Golf Shoes with Wide Toe Box (top 8 picks of the year)

It may sound absurd to emphasize how crucial it is to get the proper size golf shoe for your feet, but you’d be astonished at how frequently this happens. Undoubtedly, it cannot be easy to locate a pair of shoes that fits perfectly if you have wide feet.

Fortunately, golf shoe manufacturers know this and produce golf shoes specifically tailored for people with wider feet.

People with wide feet frequently feel discomfort when wearing shoes with a tight toe box. To help those with broad feet, numerous firms have invested in golf shoes with wide-toe boxes as a solution to this issue.

That said, I’ll be covering some of my best picked Golf Shoes with Wide Toe Box that you should try this year.

Best golf shoes with Wide Toe Box (top picks at a glance)

Here are some quick suggestions with a little brief regarding the 3 best wide feet golf shoes available on the planet (according to what I found after countless hours of research). But I recommend reading every line until the end so you can be wise when buying your perfect pair of wide toe box golf shoes.

  • Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes – With each step, the mesh uppers easily bend and conform to your feet. With each step, your foot naturally flexes thanks to the serpentine OptiFlex outsole design, which also adds more torsion control throughout your swing.
  • Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2 – The Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2 is a golf shoe with spikes that offers a ventilated environment. Additionally, its roomy toe box and midsole make it simple to accommodate wide feet.
  • Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoe – These shoes provide excellent comfort, protection, and performance for golfers. Thanks to plenty of grip and stability, paired with premium, contemporary aesthetics.

Let’s dive into the ins and outs and detailed one-by-one reviews for each best product.

How wide of a toe box makes a difference?

Golf Shoes with Wide Toe Box

Have you ever worn excessively tight golf shoes that negatively impacted your game? Why don’t you believe that a wide-toe box shoe can make a difference if an uncomfortable golf shoe can decrease your gaming efficiency? People with broad toes typically feel uncomfortable during or after play. One may feel pain, especially in the bigger toe off the course, when they have a little toe box.

Golf shoes with a wide toe box can help prevent such situations.

Best golf shoes for Wide Toe Box (Reviews & Recommendations)

As always, I’m here to the rescue with detailed reviews of wide-toe box golf shoes, because I don’t want you to be in the weeds with wrong purchases.

1: Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men's Hyperflex

FootJoy never fails to amaze us with its best shoes, fulfilling all your needs.

The FootJoy Hyperflex has a highly contemporary look and feels. With each step, your foot naturally flexes thanks to the serpentine OptiFlex outsole design, which also adds more torsion control throughout your swing. This arrangement of flex zones replicates the motion that occurs naturally when walking. Spikes are strategically placed for maximum traction when swinging or walking.

Additionally, they have a StratoFoam cushioning system, which produces a soft but supported stride. The soles are sturdy enough to prevent squishiness while providing enough cushion to lessen foot fatigue. The mesh upper of the FootJoy Hyperflex sneakers has been coated to provide 2-year waterproof protection. These less rigid and more breathable uppers are incredibly comfortable. It also offers incredible traction.

  • Consideration(s)

It does not produce a selection of colors based on your preferences since you are always forced to wear those dull colors.

2: Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2

Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2

Ecco developed the Biom Hybrid with a revised, cutting-edge outsole in response to the popularity of their other BIOM series. The Biom Golf Hybrid 2 is sturdily ECCO leather and features GORE-TEX waterproof technology to keep your feet dry even in the wettest weather. A stylish PU midsole with TPU inserts on either side that snugly encloses your foot and helps stability while you’re on the green is included in the new MTN GRIP outsole, which also incorporates their patented FLUIDFORM Technology. Thanks to the refined appearance and subtle design, you will look terrific on and off the course.

  • Consideration(s)

This will not give you a soft feel beneath the sole. One would feel extremely uncomfortable wearing these at times.

3: Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoe

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoe

Ecco always makes its way to the top 3 picks with their versatile shoes.

The space up front makes it more comfortable since it gives your toes more room to move, and the back is more fixed in place, a quality a golfer needs to maximize grip and stability. This model’s already exceptional degree of comfort has reached new heights with a new BOA option, which features distinctive dial, lace, and guides combinations. We can’t emphasize enough how great the BOA lacing system is; now that it’s here, you can customize the fit to enhance your golfing enjoyment. The appearance makes it looks sportier and aesthetic.

  • Consideration(s)

It usually fails to give the golfer a soft and subtle feeling. If you do not want to compromise your comfort, you should not go with it.

4: Adidas Womens EQT Golf Shoes

womens eqt spikeless

Adidas provides comfortable feels throughout the game; you can also wear it off the course all day. It is one of the nicest wide toe box golf shoes with a breathable inner. The heel area is narrow to fix your feet in one area, reducing the chances of inside slippage. Adidas EQT golf shoes have various colors and designs, making you look stylish on and off the field.

  • Consideration(s)

In wet conditions, it should not be a pick. Traction and grip become the issue.

5: New Balance Golf Shoes

new balance golf shoes

One of the most comfortable and incredibly designed shoes to accommodate wide toes with greater ease. New Balance comes with different interesting colors. It has spikes that help attain great traction and grip for the player and helps glue the turf with shoes. It helps add athletic looks to one’s personality.

  • Consideration(s)

Sometimes, people might experience difficulty due to size. New balance becomes a problem when it comes to sizing.

6: Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes

Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes

I believe the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoes can be a decent pick because of their exceptional comfort and stability. It is not surprising that these Under Armour golf shoes became so well-liked, given their HOVR technology, custom-made spikes, footbed support, and midfoot comfort. It provides great support to the feet and a vast amount of grip.

  • Consideration(s)

It does not have appropriate mid-foot support leaving the player uncomfortable.

What to consider when buying wide toe box golf shoes?

wide feet golf shoe buying guide

When purchasing golf shoes with wide toe box, the following features should be examined following the specifications:

  • Good sole material
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Breathability
  • Stability
  • Traction

A golf shoe that combines the above qualities would be the best option and can help one improve his game.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

I coach a group of golfers (mostly my friends and just for an extra-curricular activity) and I often got many related queries around this topic and a few DMs on my Instagram. Underneath, I tried to cover some contextual questions.

Q: Is the wide-toe box the same as the wide width?

Wide shoes provide more space inside the shoe overall. However, shoes with a wide toe box offer that space at the toes, which are often the broadest region of the foot. It can be a breath of fresh air to put on shoes with room for your toes to breathe after spending so much time in shoes with tapered toes.

Q: Is a wide-toe box better?

Your foot can extend out and rest in its natural position with a big toe box. Injuries will decrease over time if the feet return to their original shape. This is due to the muscle’s ability to regenerate and function as they were assigned to provide comfort and support.

Q: Do Ecco shoes have wide-toe boxes?

Contrary to traditional shoes, which fit across the toes and limit the natural spreading of your toes while walking, ECCO shoes are uniquely built to fit from the heel forward to the instep. Because of their “Freedom Suit” technology, ECCO shoes can fit a very wide range of feet.

Q: How much room should be in the toe of a golf shoe?

There should be at least half an inch of space inside the toe box to accommodate every size inside and provide players with a wide extent of comfort.

Q: Do Adidas golf shoes come in wide?

Yes, Adidas produces shoes with wide toe boxes with many other characteristic features making Adidas a versatile brand, providing many premium-level qualities.

Wrapping Up

golfing with wide toe - best shoes to pick

There are many golfers with broad feet. The best golf shoes for broad feet are available in various styles. You have options, but remember that they are not present on every line.

You can choose synthetic and leather materials, but you can find ones that suit your golfing style and preferences. Using wide or extra wide shoes can assist in keeping your toes from hurting. You want them to feel tight in the middle of your foot. In the end, I would say never compromise on your comfort and stability. Never go with a narrow-toe box if you have a wide foot. You can get one of the golf shoes with wide toe box mentioned above with a wide-toe box.