Best golf shoes for High Handicappers to improve game

As golf is considered one of the elitist sports, the player should also have some elite choices in the case of a golf club and golf footwear. Beginners usually consider it okay to play with any pair of shoes that are only comfortable. Still, golf shoes play a key role in maintaining your posture, stability, and balance while playing.

The same goes for the best golf shoes for high handicappers which can help to improve the game. One should pick a pair of high-grip yet comfortable shoes to attain greater accuracy. Along with it, the best golf shoes can make you look more formal and help cause less/no pain in your lower body. Thus it’s crucial to be mindful while picking the one for your game – And this guide is what you need.

Does shoe make a difference for high handicappers?

best golf shoes for high handicappers

Yes, golf shoes make a huge difference in your game. Specifically, a golf shoe should be a wise pick if we talk about high handicappers. Carefully picked golf shoes would be the reason for bringing a substantial difference in your game. High handicappers might think that “when we are better at playing, then it is worth it to spend in good golf shoes,” but the point is that a golf shoe can bring a lot of change in a high handicapper’s game.

My top 3 picks at a glance

People are seen as conscious while shopping casually for shoes, so if it comes to picking up a pair of golf shoes, their consciousness level should be near its peak. Certainly, the best golf shoes for high handicappers are spiked ones. Here is a quick overview of my top 3 tested picks of golf shoes for high handicappers in case you wanna add them to your game right away.

Adidas Tour 360 22

Nike Lunar Cypress

FootJoy Men’s Pro SL

Grip and Stability with exceptional Design Lightweight water protection Spikeless Traction
  • Exceptional Design
  • Comfort for the high handicapper
  • Stability and Grip

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  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for Beginner high handicappers
  • Good fit and breathability

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  • Round and wide-toe box
  • Midfoot comfort
  • Updated versions

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Underneath is a one-by-one detailed review of the best handicapper shoes that I got to know so far, the handy buying guide, and some of the answers to related queries have also been discussed throughout the post, that being said, grab some snacks and beverages and readout it completely.


Know the best High Handicapper golf shoes better

Here we have detailed golf shoes’ pros and cons for high handicappers, enabling you to pick the best for yourself.

1: Adidas Tour 360 22 – Exceptional fit with comfort

Adidas Tour 360 22

Apart from providing the best grip, greater stability, and comfort, Adidas Tour 360 22 has many beneficial features. The cons of using it are slightly smaller in number.

Most golfers find the fit of the golf shoes as one of the biggest problems, but when it comes to Adidas Tour 360 22, then fit is no more a thing to worry about! Even with too large or too small foot size, one can experience a good fit with it. Its dual stack midsole combines boost cushioning and EVA stability frame, and the inside sock-liner provides a valuable contour, especially to the heels. Without creating prominent indentations on the course, it can help provide great traction, even in wet conditions and the spikes are tremendously durable.

A golfer might feel his heels stuck up in a little place that can cause plantar blisters. Adidas Tour 360 22, except for being one of the expensive picks, does not come up with new and pleasing designs; in most cases, it is the same three signature stripes of Adidas (yet stylish).


  • Satisfying and easy fit
  • Cushioning with stability
  • Heel support
  • Wet weather traction


  • Needs to improve heel comfort
  • Same traditional design

2: Nike Lunar Cypress – Upper lightweight and traction

Nike Lunar Cypress

Nike Lunar Cypress made its way to my top 3 picks because of the following reasons.

Nike Lunar Cypress enjoys the spotlight because of its Mesh upper with laser-cut TPU overlay, which makes it lightweight and breathable. Lunarlon midsole provides greater cushioning to your foot, and a phylon outsole with integrated rubber helps increase traction to a greater extent. Nike provides you with a one-year waterproof warranty for it.

Some golfers might experience a little discomfort in their heels while wearing them. When it comes to hot weather, its performance is up to the mark, but Nike Lunar Cypress is not a good pick to play in winter. It remains hard to afford for people belonging to certain classes in our societies.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Rubber Traction


  • Not for winter or wet weather
  • Not pocket friendly

3: FootJoy Pro SL – Stability and Traction

FootJoy Pro SL

Golfers usually experience great comfort, with FootJoy having a blend of stability and traction making it one of the best golf shoes for high handicappers. Its upper helps maintain the breathability of the foot. Furthermore, being a spikeless golf shoe and providing good traction is a point that makes FootJoy Pro SL a unique product.

A wide heel area in FootJoy Pro SL can make the heel rub over the sole, forming blisters. Additionally, it does not come up with new and stylish ideas. Fewer colors and a lack of designs makes FootJoy Pro SL look boring and distract buyers’ attention.


  • Stability
  • Traction
  • Breathability


  • Oversized heel
  • Lack of Style

4: Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 – Padded Comfort

Under Armour Men's HOVR Drive 2

Apparently, Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 seems unfit to be worn on the golf course, but it has a large number of benefits, along with some cons.

Spiked Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 helps achieve reasonable traction. Its padded collar and 3D molded heel enhance a player’s comfort level. In addition, if a golfer is looking for lightweight golf shoes (because of the microfibers), the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 should be among his top picks. An aesthetic lacing system adds to the looks of it and makes it look sporty.

However, Spikeless Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 won’t provide enough traction. There seems to be a lacking of anatomical design of the mid-foot, which makes a golfer uncomfortable and increases his irritability.


  • Lightweight
  • Comforted Heel design
  • Sporty Lace system


  • Midsole discomfort

5: Ecco Biom C4 – Stylish Weather adaptability

Ecco Biom C4

Regarding appealing designs, Ecco Biom C4 should be placed in the top picks.

It is comfortable footwear with a blend of stability, breathability, and a wide range of cushioning. Apart from these, its TPU element compensates for the absence of spikes by adding more grip and stability. The exhaust grids at some intervals cause the heat and moisture to be unable to get trapped inside the shoe and cause irritability; instead, it provides a dry environment to the player, making it a good option for hot weather. Ecco Biom has worked a lot in the past few years to improve its product’s outlook and achieved great success in driving back customers’ attention toward the product.

The upper tends to collect mud and dirt, while the meshwork gets very difficult to be cleaned, making it usable for a short time.


  • Admirable and attractive designs
  • Spikeless Grip
  • Hot weather cooling


  • Mesh traps dirt

6: Nike Roshe G – Reasonable Comfort and fit

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe

Nike Roshe G acts as a game changer shoe for high handicappers by making a huge difference in their play.

Instead of being too expensive like other golf shoes, the price of Nike Roshe G lies in affordable ranges. It possesses a breathable upper, providing a sock-like fit that properly hugs the foot. Along with its lightweight, it has phylon cushions which provide a comfortable environment for the foot of high handicappers. Its fashionable designs add elegance to your personality, and instead of being restricted only to the golf course, it can casually be worn too.

Nike Roshe G offers no waterproofing, and its unreplaceable and not-too-strong spikes lessen its durability, making a golfer switch to other durable options.


  • Reasonable price, pocket friendly
  • Cushioning for high handicappers
  • Versatile look
  • Can be worn elsewhere


  • Not Waterproof
  • Weak spikes

Spike Vs. Spikeless High Handicapper golf shoes

spike or spikeless

With so many choices, one may get confused: “whether to pick spiked or spikeless golf shoes?” To make it easy, we tried our best to present you with the pros and cons of spiked and spikeless golf shoes to simplify your pick according to your needs.


When it comes to playing golf, traction is of utmost importance. Spiked golf shoes provide greater traction and keep you glued to the course. With replaceable cleats, spiked ones are a good option if a golfer is looking for a durable pair of shoes. In case of comfort, spiked shoes shouldn’t be considered. Moreover, if buying spiked shoes is helping you attain enough stability, on the other hand, their use would be restricted only to the golf course.


Spikeless golf shoes come first if it is about comfort. Despite providing comparatively less traction, they are light in weight because they lack metal or plastic cleats. The brightest side is that Spikeless shoes can be worn on and off the course. If you go to a gym or a birthday party afterward, you do not need to put an extra pair of shoes in your car, and you can wear spikeless ones with exquisite designs.

How to select the best golf shoes for high handicappers?

As per the requirements of high handicappers, there are the following features to be checked while buying golf shoes:

  1. Stability
  2. Traction
  3. Comfort
  4. Fit
  5. Breathability
  6. Sole made of good stuff

A golf shoe with a blend of the characteristics mentioned above would be the ideal pick of shoes for high handicappers, which will improve their play.

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Summing it up

high handicappers shoes

High handicappers need to make sensible decisions while buying golf shoes. After reviewing every aspect, whether it is about comfort or versatility, style or fit, traction or durability, price or performance, one should conclude according to his demands.