a shoe is properly fitted.

It’s critical to get the proper fit to prevent blister accumulation. Or your feet could move around inside, making you less stable.


Thankfully, many firms have produced trendy golf shoes that may be worn off the course in addition to traditional, classic-looking ones. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how your shoes look and what fashion best suits you. Nowadays, there is something for everyone, no matter what they enjoy or despise.

Spiked or Spikeless

Are you looking for a spiked or Spikeless design? Both types of golf shoes are really good. That said, each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Although they don’t rest as low to the ground as Spikeless ones, golf shoes with spikes, provide better stability and grip. Golf shoes without spikes are more versatile off the course but may not provide as much traction. Think about what matters most to you in this situation.


Finally, be conscious of your budget because high-quality, cozy golf shoes are available at all price ranges.



After surveying a lot, I found these queries to be the most common among men looking for premium golf shoes.

What are the best shoes to wear golfing?

I believe there is a perfect shoe on my list for every type of golfer. It is a good illustration of many shoe designs that place varying emphasis on aspects like comfort, performance, style, adaptability, stability, etc. In the end, only you can decide what golf shoe features are most important to you.

But regardless of what you hold dear, I believe this list will appeal to you.

So, if you asked me which of these ten fantastic shoes I would choose, I would have to say, “Go, checkout each, and find your perfect match.”

Is it better for golf shoes to be tight or loose?

Ideally, it would help if you got snug-fitting, comfy golf shoes.

It would help if you had the right size golf shoes. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable moving around the course, which will negatively impact your whole game. It would also be a waste of your money.

The solution is that they should be snug on you without being excessively so. Your golf shoes should fit snugly to prevent your feet from moving excessively throughout your golf swing.

But they shouldn’t be so tight that wearing them harms your toes or feet.

Why do my feet hurt when I play golf?

An incorrect golf swing can cause a wide range of foot and ankle problems, such as sprains, tendonitis, heel and arch pain, stress fractures, neuromas, and more. To stop foot pain while playing golf, ensure you have the best comfortable golf shoes that offer lots of cushion and support.


Golf shoes are essential and should not be taken lightly. Consider this. Assume you play one round of golf every week that lasts roughly four hours. Spending 16 hours a month in golfing shoes is a lot of walking (especially if you don’t use a golf cart most of the time).

Most comfortable golf shoes for men, however, have a huge impact on your game in addition to being comfortable and not damaging your body with the wrong pair. Have you ever had trouble getting good traction on a drive while wearing golf shoes that were slightly too big?

You most likely also developed a blister on your foot. Have you ever worn shoes with cleats that were too shallow or dull, making it difficult for you to establish a stance? Finding the shoe that is best for their demands is crucial for any golfer, as evidenced by this importance.

FootJoy Men's Pro SL Carbon Golf Shoes
The most comfortable golf shoe for men – Wolf & Shepherd Crossover

Wolf & Shepherd crossover golf shoes provide an exceptionally comfortable feeling in your stance while you take a walk on the course. These 5-star golf shoes have a good rubber grip on the ground, with enough traction for a golfer. If you want a golf shoe that provides the best comfort, with suitable grip, traction, and foot comfort, you should go for the Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Golf Shoes. (Click to see details)