8 Best arch support golf shoes for better comfort

Any form of foot pain can greatly hamper a round of golf. For those with arch support issues, flare-ups and ongoing discomfort, which manifests as a sharp stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot, can ruin a round of golf and potentially make it impossible for you to enjoy the sport.

However, the best arch support golf shoes may reduce pain and increase the enjoyment of a strenuous walk around a golf course; they might even help you improve as a golfer.

I have been a golfer since my teenage years, first going to courses with my father, then friends, and then by myself. But as I grew up and learned to golf, I noticed that I had faced some problems with foot pain for the last few years. I constantly complained about sharp pain and stiffness at the bottom of my feet.

the best arch support golf shoes

After some time, when the condition worsened, and it was nearly impossible for me to play golf or even walk correctly around the course, I visited a podiatrist, where it was discovered that I had issues with arch support. Getting golf shoes that can aid with correct Arch support was something the physician stressed above other workouts and therapies.

I got the right pair.

After consultation with the doctor and my research, I determined that the Adidas Men Tech Response Golf Shoes were the best and most advisable option. I also adored them.

Your feet are cushioned by the extraordinarily soft midsoles and insoles of the best arch-support golf shoes. They provide excellent support around the ankle and have particularly thick cushioning near the bottom and heel to prevent your foot from wandering too much.

Not this only one; along these years of journey, I have tested and tried dozens of golf shoes that I’m pretty damn sure will help you with your arch issue. This guide will list the top 8 golf shoes for arch support and go over the major factors you should consider if you frequently have foot or arch pain when shopping for new golf shoes.

My Top picks

The best golf shoes with arch support are a crucial component of any golfer’s equipment. A pair of shoes that can offer comfort and stability is crucial if you spend the entire day standing up. Any golfer should be able to find both of these features in the best golf shoes.

PS: Below, I’m enlisting the top benefits of my three favorite picks for arch-support golf shoes. However, I would recommend going through the detailed review till the end, as there are many other considerations and information for you!

1⃣ Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

~ Comfort and Support

  • Increased traction with the 6-spike sole.

  • Overall foot support with evident Arch Support.

  • Comfortable fit.

2⃣ Skechers GO GOLF Men Max Golf Shoes

~ The All-rounder

  • Ecstatic Arch Support with midsole.

  • Soft insole cushioning.

  • Spikeless Grip.

3⃣  FootJoy Women Flex Golf Shoe

~ High Arc Comfort with Style

  • Breathable Cushioning.

  • Style.

  • Exceptional Traction and Stance support.

8 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes Reviewed

On the golf course, I think shoes can change everything; even when playing an 18-hole round of golf, a player walks around five miles. That said, your feet will be properly connected to the ground if you wear golf shoes with improved arch support.

arch support shoes review

Read further to know more in detail about the 8 best arch support golf shoes that I recommend for Men and Women.

1: Adidas Men Tech Response Golf Shoes – Affordable Comfort and Support

adidas Women's W Tech Response

Many seasoned male golfers believe Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes are responsible for their improved fairway play. Even walking several kilometers in a single round, they are more comfortable and sturdier thanks to the lightweight synthetic upper.

More stability is provided when swinging, thanks to the soft sole. The complete arch support is visible. The 6-spike (non-metal) Tech Response is comfortable for feet and golf courses. You can instantly alter the tightness thanks to the lace-up closure.

The Tech Response is leveled up by the AdiTuff, ThinTech, and Traxion characteristics. But the fact that the midsole is heavier than that of other lightweight sneakers is something I dislike.

Men who desire more steadiness in the green must wear the Tech Response. If men wish to maintain their performance at the cash register, the shoes represent one of the best values available. Response’s significant arch support drastically improved my control and endurance while playing 18 holes.

2: FootJoy Women Flex Golf Shoe – The All-rounder

footJoy Women Flex

Golfers from a younger age are using FootJoy shoes more frequently. The FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe is one of FJ’s most well-known golf shoes and I’m really impressed by its attributes: the Flex has the appearance of a trainer. It is not, however, the best for a moistened fairway.

Performance mesh is used in the shoes for comfort and breathability. Its midsole provides excellent foot comfort. You can wear the shoes outside the golf course without making any modifications. They offer adequate traction on any surface despite being spike-less.

But these shoes’ lacking of water resistance is a drawback.

Because they are comfortable all day, women golfers who prefer to play 18 holes should wear the spikeless FJ Flex Golf Shoe. The Flex’s arch support offers a durable effect even if you play the entire round for many hours. But be certain that the area is dry.

3: Skechers GO GOLF Men Max Golf Shoe – High Arc Comfort with Style

Skechers GO GOLF Men

Skechers has long been the market leader in supportive everyday shoes, but they recently expanded into golf shoes. The Go Golf Max for men is popular among golfers due to its more contemporary and fashionable appearance. The Skechers Max is made of woven mesh, which is uncommon for other brands. A responsive midsole is used to provide traction.

The bouncy insole is made with the latest technology. The arc on the Go Golf is taller than those on typical golf shoes.

Golfers of all ages who desire water-resistant uppers should wear the Skechers Go Golf. The Dri-Lex moisture management lining in the uppers keeps feet dry while on the course. In a morning round, the outer fabric will perform a fantastic job of keeping your feet dry.

4: Skechers Women Max Golf Shoe – Spikeless Traction with Midsole comfort

Skechers Women Max

The Skechers Max Golf Shoe will provide the finest alleviation in arch support for women playing on a standard golf course. More than 30 color combinations, including Black & White Sport and Mesh Navy & Pink, are available. Though the shoes lack spikes but the outsole provides good traction.

The Max is ideal for more comfortable walking because it is lightweight. The uppers’ mesh section is not water-resistant. Use the Max golf shoes if you want extra arch support for women without losing style on the course. From heel to toe, the Skechers Max is a comfortable shoe.

5: Skechers Men Arch Fit OxfordBest for flat feet

Skechers Men Arch Fit Oxford

Although flat feet are better suited for the Skechers Arch Fit Oxford golf shoe, anyone could benefit from its incredibly comfortable fit. The price range might not be more persuasive for beginning golfers, but the shoe is more breathable. The footwear can be used anyplace.

The shoe is exceptionally durable and spike-free. It has a solid but secure foundation. The footwear is light and comfortable to wear (lace-up closure). The support for the arch is undeniable.

The shoes might not be ideal for chilly or rainy outdoor conditions. If the lace is longer, you might need to tie a double knot.

Overpronators and those with flat feet will benefit greatly from the Skechers Arch Fit. The pair reduces your risk of hurting your foot and leg in addition to providing comfortable arch support.

6: Adidas Women W Tech Response Golf Shoe – Stability with spikes for females

adidas Women's W Tech Response

For female golfers who want spiked shoes to provide lateral stability, the W Tech Response golf shoe is ideal. Adidas W Tech offers impressive arch support, which also offers soft comfort and mild cushioning.

The leather upper is made of microfiber. It has a 6-spike thin outsole. Any weather is suitable for the water-resistant material. Any sort of foot fits the broader forefront.

The Adidas W Tech Response is recommended for use by female golfers when playing on a hilly or uneven surface. They will have increased grip both going uphill and going downhill, thanks to the boots. EVA insoles are also included in the Response for enhanced comfort and stability.

7: Skechers Men Pivot Spike Less Golf Shoe – The Hill champ

Skechers Men Pivot Spike Less

What motivates you to purchase a pair of Skechers Pivot Golf Shoes, then? To help you keep your game grounded, The Pivot provides full-arch protection.

Additionally, you can rely on its spike-free outsole for improved traction on any surface. The synthetic sole improves airflow. It distributes pressure evenly across the feet. Its upper is water-resistant, keeping your feet dry in a muddy setting. To make the cushioning more comfortable, it is ULTRA Go Foam. When heading home or to your car, you do not need to change your shoes.

When swinging, amateurs or beginners need steadiness; this is a golf shoe that could help you maintain stable stances as you master the proper swing technique. The Pivot is a better choice than more expensive golf shoes when you are just starting out.

8: Skechers Women Go Walk Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe – One of the biggest Arch

Skechers Women Go Walk

Footwear that supports and protects your feet is necessary if you plan to play golf all day. Your arch is well supported by the Skechers Go Walk 2 Sugar golf shoe, which will keep you at ease. The Relax Fit Skechers are entirely synthetic.

At its broadest point, the sole measures 4 inches in width. One of the top arch-supporting golf shoes for women. The lightweight pair is perfect for small-framed female golfers.

Skechers’ Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe is ideal for female golfers of ordinary height or shorter stature. Three US sizes are available for the spike-free golf shoes, including 5.5, 6, and 6.5. Despite having only two colors, the arch support is enormous. Short women golfers will have no trouble wearing the shoes and moving around the course.

📌 In case you’re still confused, read the following:

Golf and High Arch feet – What’s the connection?

Golf demands balance, and distributing your weight appropriately can help you produce power in your lower half and extend your long game’s range. When driving off the tee, trying to hit the green from the fairway, or making a putt on the green, your arch flattens out if it is unstable and collapsible.

high arch feet and golf

Why does having Arch Support matter?

Your ability to effectively distribute your weight throughout the swing portion of your golf stroke is compromised when your arches collapse because the joints in your feet also compress. As a golfer, your lower body—from your hips to your feet—provides all the force. It is essential to have a solid foundation, such as your feet, to succeed and get better.

For walking on flat, hard surfaces, the human foot needs support. Most shoes cover the foot from rain and dust but offer minimal support. Even so, choosing a pair of shoes nowadays is more about style than the utility.

Why are Arch Support Golf shoes important?

Although arch support Golf supports are probably not the first item that springs to mind when you want to better your game. Golfers who walk too much on the golf course may get foot and leg pain. If their feet are not adequately supported, they risk walking into issues. Golfers are prone to experiencing shin splints in their lower leg muscles and foot arch pain. The cause is muscle weariness.

By using arch-supported golf shoes, you may solve the issue. However, you’ll be able to hit the ball farther by stabilizing your feet, boosting the power in your legs, and improving your balance while wearing an arch support in your golf shoes.

Arch-support golf Shoes are used to help support the arches of the foot. A wide range of soles, from a simple pad to a custom-mold hard graphite support, can be used for this. Generally speaking, the soles of Arch support golf shoes support your foot arches.

My top recommendation for the best Arch support shoes (from my experience) are the Adidas Men Tech Response Golf Shoes, as they come up with:

  • Best soft arch support
  • Provide exceptional stability
  • Pretty much Lightweight

For women, I highly recommend the FootJoy Women Flex Golf Shoe, as the shoes offer the following:

  • Performance mesh with breathability
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Flexible sole

Finding footwear with adequate support features is more of a niche market or anomaly for most shoe companies, even though it ought to be a top priority for people’s health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and excellent posture, arch supports are necessary. Because of this, choosing shoes with adequate arch and heel support is more important than ever.

What do I look for in the Best Arch Support Golf Shoes?

buying arch support shoes

Below are all the things you need in the best Arch Support Golf Shoes.

– Special Insoles

For comfort, the insoles provide excellent arch support. The insoles for flat feet should likewise be flat and soft. The arch support maintains you in a more comfortable and stable position.

– Wide Toe Boxes

By choosing golf shoes with broad-toe boxes, you may improve arch support. It will make walking and playing golf easier by promoting flexibility and easy-toe mobility. If your toe hurts, the broad toe box also gives you a better feel.

– Cushioned Foot Beds

All of the shoes we tested have the right amount of padding. A golf shoe’s synthetic construction maintains exceptional comfort and adaptability in any terrain on the course. We discovered that the FootJoy Men FJ Flex XP Golf Shoes and Skechers Women Max are the best in this category.

– Synthetic Sole

Shoes are completely waterproof because of the leather they are made of. Modern synthetics, however, feel lighter, softer, and more comfortable. The superior synthetic material provides improved arch support as well.

– Lightweight

Healthy foot care is correlated with lightweight footwear. You don’t need bulky golf shoes that could inflame and hurt your feet. Shoes that are lightweight also offer sufficient arch support when moving.

So, what do we know?

If you play golf frequently or occasionally, you probably already know that the key is to choose the pair of shoes that give you the finest arch support. Knowing so many kinds of feet and shoes are on the market nowadays makes it even more challenging to locate something that meets your demands.

You will be standing long, so the best arch-support shoe pair is a must, even though whether you suffer from pain or not. Based on what I know about people’s arches and comfort levels, I’ve put together this list to help you locate some fantastic possibilities.

Finding a golf shoe with the finest arch support is not as difficult as you would believe. Although several companies claim to produce the ideal pair, we now know what to look for.