7 Best womens golf shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Any kind of foot pain can be very distracting when playing a round of golf. Flare-ups and ongoing discomfort for people who have plantar fasciitis, a severe stabbing pain felt in the heel of the foot, can ruin a round of golf and possibly prevent you from enjoying the game at all.

But the right pair of best womens golf shoes for plantar fasciitis may both ease discomfort and make the strenuous stroll around a golf course much more enjoyable. They might even assist you in becoming a better golfer.

Sometimes, I play golf with my mom, I noticed that my mother faced some problems with foot pain. She constantly complained about sharp pains in her heels and stiffness at the bottom of her feet.

After some time, when the condition got worse and it became almost impossible for my golf-loving-mother to golf, I took her to a Physicist, and we got to know she had Plantar Fasciitis. Along with some medications, exercises, and therapies, the thing that the specialist most emphasized was getting golf shoes that can help with Plantar Fasciitis.

After getting the doctor’s advice, and my own research, I found the Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes to be the best and most recommendable, and my mother loved them as well.

Best womens golf shoes for plantar fasciitis

The best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis cushion your feet with exceptionally soft midsoles and insoles. To prevent your foot from moving around too much, they offer excellent support around the ankle and feature particularly substantial padding near the heel area.

In this guide, I will outline the top 7 golf shoes for plantar fasciitis and explain the key characteristics you should consider if you frequently have foot pain when choosing new golf shoes. To ensure that your feet and legs are not overworked while on the course, I have also chosen shoes that are rather lightweight.

Best womens golf shoes for plantar fasciitis

Walking the golf course can be very challenging if you have plantar fasciitis, which can be a painful condition.

Finding the best womens golf shoes for plantar fasciitis is crucial if you suffer from foot and heel pain. Playing in a terrible shoe could not only make you play poorly, but it might also worsen your foot’s overall health.

Remember that there are countless variations of golf shoes available, so you’re likely to find something that makes you feel better.

dangers of plantar fasciitis

After I saw what my mother was facing, I considered getting Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis even for myself. After pondering over the podiatrist’s recommendations, surveying the market, and researching for honest reviews, I found the Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes to be the best option available to help my mother battle and give me foot support to prevent Plantar fasciitis.

But you can explore other options as well, as there is a pretty handful of other shoes that prove to be good shoes in regards to helping you in your Plantar Fasciitis condition. I have also used different pairs of Golf shoes other than the Ecco Biom H4, and all of them were good enough to be considered.

Below I have a list of the best Plantar Fasciitis golf shoes based on what I experienced so far and what my fellow golfers have recommended to me.

▶️ Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes – Style and comfort

▶️ Adidas Tech Response – Breathable and lightweight support

▶️ New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Golf Shoes – Overall foot support

▶️ Adidas Codechaos Shoes – For grip and performance

▶️ Under Armor Micro G Assert 7 – For flexibility and traction

▶️ New Balance Women’s Linkssl Golf Shoes – Spikeless support

▶️ Cuater The Ringer Golf Shoes – for grippy comfort

Let’s dive deeper into the details and benefits of each shoe.

1) Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes – Style and comfort

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

  • Extremely comfortable with a below-the-feet supporting sole
  • Stylish look and make help boost your confidence and golf image
  • Good grip

Golf shoes by Ecco are renowned for being cozy. Fluid form Technology, which encourages a process by which specialized fluid materials form around the foot to provide an unmatched combination of cushioning and rebound, is the source of comfort.

Additionally, the upper is waterproof and breathable, and the X-Tensa TPU component adds to the comfort by stabilizing the midsole.

2) Adidas Tech Response – Breathable and lightweight support

Adidas Tech Response

  • Highly lightweight and breathable mesh
  • Comfort and stability
  • Supportive soft insole

In order to reduce heel pain, Adidas produced Tech Response shoes. With cushioning and uniform dispersion of impact, the unique design lessens the pressure on your feet and increases stability. The top of the shoe is made of a very breathable blend of leather and mesh.

Maximum comfort is provided by the foam footbed, while increased grip and arch support are provided by the distinctive pattern of spikes on the soles of the shoes. You can even take out the spikes on the bottom if you discover that the shoes are so comfy that you want to wear them even when you are not on a golf course.

3) New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Golf Shoe – Overall foot support

Women's Minimus Sl

  • Overall foot support with breathability
  • Cooling spikeless outsole
  • Affordable

The New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Golf Shoe is a fantastic option for people with plantar fasciitis.

This shoe is made with comfort in mind and offers excellent arch support. This shoe can help you feel a lot better if you are sick of your feet hurting after a round of golf. The New Balance’s breathable design is another feature we adore. Your foot will remain dry if you use this golf footwear with an Ortholite insole (If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, you know nothing is worse than having sore feet from wearing wet shoes when in agony.)

The spikeless rubber outsole is made to flow naturally with your foot as you walk and provide traction and grip. It’s crucial to choose a shoe with lots of flexibility and movement if you suffer from foot pain. Any rigidity overlying your current level of discomfort could exacerbate it. The New Balance is a great option if you want a shoe that is cozy and easily slips on your foot.

4) Adidas Codechaos Shoes – For grip and performance

Codechaos Shoes

  • Exceptional grip
  • Price worth performance
  • Comfortablevc

The well-known Codechaos shoe was created for golfers who want to stand out on the course. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to full-length Boost cushioning throughout the entire midsole, which creates energy rebound and gives you a spring in your step. The top is lightweight, flexible, and breathable thanks to the multi-layer mesh construction.

Additionally, it has a thin film on top that acts as waterproof protection, durability, and a water and debris repellent, making it easy to clean and stain-free.

5) Under Armor Micro G Assert 7 – For flexibility and traction

Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

  • Flexible
  • High Traction with rubber soles
  • Soft arch support

The sneakers that Under Armour makes are renowned for their ingenuity, and the brand is equally as trustworthy as Nike. One of the most comfortable shoe options for golfers with plantar fasciitis is the Micro G Assert 7, and they provide a high level of stability, even while you are swinging.

The EVA sock lining and Micro G foam midsole, which improve the shoe’s flexibility and arch support, are primarily responsible for comfort. The breathability that these shoes provide as a result of their synthetic textile exterior material and leather overlays is one of their main advantages. You can get the traction you need on slick surfaces thanks to the rubber sole, which also makes the shoes last longer.

6) New Balance Women’s Linkssl Golf Shoes – Spikeless support

Linkssl golf shoes

  • Spike less
  • Extra cushioning
  • Extra soft feeling below the feet

Many golfers are discovering that walking in spike-less footwear is far more comfortable.

A shoe without a spine will often land on the ground slightly more evenly with each stride. Spikeless footwear is advantageous since it may be worn both on and off the golf field.

The majority of spikeless golf shoes offer adequate traction on the sole to provide stability while swinging your golf club.

The New Balance shoes are fantastic since they are also breathable. This shoe surely could be helpful if you play a lot of golf in the summer and worry about your foot scorching.

The New Balance Spike less Comfort’s interior is what really sets it apart from other golf shoes on the market.

Simply put, this shoe is really cozy and offers a good amount of cushioning and responsiveness with each step. The fact that the shoe does not resemble a conventional golf shoe is the only significant drawback to this design and many of the finest shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

7) Cuater The Ringer Golf Shoes – For grippy comfort

Ringer Golf Shoe

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable and snug
  • Considerable Turf grip

The Cuater Ringer shoes are among the best-looking and most comfortable golf sneakers money can buy, and are used by PGA Tour players Sam Burns and Jon Rahm. We adored Ringer’s sporty, contemporary design, which is free of brand logos and lettering and offers a chic yet contemporary look whether worn with shorts or pants.

The Ringer is a terrific pair of shoes for any golfer who experiences foot pain because it is also excellent for comfort and stability and is listed in our guide to the most comfortable golf shoes. From heel to toe, the fit is snug, and I also noticed how soft the padding within the shoe is.

The sneaker didn’t give that much breathability, which was its one flaw in our opinion. However, it also implies that the shoe is waterproof, which means that on rainier days, the outsole material will keep your feet dry. The shoe’s Soft spikes Pivix cleats provide excellent traction on the court and lock into the grass while you play your shots.

How Golfing Contributes to Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis shoes

One of the most crucial features of a decent golf shoe for plantar fasciitis is a sufficient level of cushioning because golfers spend a lot of time on their feet. Insufficient cushioning in your shoes will make your issue worse. A basic layer of foam should be present in any useful golf shoes, but EVA or memory foam is preferable.

Golfers must exert additional pressure on their heels in order to play the sport most efficiently, which can not only exacerbate pre-existing plantar fasciitis but also potentially lead to it if golfers are not using the proper shoes.

My buying advice for those willing to make the right purchase

Especially if they have plantar fasciitis, golfers require shoes that offer stability and comfort. Golfers’ feet will have a full range of motion in shoes with a contoured and flexible footbed and a large heel and toe box, improving their balance without exacerbating issues like plantar fasciitis by severely constraining their feet inside the shoe.

The pain from plantar fasciitis can worsen if an insole is excessively firm since it will put additional strain on your heel or forefoot.

The following are the crucial elements of the best womens golf shoes for plantar fasciitis:

  • They should have plenty of padding.
  • They need to be adaptable enough for various surfaces.
  • They should have a flexible, molded insole and robust arch support.
  • On the bottom, they should offer shock absorption.
  • They should feature a roomy heel and toe box and a substantial heel cup.
  • They should be compact.

golf women shoe advice

Choosing golf shoes with rubber cleats on the bottom of the sole is one of the greatest ways to absorb shock and so lessen the effects or dangers of plantar fasciitis. These detachable nubs are a common feature of high-end golf shoes and add added comfort, support, and traction on unsteady surfaces like sand.

Make sure there is at least half an inch between the front of the shoe and your big toe when determining whether a shoe is the right width for your foot. This will provide you ample space to execute common golf moves, such as swings.

It is a good idea to get shoes that are even wider so that you can replace the soles with inserts from your podiatrist if your plantar fasciitis is so bad that you require custom orthotics.

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