Are running shoes for golf appropriate? (+ some best picks)

You may have been invited to spend the day on a golf course or want to try a new sport, but you are not yet ready to buy new shoes before you are convinced that the game is for you. That’s why, instead of purchasing a brand-new set of specialist golf shoes that you can’t use for anything else, you’re wondering about can you use those running shoes for golf? (trail or otherwise).

It’s likely that you don’t have any golf shoes when you first start playing. This raises the question of whether typical sneakers can be worn on artificial grass. So, are running shoes or sneakers appropriate for golf?

Golf shoes are suggested but not required. Running shoes, cross trainers, tennis shoes, and even Vans sneakers are acceptable footwear choices on golf courses as long as they don’t harm the grass and are permitted by the golf club.

That being said, it is usually acceptable to use running shoes, whether trail-specific or not. However, it is best to check the course’s dress code in advance, as certain golf courses only allow playing with spiked cleats on shoes.

In this guide, I discussed what shoes you could wear with the aim that golf newcomers make the most of their equipment so they may enjoy this lovely game.

My thoughts, at a glance

My thoughts on running shoes for golf

Can you use your running shoes or trail running shoes to play golf, and if so, what are the drawbacks? Do you lack some additional performance?

If you are a caddy golfer, you may play golf while wearing trail running shoes. Trail running shoes are a wonderful alternative to spikeless golf shoes even if they can’t completely replace spiked golf shoes since their rubber lugs are identical to those of the spikeless golf shoes’ rubber nubs.

But if you perform a quick backswing, I advise you to have spiked golf shoes. Additionally, If the grass is muddy, you would want a special set of golf shoes. Considerations like traction and grip are important, as are the various types of terrain you will be navigating.

Running Vs. Golf shoes – which is better?

Running Vs. Golf shoes

More people own running shoes or athletic shoes on average than golf shoes. Since they are not yet ready to make the investment in a pair of golf shoes, the majority of amateur golfers are curious about wearing sneakers on a golf course. But you have to realize that they are both unique.

What distinguishes golf shoes from running shoes, then?

The primary difference is how the legs and feet are used. Running is continuous, and certain strategies are needed to complete each stride effectively. The feet, ankles, knees, hips, and upper body experience jarring and jolting with each step, making it a high-impact sport as well.

Conversely, golf is a walking sport with little effect on the lower and upper bodies. While the golf swing forces are torsional twisting-type forces that influence the shoulders, back, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet, the impact is mostly felt in the hands. As a result, the recommended footwear for athletes competing in these two distinct sports is very different since the body and feet need shoes with very different constructions and patterns.

Most golf shoes, unlike running shoes, have spikes under them to prevent your feet from slipping on wet or uneven ground. Running shoes may not function well on grass because they are made to stick to concrete, asphalt, or clay. Whereas, Golf shoes are made to “grab” the ground.

Golf is frequently played on irregular and uneven terrain, so golf shoes are more flexible to aid players in swinging on an awkward slope. In contrast to golf shoes, running shoes and sports footwear are slightly stiffer because they are designed to keep the wearer’s ankles firmly in place.

In order to make proper contact with the golf ball, a player requires a firm base, which is why golf shoes are made to keep the player from slipping or sliding. The primary difference between golf and running is how the legs and feet are used.

Long cut short, I would recommend buying an affordable Spikeless pair such as these nifty waterproof  Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoe if you’re super serious about your golf game. I’ve been using it for decades, and it gives athletic appearances and high performance on the course, and hopefully, they’re super affordable.

Why use Running Shoes for Golfing?

how running shoes are good for golfing

Running shoes have the benefit of being lightweight and comfy, making it easy to walk 18 holes. However, they may become unplayable in wettish conditions due to a lack of waterproofing and twist grip. Also, if you play with your swing much, the constant rotating motion will destroy the grip on your running shoes.

It is simpler to grip dew-covered grass when wearing trail running shoes for golf. They have unique soles that are made to assist you in maintaining your balance when you’re on the green. Trail running footwear also offers enough traction to prevent falls that could cause harm to you or other course users. Because trail running shoes dry out quicker than other types of shoe materials do after being wet, some people prefer to use them.

They have thicker soles than golf shoes and offer the best arch support and cushioning for walking on an average 18-hole golf course. In addition, most trail running shoes have a heel drop for enhanced support and cushioning.

In conclusion, running shoes are not designed specifically for golf and do not provide the same level of support and stability as golf shoes. But there may be certain situations where using running shoes for golfing could be acceptable. For example, running shoes with good traction may be suitable if a golfer plays on very short and flat terrain, walks on an average 18-hole golf course, or in dry weather conditions. Additionally, if a golfer has a specific medical condition limiting their ability to wear traditional golf shoes, they may use running shoes as a substitute.

Best Running shoes for Golf?

My recommendation depending on my experience for the best running shoes that you can use for golfing are as followed.

The Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail 3.0 Sneaker

Rockadia Trail 3.0 Sneaker

The Adidas Rockadia may be a wonderful option if you are considering switching from golf shoes to trail running shoes. The Rockadia Trail 3.0 has a boot opening that is very convenient to put on yet prevents dirt from entering your shoe. The fact that trail running shoes are really comfy is one of the first things you’ll notice about them.

The hard surface that you normally encounter on trails requires a lot of cushioning to run on it. The Rockadia offers a ton of extra cushioning, so if you’re a golfer who likes to wander the course, these shoes will suit you just fine.

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New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Trail Running Shoe

Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe

New Balance is well known for incorporating advanced technology in its products, which also applies to these running shoes for golf.

In a sport like a golf, where comfort and stability are key, New Balance golf shoes are an excellent choice. These shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support while keeping your feet dry and comfortable, even if you’re not walking the course. Additionally, the New Balance Fresh Foam golf shoes are functional and stylish, giving your golf game a sporty and athletic look. It should be noted that these shoes are versatile and can also be used for activities such as running and tennis, making them a great option for multi-sport enthusiasts.

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Saucony Men’s Mad River TR Trail Running Shoe

Mad River Tr2 Trail Running Shoe

Since Saucony is a high-end brand, you’ll find that their shoes are usually more expensive, but they will endure for a very long period. The grippy rubber bottom of the Saucony trail running shoe makes it ideal to wear on a golf course with some sloppy turf.

The Saucony will be a terrific trail running shoe to play golf in, thanks to the underfoot cushioning and anti-slip features. Overall, this shoe will alter your perception of what performs well on a golf field and what doesn’t.

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Why Golf shoes are still preferable?

golf shoes have their own benefits

Although it’s a fair option to choose trail running shoes for golf, proper Golf shoes are always preferred to be used while playing the sport. Here is why:

  • While trail shoes are more adaptable and meant for rocks, dirt, tree branches, and anything else comes your way, golf shoes are designed for grass on a golf course.
  • Many golf shoes contain rubber or plastic spikes (cleats) that help the wearer have better stability and grip on both smooth and wet surfaces. Trail shoes don’t typically have the high friction of cleats, despite being made for natural terrain.
  • If you play golf casually, trail running shoes are a good choice. Regular golfers should unquestionably have a quick swing speed. If so, you should spend money on a special pair of golf shoes.
  • The majority of trail running footwear has thick, curved soles. Because it gives for a better sense of the ground, the sole of a golf shoe should be thin and flat. You won’t be able to tell exactly where your feet are landing on the green if you wear shoes with thick soles.
  • Due to their larger heel-to-toe drop, trail running shoes attempt to shift a little more of your body weight to the toes. The swing’s kinetics and kinematics may change due to this weight imbalance, resulting in incorrect ball placement.

Best Golf Shoes for Golf?

Throughout my long golfing experience, I have tried out dozens of golf shoes, and I felt everyone contributed to the game in some way or another. But here I can recommend the best golf shoes near my heart.

Footjoy Pro Sl 2022 Shoes

FootJoy Pro SL

This golf shoe offers comfort while recharging your feet with each step. One of the nicest sole designs of any spikeless golf shoes I’ve worn on the course; the comfort is excellent right out of the box. Even in icy, rainy weather, it gives you all the traction you require.

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Adidas Codechaos 22 Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Codechaos Golf Shoes

And it’s a golf shoe that is unbelievably comfy.

The comfort, support, and grip offered make it one of those golf shoes you’ll never regret. Although I could definitely feel the extra traction on the sides of my feet, I discovered that it also made for one of the most stable spikeless shoes I’ve tested, particularly in the area around the balls of my feet. Interestingly, I had very little foot tiredness after walking 18 holes because the arches of my feet seemed somewhat lifted in this midsole.

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Ecco Biom C4 Shoes

Ecco Biom C4

The Ecco Biom C4, one of the spikeless golf shoes with the most technology I’ve tested this year, left a lasting impression on us with its all-around comfort, grip, style, and breathability. It’s constructed well on top of the outstanding Biom H4 foundations, which it will use through 2022, but the new sneaker style has my heart from a style standpoint, and the performance is comparable.

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In the end…

normal sport shoes as golf

You now know whether or not you should play golf while wearing running shoes.

Find the “grippiest” pair of sneakers with ridges, bumps, and textures to assist you perform at your best if you aren’t quite ready to invest in golf shoes. Always double-check the shoe policies of the golf course where you’ll be playing.

Overall, you may be certain that most of the time you can play golf in your trail running shoes or other similar running shoes. The primary factor to consider is the shoe’s grip ability; test them out at home with a few practice swings before going to the course.

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