Best golf shoe for flat feet (I got 7 recommendations)

It may not be a comfortable idea to walk five miles on a golf course with flat feet. Golfers with flat feet must be extremely careful while selecting their golf shoes. I got your back, with a detailed guide on the best golf shoe for flat feet that will provide plenty of comfort and arch support. Some of the discomfort brought on by flat feet will be lessened by these features for sure.

To avoid your feet from rolling inwards, which is a typical concern for golfers with flat feet and is referred to as overpronation, choose a golf shoe that provides substantial heel and sole support. Any golfer with flat feet should seek reinforced heels, a golf shoe with a solid heel that has been created to protect your foot and your Achilles tendon, when selecting the best golf shoe.

Most individuals with flat feet should use golf shoes that fit broader. Avoid wearing golf shoes with a front that is too small or pointed. Look for a golf shoe that has adequate room up front so that your toes won’t be squished. The strain on the front of the foot is reduced and a lot of pain and discomfort is avoided by wearing shoes with a wider toe box.

As one of my golfer friends Alex has faced this problem of flat feet, he really recommends FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex XP (when I asked), as they have helped him the most with Arch support, and are really comfortable for flat feet.

best golf shoe for flat feet

Best golf shoe for flat feet – Top 3 picks

Finding the perfect golf shoe is not always the simplest task, as someone with flat feet will attest. It takes a lot of time to find a shoe that fits flat feet comfortably.

Any athlete, but particularly one who plays golf, has a lot to be concerned about, especially if they have flat feet. Compared to traditional sports shoes, the finest golf shoes for flat feet are more stable and flexible, allowing you to enjoy golfing.

My friend Alex is a Golf player and an amateur coach, and he has had Flat Feet problems since he learned how to hold the club. After 10 years of battling with Flat Feet and arch support problems, he can now help himself and some of his students with this problem. And with all this said, he helped me complete this guide with his helpful advice (most of the suggestions and products you’ll read here are suggested by him).

For those of you, who are curious about the top flat fee golf shoes, underneath I covered the top 3 picks shortly. But! there is much more in this guide; from best tips to buying guide and top factors to consider – everything is covered.
So, be sure to stick to the end.

1: FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Xp

  • Comfortable and supportive mid-sole

  • Traction providing outsole

  • Breathable and sporty 


2: Footjoy Contour

  • Large Toe box

  • Soft leather make

  • Lightweight


3: Callaway Men’s Coronado V2

  • Perfect and supportive fit

  • Comfort with performance

  • Exceptional grip on a wet surface


The 7 best golf shoes for flat feet

You must purchase a decent pair of golf shoes made especially for flat feet. These golf shoes are distinct from the typical narrow-pointed footwear. To avoid crushing your toes while maintaining good balance, they offer broader fronts, arc support, and a larger shoe foundation.

I have myself tried a few of them that Alex has recommended to me, and I would bet that majority of them are game changers, let’s discuss one by one the best 7 I found the most effective and comfortable.

1) FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Xp Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Xp

The best golf shoe for flat feet is the FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex XP. These shoes are distinctive due to their soft midsole design, which results in more cushioning and comfort.

The FootJoy Flex XP golf shoes are extremely sturdy in addition to being comfortable; this can be a useful addition for golfers who have flat feet and struggle with stability and balance. They are also comprised of waterproof mesh, which makes them both incredibly light and waterproof.

Golfers who play on wet grass may have issues because mesh shoes are not normally waterproof, however, these FootJoy golf shoes are waterproof.

2) Footjoy Contour Golf Shoes

Contour Casual Golf Shoe

The Footjoy brand is synonymous with golf. These may not be the most expensive shoes on the list, and I wasn’t sure how they would stack up, but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the golf shoe is. The toe box is very roomy, which makes walking the fairways a pleasure.

I’ve been testing these for several weeks and can attest that they are incredibly comfortable.

3) Callaway Men’s Coronado V2

Callaway Men’s Coronado V2

The Men’s Coronado V2 SI Golf Shoes from Callaway are among the best golf shoes for flat feet.

The outsole of the shoes is comprised of TPU, which has better traction on all surfaces than any other material despite the absence of spikes. It helps you maintain stability and balance while producing the best golf shots. Your position during the swing is stabilized with an additional counterLok heel stabilizer.

These golf shoes also have a 2-year waterproof warranty, so you can purchase them with confidence. Overall, these shoes are very comfortable and provide excellent traction in wet conditions. They are reasonably priced and available in a variety of respectable colors, giving you a wide selection.

4) Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response

The Adidas Tech Response has a low profile and is constructed with a six-spike arrangement. The low-profile bottom enhances stability and traction.

Another lightweight mesh shoe with a highly pleasant fit is the Tech Response. Golf shoes with mesh uppers typically allow greater weight to be placed on thicker, more cushioned bottoms, which can aid players with flat feet.

Overall, the Tech Response is a durable, premium golf shoe that is reasonably priced.

The shoe is made exclusively for golf and will keep your foot comfortable while looking a little more like a sneaker than a golf shoe.

5) Adidas Tour360 XT SL

adidas Men's Tour360 Xt

This shoe stands out and will provide excellent support for golfers who have bothersome flat feet.

The finest shoe for persons with flat feet is this golf shoe since it offers both quantity and elegance.

The X-Traxion traction mechanism, which Adidas is using on this golf shoe, gives the golfer grip in a variety of directions.

The Adidas Tour360 XT SL is a really comfortable golf shoe when you are wearing it. The toe box is designed to offer a big size and has a fair amount of movement, but the arch support is firm and has a great raised arch to support the foot.

As spikeless golf shoes gain popularity, they are a terrific alternative for stylish shoes with lots of stability. They could also be used as cross-over golf shoes, and they would look excellent in a bar because they are so comfortable to drive in.

6) Skechers Go Golf Men’s Drive 4

Skechers Go Golf Men's Drive 4

Men’s Skechers Go Golf shoes are worth looking into if you want to acquire shoes made of premium leather. These imported shoes come in three respectable colors and have a rubber sole that is both supportive and durable, making them ideal for golfers with flat feet.

Golfers who wear these shoes will benefit from their outstanding strength, stability, and flexibility. They are the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

Although the shoes lack spikes, they always offer the best traction and stability. Because they are ultra-lightweight foam-padded, you can wear them off the course as well.

Additionally, because they are water-resistant and prevent you from slipping on damp grass or cobblestone streets, these shoes are appropriate for dewy terrain. They guarantee a solid position and dry feet. These are among the top golf shoes available for flat feet.

7) PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 Golf Shoes

PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion

Each year, Puma appears to release more golf shoes. For golfers with flat feet, this Puma Men’s Grip Fusion Sport is a great choice.

This shoe is designed from top to bottom for support and comfort. The Fusion Sport 2.0 is a lightweight shoe that is primarily built of foam.

The Puma shoe is great if you want lots of traction and a sporty, streamlined appearance while playing golf. Golfers can enjoy great comfort from Puma without having to sacrifice style.

The Fusion Sport is constructed of a performance mesh material that will aid in keeping players’ feet cool while they play.

Although the shoe itself lacks spikes, Puma’s organic traction pattern gives it a little extra stability and control. A Puma shoe will give you plenty of balance.

Why specially look for flat feet golf shoes?

You might not already possess a pair of golf shoes or you may already have one pair and haven’t given this much thought to your purchase for feeling comfortable.

You should invest in the greatest pair of golf shoes for your feet, ones with a supporting arch that will support both your arch and your heel.

Your feet and ankles will be put under stress and experience an unequal distribution of weight if your golf shoes lack arch support and your foot arch is dropping to the ground.

How to buy the right pair?

It’s time to focus on the shoe that would work best for your game now that you have a better understanding of which shoes would be preferable for flat feet. Before choosing your choice, think about the following queries, most of all, feeling comfortable.

buying the right pair flat fee shoe


If you’ve ever slipped while playing golf, you’ll be aware that the subsequent stroke is typically terrible.

You will benefit from and have support from a solid gripping golf shoe.

When it comes to a spiked golf shoe or a spikeless golf shoe, which has several tiny nubs that grip the ground, there are various possibilities.

Both styles of shoes work well for me.

When choosing your golf shoes, you may want to consider the playing conditions. For instance, a muddy, wet course may call for a more spiked golf shoe.

Even though spikeless golf shoes are advancing greatly in performance and gripping technology, spiked shoes may eventually become obsolete. Spikeless golf shoes would be better for a sandy course.


You must wear the greatest golf shoe possible, one with a comfortable and reliable support system.

The best golf shoe will support your weight when walking the golf course, assist you in making your golf swing, and even improve your chances of hitting a decent golf shot.

Good golf shoes help you hit the ball farther, according to research that has been conducted.

Great Arch Support

This is a crucial characteristic that we have already discussed, but a golf shoe that is well-designed and can support your foot’s arch will ultimately pay off.

The soreness in your feet should be reduced if you wear supportive golf shoes.

Also, Check For arch-support golf shoes


flat feet golfer pair

You should now feel more certain that your upcoming round on the course will be both comfortable and pleasant. Golf may be played with flat feet, especially when wearing footwear like the Men’s FJ Flex.

Due to its excellent arch support, greater comfort, and overall lightweight feel, the FootJoy Flex is a fantastic choice for flat feet. You’ll probably want to wear these shoes no matter what sport you play.

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