Most comfortable Skechers golf shoes (top 9 picks)

When Skechers entered the golf shoe market in 2015, it already had a solid reputation for producing comfortable athletic and lifestyle footwear.

The best Skechers golf shoes are recognized for being incredibly comfortable thanks to soft materials on the upper and a responsive cushioning system. Unquestionably, they open in a new tab among the most comfortable golf shoes we’ve tried in recent years.

Skechers typically have a lower profile than most shoes, and parts of the current year collection now feature the Arch Fit insole, which is intended to conform to your foot to lessen the shock and enhance weight distribution.

To help you choose the pair of the most comfortable Skechers golf shoes, I’ve included some of my notable men’s and women’s models below, along with their key characteristics and advantages.

Most comfortable Skechers golf shoes

Skechers shoes have always appealed to me because of their cloud-like cushioning, Grip, and support. Before Matt Kuchar was named their worldwide brand ambassador in 2014, I didn’t take them seriously when it came to golf.

Skechers has grown significantly in popularity as a manufacturer of golf shoes over the past ten years, and they can now be found on the shelves of all major golf retailers. I sought to compile the top Skechers golf shoes available this year, mostly due to their extreme comfort and traction on the course.

Top 3 picks (comparison table)

Here I have compared the top three picks of the most comfortable Skechers golf shoes for you with their attributes so that you can have an initial look at a glance.

1: Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe

▶️ Skechers Flagship Model Technology dedicated to comfort
▶️ Soft Spikes

2: Skechers Go Golf Blade 2 Golf Shoes

▶️ Traction expert
▶️ Performance
▶️ Stylish

3: Go Golf Pivot Spikeles

▶️ Stitched inner lining
▶️ Spikeless
▶️ Soft inner

Why does comfortability matter?

why comfort in golf is important

Looking for the most comfortable Skechers golf shoes? And curious why comfortability is crucial?

Comfortability is a crucial factor when considering the best sketcher’s golf shoes because it directly impacts the overall performance and enjoyment of the game. Golf is a sport that requires focus and concentration, and if a player is experiencing discomfort or pain in their feet, it can significantly affect their ability to perform.

Comfortable golf shoes provide a stable and secure fit, essential for maintaining proper balance and alignment while swinging. The right fit and support can also help to reduce the risk of injury, such as blisters or sprains, and improve overall foot health.

Additionally, comfort can help to increase overall endurance on the course. Golf is a game that often requires players to walk long distances. If players’ feet are uncomfortable, they may become fatigued more quickly, which can negatively impact their performance. A comfortable pair of golf shoes can help to reduce foot fatigue, allowing players to focus on their game instead of their discomfort.

Lastly, comfortability is an essential factor in the game’s overall enjoyment. Golf is a sport meant to be enjoyed, and if a player is experiencing discomfort in their feet, it can take away from the overall experience. A comfortable pair of golf shoes can help players to focus on their game and enjoy their time on the course.

In conclusion, comfort is critical when considering the best sketcher golf shoes. It directly impacts the overall performance, safety, endurance, and enjoyment of the game, making it essential for players to invest in comfortable and supportive golf shoes.

9 most comfortable Skechers golf shoes

To play well and be comfortable, your golf shoe is crucial. Whether you ride a horse or walk while playing golf, each round involves a lot of walking because most courses are roughly five miles long. Naturally, you’ll want a good pair of comfortable shoes for walking, but you’ll also need excellent traction to support your golf swing. Check out Skechers golf shoes if this is what you’re looking for in a pair of golf shoes.

Here I have reviewed my top 9 picks for the most comfortable Skechers golf shoes; I hope it helps.

1- Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe – My best pick so far

Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe

The Pro Golf 5 Hyper shoe ups comfort by combining Skechers Arch Fit technology, which gives your feet podiatrist-certified support and cushioning across the midsole.

This, in my opinion, made the shoe one of the list’s most comfortable golf shoes. As you make your way around the 18 holes, that Arch Fit technology also aids in lessening foot soreness.

Skechers Hyper Burst and Resamax cushioning, which work together to provide exceptional rebound in your step, are also features of the shoe.

Additionally, the shoe has a porous mesh covering that helps keep your feet cool and fresh throughout your round. The shoe’s Softspikes, which are simple to repair and extend the shoe’s life, also provide outstanding traction on the field.

What I like

  • Class Leading comfort
  • Replaceable spikes
  • Excellent Grip


  • A Leather upper would be better

2- Skechers Go Golf Blade 2 Golf Shoes – Hybrid Traction System

Skechers Men's Go Golf Blade 2

If you want a shoe with superb traction and comfort, choose the Skechers Go Golf Blade 2. These Skechers golf shoes have a rubber sole, a hybrid traction system that combines replaceable spikes, and a traction-focused sole design.

Excellent golf shoes from Skechers. The low-drop midsole is also designed for excellent ground-to-feel and improved performance. Skechers created a seamless design with knit accents for these golf shoes.

What I like

  • All day comfort
  • Spikeless outsole
  • Lightweight cushioning


  • Breathability may be a problem

3- Go Golf Pivot Spikeless – Comfort and things else

Go Golf Pivot Spikeless

These sneakers have maximum support, cushioning, and airflow thanks to their perforated top. They keep your feet comfy, dry, and cool throughout your round.

An expertly stitched inside lining that is soft and non-intrusive adds to its comfort. Because of its construction, there will be no stitching that slashes into your feet or leaves you with battle wounds from your round.

What I like

  • Spikeless grip pads
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Rebound cushioning


  • Not for wet weather

4- Skechers Men’s Go Golf Drive 5 Golf Shoe – Heel Support

Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 5

The Skechers Men’s Go Golf Drive 5 Golf Shoe is a relaxed-looking spikeless golf shoe that performs well on the course thanks to Skechers’ unique Arch Fit technology.

First off, plenty of padding is available, and when I first put these shoes on, they almost felt like slippers. These shoes were comfortable for walking and playing in and didn’t chafe our heels.

They kept our feet dry on the course during a somewhat wet round of play and were completely waterproof. That provided us with a wonderful opportunity to test the shoe’s Grip. Once more, it demonstrated its ability to survive the elements by giving us outstanding traction off the ground without any sliding problems.

The shoe’s sleek design and lack of spikes make it a very adaptable on- and off-course shoe that can also help you play better. The Skechers Men’s Go Golf Drive 5 Golf Shoe is one of the top men’s spikeless golf shoes because of this.

What I like

  • Excellent heel cushioning
  • Good Grip in wet weather
  • Waterproof


  • Styling is not stylish

5- Sketcher Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoes – Responsive comfort

skechers go golf elite 3

The Go Golf Elite 3 shoe from Skechers is designed for ultimate comfort. Although the outsole of these Skechers golf shoes lacks spikes, they still provide excellent traction and stability. One of Skechers’ top golf shoe designs is the Go Golf Elite 3.

With the Resamax insole, you may take pleasure in every stride in this shoe. With the waterproof construction and premium leather design of these Skechers golf shoes, you can play in any weather.

What I like

  • Responsiveness comfort
  • Strong Grip and Traction
  • Seam-Sealed water protection


  • Not too many colors

6- Go Golf Max – Budget-friendly

Skechers GO GOLF max

Golf shoes from Skechers are of great quality; hence they cost more than those from other manufacturers. However, I could still locate an inexpensive pair for golfers on a budget. Due to its breathability, comfort, and spikeless traction pads, the Go Golf Max tops the ratings in this category.

The upper of these sneakers are made of synthetic, woven mesh. It is perforated to let air into the shoe and is made to provide a soft feel around the top of your foot.

The ventilation reduces the possibility of sweat accumulation, so your feet stay dry throughout the round. The warmer months are perfect for this feature.

The exterior’s trim in a contrasting hue is a lovely finishing touch. It gives the shoe personality and departs from the conventional, uninteresting colors.

Skechers also used a padded insole to provide a plusher sensation and extra lift. Additionally, the cushion eliminates vibrations felt with each step for a comfortable trip around the golf course.

The Go Golf Max shoes are made of a substance that repels water from the surface and is water-resistant. This is plenty to protect your socks and feet from the dew in the morning. In times of heavy rain, it is not recommended to use them.

Lastly, a TPU outsole with a spikeless substructure improves stability by improving traction. I still advise cleats on rainy days, despite how impressive they are.

In the end, the Go Golf Max shoes are designed for budget-conscious golfers in warm, dry climates.

What I like

  • Water-resistant
  • Optimal airflow
  • Affordable


  • The water resistance feature sounds unpromising
  • Reduced Grip in wet weather

7- Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro Shoes – Spiked Waterproofing

Skechers Men's Go Torque Pro

The Go Golf Torque Pro offers the typical Skechers comfort together with a spiked, waterproof leather upper shoe on the course. Your feet will stay dry thanks to the combination of full-grain leather, a synthetic top, and Skechers Waterproof Membrane Protection.

To give you the most Grip possible, the flexible traction sole has a “Dynamic Diamond” design with seven removable Softspikes.

The Ultra Go midsole and GOGA Max insole work together to give cushioning for comfort. Excellent all-purpose waterproof golf shoes with a few flashes of color from the solitary, bringing life to the subtle style.

What I like

  • Waterproof
  • Spiked Grip
  • Very Stable


  • Not too many colors

8- Skechers Go Golf Focus 2 Golf Shoes – High performance & comfort

Skechers Men's Go Golf Focus 2

Many PGA Tour professionals like the high-performance Skechers Go Golf Focus 2 shoe as their go-to shoe. Even during the heaviest downpours, you can keep dry thanks to the Outdry waterproof design. The outsole made of TPU material cradles the foot for superior support.

For optimal traction and stability, these Skechers golf shoes are equipped with interchangeable Softspikes. The Go Golf Focus model from Skechers’ golf line has been updated into an excellent performance shoe. One of the greatest golf shoes on the market is created by Skechers.

What I like

  • Watertight breathability
  • Low clearance sole
  • Lightweight stability


  • Too sober look

9- Women’s Max – Best for women

Skechers Women's Max

Zora told me about one of the most comfortable Skechers golf shoes for female players; she is a true fan of these shoes.

Due to its low price, comfort, lightweight, and water resistance, the Skechers Women’s Max is the winner in this category. They also provide exceptional breathability to keep your feet cool on a hot day.

Your feet will be taken care of by an insole with Goga Max technology and a cushioned Ultra Flight midsole. Your feet will remain comfortable for the entire 18 holes thanks to the soft midsole section. Additionally, it quickens your step for a strong leg drive as you walk and swing.

The Goga Max insole technology offers outstanding rebound cushioning to eliminate landing vibrations. Thus, it gives the impression that you are walking on a sheepskin rug.

These shoes guarantee that your feet stay at a steady temperature and provide comfort. The side paneling of the shoe has been given perforations to achieve this. The air is encouraged to flow through the inside of your shoe by the gaps. Assisting in the liberation of your feet from discomfort and sweat.

The Women’s Max golf shoes from Skechers have a Dri-Lex moisture management lining to fend off moisture. Light amounts of moisture have little effect on how well it holds up. However, it has a hard time surviving bad weather.

What I like

  • Affordable
  • Optimal airflow
  • Shock absorption
  • Water-resistant


  • Not suitable for wet weather

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

sketchers golfers shoes questions

These are the most common problems people face while looking for Skechers shoes.

Is it better for golf shoes to be tight or loose?

Golf shoes should be comfortable but snug. They ought to be cozy and give the foot and ankle a full range of motion. A proper golf swing requires stability and balance, which can be achieved with a decent fit. While shoes that are too loose might cause sliding and poor control, shoes that are too tight can be uncomfortable and limit movement. Before making a purchase, it is best to try on some golf shoes and move around in them to ensure a good fit.

What pro golfers wear Skechers?

Golf pros Russell Knox, Colin Montgomerie, and Matt Kuchar play in Skechers on the course. The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Open, a PGA Tour competition conducted yearly in California, is another event sponsored by the business.

Golf shoes by Skechers are renowned for being fashionable and comfortable and enhancing field performance. The company offers various alternatives, including waterproof and spikeless options, for both men and women. Along with shoes, Skechers also sells a line of golf clothing, including polo shirts and slacks. Skechers is a well-liked brand among professional golfers because of its blend of style and performance.

Do Skechers golf shoes run big or small?

Depending on the particular Skechers golf shoe type. To understand how the shoe fits, it is essential to consult the product’s sizing chart or read user reviews. Skechers golf shoes may run small for some customers, but they may also run true to size or even slightly large for other consumers. If you are doubtful of the fit, it is usually advised to try the shoes on or to get a half-size larger.

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Ending thoughts

try sketchers golf shoes for max comfort

Skechers golf shoes can significantly improve your game compared to regular sneakers, allowing you to hit more fluid shots with more power. That usually results from the stability and grip they offer on the ground. In addition, golf shoes provide a pleasant substitute for athletic shoes that can help you avoid discomfort or weariness over 18 holes.